What is the FanDuel Prepaid Card and How to Use it

FanDuel is the top gambling brand in the US, with its popularity stretching to various states, with an awesome sportsbook and online casino. They also have one of the best prepaid cards going in the FanDuel prepaid card. In this guide, we will look at what the card is, how to get hold of one, and how to use it.

You can access the two products in multiple states, including AZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, MI, NJ, PA, TN, VA, and WV. FanDuel racebook, previously TVG, is also on board, opening up a platform for you to access 200+ race tracks worldwide, with plenty of horse racing markets and betting opportunities. Finally, FanDuel also hosts one of the top online casinos for those wishing to try their luck on slots, table games, video poker, or live dealer games.

FanDuel Play+

But, while the products and their wide accessibility across the US make FanDuel Casino one of the most reputable gambling sites, other features like the banking section have contributed highly to its status. The online gambling market appreciates a diverse range of banking options, with top-rated gambling operators blending a perfect combo of credit/debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and prepaid cards, with some having their own branded prepaid cards. At FanDuel, you will come across options like Visa/MasterCard, Discover, PayNearMe, Venmo, Paypal, and Online Banking.

Also in the mix is a FanDuel prepaid card or FanDuel and Stardust Prepaid Play+, offered by Sutton Bank in conjunction with Sightline Payments LLC.

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It is a card providing an alternative fast way to instantly transfer funds to your FanDuel account from your bank account with ease, low fees, and high-level security. Play+, a cashless platform designed for users to pay and play at online gambling sites or casino apps, produces these prepaid cards. The highlight is that the FanDuel prepaid card is usable on the gaming site and can be used anywhere Discover is accepted or at any ATM accepting NYCE and PULSE cards.

The FanDuel prepaid card acts like any other prepaid card like PaySafeCard or e-wallets like PayPal, where they are a middleman between your play account at FanDuel and your external bank account. You will only send money to the card and load cash to your FanDuel account. It gets better with the FanDuel prepaid card allowing you to withdraw funds from the operator.

Sign up today and use its own branded prepaid card to deposit and claim the FanDuel Casino bonus code for up to $1,000 when your first sports or casino bet loses!

It might be pleasing to note that FanDuel is one example of an operator offering a personalized card. A few more legal operators are offering a Play+ physical card. You can jump into the opportunity to use them by signing up and enjoying the welcome bonuses with these platforms:

Operator Prepaid Card Welcome Bonus
Caesars Casino Caesars prepaid card (Play+) Up to $2,000 bonus match
BetRivers Casino BetRivers prepaid card (Play+) Up to $1,000 casino bonus
DraftKings Casino DraftKings prepaid card (Play+) $50 free + $2,000 bonus
BetMGM Casino BetMGM prepaid card (Play+) $1,000 bonus + $20 free play

FanDuel Prepaid Card Overview

With background information on the FanDuel prepaid card, we dive deeper to understand more about the card, including its benefits, how to sign up for the card, the transaction processes and fees, and some of the FAQs related to the prepaid card.

FanDuel Casino prepaid card

But first, a recap of the FanDuel Play+ card would do justice. To operate with the card, you will require a personal bank account for loading funds to and from the prepaid card and a FanDuel account that you transfer funds to and from your card. That is how the card works in a nutshell. As stated, it acts as the middleman.

It offers a great convenient option for playing online, and unlike a debit card, you cannot get into an overdraft or accumulate debt, as is the case with a credit card.

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Benefits of Using FanDuel’s Prepaid Card

As you can imagine, many benefits are associated with using FanDuel Play+. They include:

  • Convenience: The deposit and withdrawal process via prepaid cards is easy compared to the other cards, which makes it tedious or impossible to withdraw winnings. Moreover, Play+ cards are primarily designed for gambling, making it easy to confine your funds purely for the activity.

You can also transact with the Play+ card anywhere that accepts Discover cards or withdraw funds on any ATM using NYCE or PULSE cards.

Finally, you can fund your prepaid account anywhere directly through your mobile device.

  • Easy and fast: FanDuel Play+ has a very high approval rate when transacting, thanks to its high speeds, and is generally easy to use for every player.
  • Cost-effective: You will not incur any loading fees or high fees when withdrawing your cash, and unlike cards with different rates per limit, the Play+ card has a flat rate of $2 on an ATM withdrawal and account-to-bank transfer.
  • High-level security: Play+ cards enjoy top-level security with the accounts protected by FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) and have 24/7 monitoring. Secondly, the prepaid card is PIN-protected. Lastly, your card will be backed by Regulation E, where provided you follow the terms and conditions, you will not be held responsible for any fraudulent or unauthorized transactions in the event your card misses or gets stolen.
  • No credit approval/checks/limits: Unlike cards like Visa/MasterCard/Maestro that conduct credit checks, the FanDuel prepaid card does not conduct any credit checks since it is not a credit card. Instead, the amount of money loaded into your account up to the maximum balance will determine your account spending limit. That includes lowest casino deposits and highest.
  • Complete control of finances: With the Play+ card not being a credit/debit card, you will now fully control your finances. You cannot get an overdraft or accumulate debt using a prepaid card. You will only use what is loaded on the card.
  • FanDuel loyalty scheme: The FanDuel prepaid card will be linked to the loyalty program, where you gain comp points and redeem benefits, including exclusive bonuses like free bets and cashback, low wager incentives, and higher limits depending on your tier positioning. While at it, you can also access the promotions that reward Play+ members.
  • High VIP Limits: The standard limits you can load your Play+ account are a maximum of $2,000 a day, $4,500 a week, and $10,000 a month. However, FanDuel VIP players with Play+ cards can transact with higher limits, sometimes up to $10,000 daily. For example, at Golden Nugget Casino, VIP players with a branded card will have high limits going up to $70,000 per month.

