Best Prepaid Cards for Online Gambling

Prepaid Cards For Online Gambling

The world of online gambling is revolutionizing, and it’s no surprise things no longer work in an old-fashioned way.

In the past, people relied heavily on debit and credit cards for online casino transactions. However, with the appearance of prepaid cards, it’s much easier for you to make hassle-free deposits and withdrawals.

Prepaid cards are regular payment cards with a predetermined amount of money loaded onto them. The main reason why so many people use this banking option is its anonymity and the fact that it allows you to separate and budget your online gambling funds easily.

With competition being sky-high, the online gambling market is flooded with online casinos that accept prepaid cards. But, how do you know which one suits your preferences the best?

That’s precisely what we are going to talk about in the following sections of our guide.

US Online Casinos That Accept Prepaid Cards

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A smooth payment process should be one of the top priorities when playing at a gambling site. We have already done the research and evaluated several online casinos that accept prepaid cards.

On the list below, you can check out the best prepaid card casinos that are legal and offer a safe and secure environment for all US players.

Pros and Cons of Using Prepaid Cards At Online Casinos

Just like anything else, depositing with a prepaid card has its pros and cons. Keep in mind that gambling sites have different minimum deposit and withdrawal requirements for each payment method.

Therefore, we advise you to read the fine print when looking for online casinos that accept prepaid cards. Understand how the prepaid card you have bought works. Determine if it can have reloads or top-ups added to it, whether withdrawing back on it is an option, or if it’s a plain one-time usable gift card.


As mentioned earlier, the main advantage of playing at prepaid card casinos is the anonymity and flexibility it grants. This means that transactions can’t be traced back to your bank accounts or you, which is excellent for security and privacy. Other benefits include:

  • Accepted at many gambling sites, like Golden Nugget and Harrahs Casino
  • You only spend what you can afford – it doesn’t allow you to overspend
  • Very safe to use as you can dispose of the cards once used
  • Comes from familiar names like Mastercard and Visa
  • No lengthy registration process required
  • Available in many stores across the US
  • Easy to use
  • Available directly from casino operators


The main disadvantage of prepaid cards is that you may sometimes need to select a different withdrawal method. Online banking methods allow for cashouts, but the processing time can be a disadvantage. Other cons include:

  • Casino bonuses are smaller compared to other deposit methods like Bitcoin
  • You need to keep track of how much is left on the card
  • Could have lower limits compared to credit or debit cards
  • You may have to use a different withdrawal method
  • Must find a place selling the exact card you need and go there
  • Some cards come with small denominations requiring multiple deposits
  • Fees might be charged for purchasing

There are a bunch of alternatives for making deposits and withdrawals at gambling sites. You can also consider Apple Pay Casinos or PayPal casino deposits as viable alternatives and more convenient deposit options.

Top 12 Prepaid Cards That Work With Online Casinos

Best Prepaid Cards for US casinos

We touch upon several top-rated prepaid cards you can use to fund your online casino account. Keep in mind that some of the following are not yet accepted by legal US casinos. The best approach is to sign up at the casino first and verify all available deposit and withdrawal methods before choosing the most suitable prepaid card.

  1. Visa Prepaid Card: Visa prepaid cards are ideal for online gambling because they provide the highest clearance rate. You can opt for a reloadable prepaid card or buy a gift card for one-off use with no overdraft worries.
  2. American Express Prepaid Card: This card enjoys a high trust level among gamblers as a reliable and familiar payment method. This service comes with several casino gift cards and prepaid card options, which can be used for online gambling. Casinos accepting American Express are now more popular than ever
  3. Play + Prepaid Card: Play + is the cashless way to play and is an FDIC-insured reloadable account that you can use to reload online gambling operations. This option is safe and works with some of the biggest brands in America and is available in every state.
  4. Neteller Prepaid Card: The Net + Virtual Prepaid MasterCard is a new entrant in the competition, allowing you to power your gaming experience without revealing too many financial and personal details. The card boosts convenience and eliminates the need to make a physical purchase.
  5. Paysafecard: The Paysafecard is the default prepaid card used for casino and online gambling purposes. It has been long touted as one of the most reliable and safest payment options for online gaming because it’s very secure and straightforward to use.
  6. Skrill Prepaid Card: Skrill has proven to be one of the safest and most natural ways of conducting online payments. It is a gambling-focused provider, and its prepaid MasterCard makes it an intuitive method of settling online payments.
  7. Vanilla Gift Card: Vanilla Gift Cards come in a variety of forms. They are backed by Visa, with a range of loadable amounts up to $500 on offer. These make a perfect gift, available nationwide, and are widely accepted and used at online casinos.
  8. Neosurf Prepaid Card: The Neosurf prepaid cards are ideal for online purchases as they’re secure and reliable. Neosurf covers a global region with all the main gambling markets, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.
  9. EcoPayz x ecoVirtualcard: This is the ideal prepaid card for players who want to experience online gambling without disclosing too much financial data. You can do this by going for an ecoVirtualcard that will allow you to top up your bankroll and make purchases while enjoying your favorite casino games.
  10. Flexepin Voucher: With the Flexepin voucher, you don’t need to disclose your personal or financial details to make a payment. It allows you to fund your gaming account safely and without failure.
  11. Google Pay Prepaid Card: Google Pay is an easy and ultra-fast payment method using your mobile devices. It has become a popular method of topping up your favorite gambling accounts. It’s easy to download and use directly from your phone.
  12. Astropay Card: Astropay works as both a prepaid card and an online e-wallet card. It is a prevalent payment method for casino players in many casinos worldwide.

