The COVID-19 pandemic had a big effect on the casino industry in the state of Arkansas, but it appears that things are starting to turn back around.

All three of the casinos in Arkansas are hiring new employees as gaming expansion is set to occur at each location.

The three licensed casinos in Arkansas are Oaklawn Casino Racing Resort, Saracen Casino Resort, and Southland Casino Racing. There is a fourth casino project planned as well, but it’s unclear if or when that project will be started.

Southland Casino looking for workers

Southland Casino has been the most aggressive in looking for new employees, and it is also offering the best incentives. The casino recently published a tweet looking for anyone wanting to attend a free dealer school before beginning to work at the casino.

Southland has also promised new workers a signing bonus of $1,500 on top of the free school. The casino has also increased hourly pay for nearly 400 workers up to $15 an hour, and this will be offered to additional workers in the coming months.

The dog track at Southland is in the process of closing, and it is expected to be completely shut down at some point next year. Instead of seeing the casino portion of the property fold as well, officials have actually planned for an expansion.

For job seekers in the state of Arkansas looking for immediate employment, the Saracen Casino Resort is a great place to visit. The Saracen Casino is located in Pine Bluff, and it is hoping to hire new employees on the spot.

There are up to 100 new jobs available at the Saracen Casino, and these include a wide range of positions. Most of the openings are for hourly jobs, but salary and management positions are also available.

All of the casino properties in Arkansas have struggled to receive applications over the last few months. Unemployed workers continue to receive benefits from the federal government, and the stimulus checks have kept people from seeking employment.

Massive Expansion Coming to Oaklawn

The need for new workers is extremely important at Oaklawn Casino Racing Resort as a new expansion project is nearing completion. This $100 million expansion actually recently opened, but not all of the new job positions have been filled.

There were nearly 400 new jobs that needed to be filled, and only about half of that number was filled last week. Numerous restaurants in the food court will remain closed until there are workers able to man the stations.

The grand opening of this new project was marked by a large ceremony with Governor Asa Hutchinson in attendance. Half of the new hotel rooms are available for booking, with the rest set to be open at some point in early May.

Horse racing will always remain the most important industry at Oaklawn, but this new project should become a top tourist destination in the state. Oaklawn Casino Racing Resort is located in Hot Springs, which has seen illegal gambling take place for decades, but this industry is now offered in a legal fashion.

The casino industry in the US is trying its very best to get back to normal now we are hopefully seeing the tail end of the pandemic. Casinos across the country are reopening, and several casinos are even offering vaccines at the workplace.

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