How to Request & Sign Up for the FanDuel Prepaid Card

You can request and sign up for a FanDuel prepaid card on the main website. As stated, you should have a registered FanDuel online casino account to sign up for the Play+ card and use it. After registering, claim your casino cashback up to $1,000!

You have to add funds to bet at FanDuel, and if you request and use the card for the first time, it will automatically attach to your account. After that, you can fund your prepaid card via Visa/MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, or ACH. You then deposit funds to your online sportsbook account or casino from your card, with funds hitting your account immediately.

And since some banks do not support online gambling, you might consider alternatives like making a PayPal transfer to your prepaid play card after choosing your FanDuel prepaid card as your deposit payment option.

Below is a step-to-step process of how to request and sign-up for your FanDuel card:

  1. Head to the FanDuel website to create or log into your gaming account.
  2. Complete the easy registration process for newbies and claim your welcome bonus.
  3. Head to the Deposit page and select FanDuel and Stardust Prepaid Play+ Card as your preferred deposit method.
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions once you click ‘Enroll.’
  5. Add funds to your card using a bank card or other supported options.
  6. Funds will be credited to the account immediately, and you can begin or proceed with your online wagering journey.

After successful registration, you will receive a personalized physical card via mail within 2 weeks of funding or withdrawing at least $150 from your Play+ account.

FanDuel Prepaid Card Deposits

FanDuel Casino prepaid card deposits

After successfully signing up, you need to fund your prepaid card for online gambling. Here is a simple step-by-step process to follow:

  • Click the Play+ funding and then select ‘Bank Card Load.’
  • Enter the dollar amount you wish to load, ensuring to stick within the bank limits.
  • Enter the bank card number in the appropriate field.
  • Other necessary details include filling in the security code and expiration date
  • Click the ‘Add Funds’ option to load your card.
  • You can opt to save your details for more straightforward future requests.

After loading your prepaid play card, you can visit the FanDuel website, log into the account, go to the deposit page, choose the FanDuel card as your preferred payment option, and proceed to deposit in your gaming account.

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Withdrawal Process & Pending Times

So you already accrued some winnings and want to withdraw them? The process is easy as follows:

  • Sign in to your FanDuel online sportsbook account.
  • Proceed to the withdraw page and select the ‘Cash Out and Load Funds to Prepaid Card’ option.
  • Enter the funds you wish to withdraw from your FanDuel account to your prepaid card. Remember to stick within the maximum account balance limits while at it.
  • Enter your SSN (last 4 digits) to verify your identity.
  • Confirm the withdrawal.

The next popular question is how long it takes to have your funds. Withdrawing funds is instantaneous with a Play+ prepaid card. Once FanDuel processes your withdrawal request (up to 48 hours), your funds will instantly be credited.

Fees & Drawbacks of the FD Prepaid

FanDuel Play+ fees

One reason you should consider the FanDuel prepaid card option is the zero to low transaction fees incurred. Here is a breakdown of the fees:

  • Loading fee: $0
  • ATM withdrawal: $2
  • Account to bank transfer: $2
  • Customer service: $0
  • Checking account balance (ATM): $0.75
  • Cash Reload: $0
  • Bank Card Load: $0
  • Account maintenance: $0
  • Inactivity fee (six months): $2.75
  • Monthly fees: $0

But while everything seems rosy for FanDuel card users, there is a glaring drawback associated with it.

  • Complete control: While having complete control of your funds may sound exciting, it might not end well with players having a gambling problem. They may go way beyond spending limits, ignoring responsible gambling policies.

Players with a gambling problem can contact 1-800-GAMBLER for crisis counseling and referral services.


How to order a FanDuel prepaid card online?

To order the prepaid card, you must have a FanDuel casino or online sportsbook account. If you do not have an account at FanDuel, create one and claim the risk-free bonuses of up to $1,000 if your first gambling session goes south. Head to the deposit section and select ‘FanDuel and Stardust Prepaid Play+ Card’ as your preferred payment option. Agree to the T&Cs and click the ‘Enroll’ button. After a successful sign-up, you can load cash to your Play+ account via your bank card. You must load or withdraw a minimum of $150 within the first 10-14 days to have your personalized card sent to you via mail.

Can I withdraw money to my FanDuel prepaid card?

You can withdraw funds from your FanDuel sportsbook account to your prepaid card. Once logged in, select ‘Cash Out and Load Funds to Prepaid Card,’ enter the withdrawal amount you wish, enter your social security number (last 4 digits) for identity verification, and confirm your withdrawal.

What is the best banking method at FanDuel Casino?

FanDuel provides loads of options you can use to transact with. The question of the best option largely depends on the player for various aspects like speed, fees, convenience, and limits. Some options, like a bank wire transfer, may allow high-limit transactions but will be slower than other options like PayPal casino deposits and Venmo gambling withdrawals. On the other hand, another player might prefer to use cards like the FanDuel prepaid card since it allows you to make purchases wherever Discover cards are accepted and allow instant zero-fee deposits and low-fee withdrawals. In a nutshell, the best banking method at FanDuel depends on your objectives.

Are FanDuel Play+ and prepaid cards the same?

FanDuel Play+ operates the same way prepaid cards operate as a ‘middleman.’ You will load money to your prepaid card via a bank card and later load your FanDuel account with the prepaid card at your convenience. You can also withdraw cash directly to your prepaid card and later transfer it to your bank.

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