Further alternatives to consider include Prepaid MasterCard, PayNearMe, and all of the Prepaid Cards that are available from the casinos directly, such as the BetMGM Gift Card.

How to Deposit at a Casino Using a Prepaid Card

Three simple steps are all it takes to fund your online casino account with a prepaid card.

1. Select a Casino that Accepts Prepaid Cards

You can select any of the above casinos for US players to deposit with a prepaid card. You can also research other legitimate prepaid card casinos to find additional options. Look for casinos accepting prepaid cards and compare. Once you’ve selected your ideal casino or Android casino app, register your account for free.

2. Confirm the Deposit Details

After registering your account, visit the casino’s deposit page. Depending on the casino you’ve selected, the page will vary, but it’s typically found on your personal account’s page. Once on the deposit page, choose prepaid cards as your preferred method.

3. Confirm the Deposit Method

Just like online shopping, you’ll need to confirm your information, such as your card number, security code, and so on. After entering this information and the deposit amount, your funds will hit your account as soon as the payment is processed, usually within a few minutes.

Note that prepaid cardholders are often prompted to enter a unique code generally sent via email or text to confirm their payment.

Types of Prepaid Cards That Work With Online Casinos

When using a prepaid card to fund your casino account, it’s essential to understand all the available prepaid card options. Doing so allows you to consider all aspects of the particular prepaid card and select the one that best suits your needs.

It’s also essential to choose the right card because of the transaction fees that might apply. Three types of prepaid cards are suitable for gambling sites: reloadable prepaid cards, disposable prepaid cards, and virtual prepaid cards.

Reloadable prepaid cards

As the name suggests, reloadable prepaid cards can be topped up once the amount has been used. These cards work just like the standard debit cards, with the difference that you can fund them in several ways, like with a direct deposit method or cash.

Typically, once you buy the card, you can use it instantly. This means that you can fund your casino account in several minutes, even without card activation. The leading companies normally issue these cards and have brands such as Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Vanilla. They are a widely accepted payment method in several online prepaid card casinos.

Disposable prepaid cards

As the name suggests, you can’t reload these cards once the amount has been exhausted. Besides, they have an expiration date which is typically several months. You can purchase prepaid cards containing different amounts since they’re available in several denominations. Most gift cards belong to this category as they cannot be reloaded.

Virtual prepaid cards

A virtual card is stored on your phone and can be used to pay contactless online or in stores. A virtual or a digital card can be a copy of your physical bank card stored on your phone, or it can be separate and acts entirely digitally. Virtual cards offer all of the same benefits as physical cards.

Can you Withdraw Winnings to Prepaid Cards?

Certain prepaid cards can be used for withdrawals from an online casino. You can see whether your prepaid card will allow you to do this by simply checking whether it has been linked to some form of online banking account or solutions. If they are, then you will be able to make a withdrawal.

However, It’s extremely difficult to find a web-based casino site, poker site, or sports betting site that will allow prepaid card withdrawals. If you’re lucky, the process would likely be similar to making a credit card withdrawal. Therefore, it’s recommended to use a different method for making a withdrawal or find one linked to some form of online banking.

Prepaid Cards Exclusive to US Gambling Operators

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Prepaid cards exclusive to US gambling operators are cards provided by gambling operators for use in their online casinos and sportsbooks. The benefits of using these cards include exclusive deposit and slot bonuses, ease of use, and improved security measures, along with no hassles regarding whether your deposit will be accepted or not. Below are the main prepaid cards exclusive to US gambling operators.

Borgata Prepaid Card

Also known as the Play +, the Borgata prepaid card allows players at online casino sites to move money around quickly and safely. It is the most convenient and safest way of loading money into your Borgata online casino account. As the casino issues it, players will encounter no issues when playing the vast amount of games available on the platform.

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DraftKings Gift Card

This is one of the many features that DraftKings offers customers, including a DraftKings casino promo code. If you’re a player who fancies purchasing physical cards for digital platforms, you can now do the same for casino sites where it is legal. Currently, the DraftKings Casino prepaid card for the casino is available in NJ, WV, PA, CT, and MI. By using this exclusive DraftKings casino payment method, you will earn points and rewards too.

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Caesars Prepaid Card

Caesars Casino app makes it easy for players to deposit and play Caesars slot games with their exclusive prepaid card. The best thing is that you can fund your card immediately after enrollment or at any time you want within the cashier. Again, you can also withdraw your winnings directly into the Caesars prepaid card. For more details, check out our Caesars payments guide.

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FanDuel Play + Prepaid Card

The FanDuel Play+ prepaid card is one of the few FDIC-insured reloadable prepaid cards you can use to fund your favorite casino account or resort. Besides, you can use the prepaid card for daily spending, both in-person, online, and at ATMs. You can transfer funds from your Mastercard or Visa to your prepaid card with the FanDuel Casino prepaid card. Among the several FanDuel deposit methods, this is the recommended one by the operator.

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BetMGM Prepaid Card

The BetMGM Prepaid cards are available from many store locations nationwide; there is even a website dedicated to showing your nearest locations. A key attraction to these gift cards is that they also come loaded with a bonus on the card, meaning you don’t even have to hunt for a bonus or promo code, as the bonus is already loaded onto the card. The process is as simple as buying the card and then entering the PIN number while selecting the BetMGM gift card as the deposit method.

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Staying Safe and Protecting Your Banking Details when Gambling Online

When joining a casino site, you need to consider how you will finance your account. You need a payment method that will give you a first-rate gambling experience with no issues. Some payment methods are being phased out to mitigate risk and older technology, including a few e-wallet and credit/debit card options.

For this reason, prepaid card casinos have become very popular, especially in the US. These casinos use vouchers and prepaid cards and have the highest reliability and security for all players using a prepaid card. Therefore, before joining any casino, you need to find out the security level. First, casinos should be licensed and comply with local laws and regulations. Ensure their software is robust and impregnable to theft attempts to ensure the safety of your personal and financial details.

Currently, US casinos are only legal in NJ, WV, CT, PA, and MI, unlike sportsbooks operating online in several other states, including New York, Indiana, and Iowa.

The second thing to consider when looking for safe and reputable online casinos that accept prepaid cards is the measures set out to prevent any attacks from cybercriminals. In addition, what protocols have been put in place in the event of an attack? To ensure that players get an unparalleled online experience, casinos should adhere to the highest security standards, especially in online poker sites, internet casinos, and online sports betting books that deal with vast sums of money.

The next factor in accessing a casino’s credibility is its reliability and how it fairs against its competitors. Casino sites should offer a comparable gaming experience level to what you could find in land-based casino games. The software should replicate all the features of the slots and table games available in brick-and-mortar gambling establishments. Besides, the banking system should be convenient, efficient, and secure for all users.

Prepaid cards are the next big thing in casino games, as they provide a safe and convenient option compared to other payment methods. Besides, depositing funds via prepaid cards on a mobile device is highly convenient and simple to top up your casino account. Based on your jurisdiction, you can find an entire selection of prepaid cards to use for your online gambling. Therefore, keep the above factors in mind when searching for casinos accepting prepaid cards.


  • Can I Use Visa Gift Cards for Gambling in the US?

    Yes, Visa gift cards are a widely accepted payment method for gambling in the US. The gift cards can be bought widely across the US online and come preloaded with funds making depositing at an online casino a simple process.

  • Can I Use Vanilla Prepaid Cards for Online Gambling in the US?

    Yes, you can use Vanilla Gift cards for online gambling in the US since they are backed by Visa.

    Vanilla Gift cards are loadable up to $500, but multiple cards can be used to make larger deposits at a casino.

  • What Prepaid Cards Can i use at DraftKings Casino?

    At the Draftkings casino, you can use Electronic gift cards, DraftKings gift cards, and Play+ prepaid cards along with a variety of other options.

  • Do Online Casinos That Accept Prepaid Cards Charge Fees?

    Online casinos that accept prepaid cards might charge some fees. It depends on which option you go for. You can check such details in the FAQ section of the casino, or contact the customer support service. 

    With prepaid cards, there will generally be an initial fee when purchasing the card. This is a small percentage based on how much money is loaded onto the card.

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