DraftKings Rocket Review & Tips

In a marketplace that is so competitive, time and time again, DraftKings finds a way to stand out. First they were a fantasy sports provider, then they moved into online casinos and sportsbooks — now they’ve brought in a new and exciting game unlike anything else with DraftKings Rocket.

DraftKings Rocket Game

It’s not uncommon for an online casino to introduce a new slot or blackjack variation. But with Rocket, DraftKings Casino app has created a new game that will be entirely foreign to nearly all US online casino players. It’s exciting. It’s easy to play. And in a move that is unparalleled, it allows you to take volatility into your own hands as you choose how long you want to ride the rocket and when you want to jump out.

So if you’re looking for a game like nothing else you’ve ever seen, stick around — because in this review, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about DraftKings Rocket.

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DraftKings Rocket Highlights & Game Information

Availability https://draftkings.casino.com/rocket/
Volatility Depends on the bailing point; 10x or higher is extremely volatile
RTP 97% (based on 10,000 rounds)
Stakes $1 – $1,000
Gameplay Features Multipliers up to 1,000x, Auto cashout, Manual cashout, Max wins/losses limits
Game Certification New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement
Release Date 2022
Rocket Game Bonus $50 no deposit + $2,000 bonus match

Any bitcoin gamblers will immediately recognize the heavy inspiration of Bustabit in DraftKings Rocket. It’s a fairly unique concept, and the best way to understand it is to get a grip of the math behind it.

With a predicted RTP of 97%, the game works in tandem with a behind-the-scenes random number generator. The exact formula they use is unknown and is likely incredibly complicated; however, for simplicity you can imagine it as a system wherein a number is generated from between 1 and 100. If the number is 1-97, the multiplier increases by 1%. Though if the number is 98-100, the rocket explodes.

Since the multiplier increases by 1% regardless of its current size, it means that while the initial takeoff will be gradual with the multiplier increasing by 0.01 from x1.00 to x1.01, once it really gets going, the multiplier will increase much faster like x200 to x202. The sharpness in its rise can be seen in the image below.

DraftKings Rocket gameplay

Of course, as the multiplier increases, it maintains a 3% chance of the rocket blowing up at any point. And if your stake is live when that happens, you lose your bet.

It’s an adrenaline rush unlike any other form of online gambling. As the rocket rises higher and higher, you’ll feel your heart rate soar with it as you hover your cursor over the bail button, waiting for that perfect to dive out and take your winnings. It’s definitely not for everyone. But if you’re looking to add that spark of excitement into a gaming session, then the DraftKings Rocket game will be right up your alley.

How to Play DraftKings Rocket Game Online

The DraftKings Rocket online casino game is about as simple as a game gets, with there only being two steps to play assuming that you’ve already registered at DraftKings.

  1. Place your bet before the countdown reaches zero and decide if you want to use the auto-bail feature.
  2. As the rocket rises, choose if you want to bail manually or if you want to wait on the auto-bail.

Rocket game strategy

That’s all there is to it. But if it sounds straightforward, just wait till you’re playing and you feel your heart racing as the rocket gets closer to that grand prize of an x1,000 payout.

$50 Free + 100% Bonus Up To $2,000
T&Cs apply | 21+

When it comes to automation in online gambling I’m usually not a fan. Though with the DraftKings Rocket game, I think the auto cashout feature is imperative. As the rocket goes higher, it’ll also start rising quicker, and by the time it reaches x10, it’s going too fast for you to accurately pick when you want to cash out. If you’re playing fully manual, that can lead to the heartbreaking moment of trying to cashout out at x10, but being just a fraction of a second too late to click the button as the rocket crashes at x10.1. It’s a mistake I’ve only made once. However, it’s one that I still kick myself over.

If you are a fan of auto betting, then when you play Rocket you’ll also have similar options to auto-playing slots when you can choose how many rounds you want to play, as well as the maximum winnings and losses that you’re willing to incur.

Rocket game features

A great feature of Rocket is that even if you set your auto cashout to x10, you’ll still have the option to cash out manually at any point.

Auto Bet vs. Manual Rocket Gambling

When considering auto-playing vs. manual playing on slots, I’m firmly in the camp of manual play. But with Rocket, it’s not quite that simple, and both methods have pros and cons.

  • Manual Betting Pros — There’s no other way to put it. Playing Rocket manually is as exciting an experience as you’re likely to have. When you’re going with your gut, every win feels that much better as you take personal responsibility for each individual cash out.
  • Auto Betting Pros — Whether your internet drops out or you have a slip of the finger — auto betting will guarantee that when the rocket reaches the predetermined multiplier, you get paid. Plus, if you’re planning to auto cash out before x2, you’ll notice a significant drop in volatility.
  • Manual Betting Cons — Take it from someone who’s been a split second too late to cash out — it sucks. It really, really sucks. While manual betting is full of triumphs, it also has its share of heartbreaks — and if you plan to stick exclusively with manual betting, you better make sure you have your cursor over the bail button at all times.
  • Auto Betting Cons — Rocket has the potential to be one of the most exciting online casino games. But when you play full auto, it does take away a little bit of that excitement. Chances are if you’re playing Rocket, you’re looking to play something a bit different — but by only using auto betting, it’ll be a very similar feeling to playing most online slots.

So what’s better? Well, if you’re looking for a rush like nothing else, go with manual betting; if you’re looking to sacrifice excitement for security, go with auto betting. However, if you’re like most people and you’re looking for something in between, I recommend taking the best from both. Give yourself that security net with an auto cash out. Though listen to your instincts while doing so and see if you can predict when to take matters into your own hands with a manual bail.

Rocket Rules & Payouts

Rocket is a remarkably simple game with few rules. The minimum stake is $1, and the maximum is $1,000. Besides that — there aren’t any rules in the conventional sense. If you want a safety net, you set it up, then you wait for the end of the countdown and as the rocket launches, you wait to decide when and if you want to do a manual bail.

Payouts for Rocket are also very simple to understand. The game works based on a multiplier, and once you bail, whatever that multiplier is, is applied to your original stake, and those are your winnings. No complicated formulas or behind-the-scenes math. If your stake is $200 and you cash out at x2, you get $400.

DraftKings Rocket Win

DraftKings Casino Rocket Game Odds

Working out the RTP for a game like this is very basic. Get the data for a large enough sample size — like 10,000 games, then graph the results and determine the mean average point of when the rocket explodes. From this test, we gathered that the rocket usually exploded at x1.94. By dividing that value by two, we get the RTP of 97%. Of course, even over a sample size of 10,000 there can be a slight variance; however it’s only minor, and even though the RTP of Rocket isn’t publicly listed, we can confidently state it has an RTP of 97%, with about a 1% margin of error.

Volatility on the other hand is what makes Rocket such an interesting game. As with it, you choose your own volatility.

Bailing before x1.94 will give you a greater than 50% win rate with relatively low volatility. On the other hand, going any higher will give you more volatility, with anything over x10 being considered very high volatility. As such, DraftKings Rocket odds are up to you.

DraftKings Rocket Strategy

DraftKings Rocket is a game of luck. Nevertheless, there are some tweaks that you can make to your strategy to reduce volatility and potentially increase your win rate.

The first thing that I’d recommend is to just watch at the start. While you may want to jump in with both feet, with rockets launching regularly there’s no reason not to take your time so you can get a good idea of how the game works and at what multiplier other players typically bail at. Rocket is pretty straightforward, so you won’t need to study it extensively. One or two rounds of spectating should be enough.

Secondly, while typically I always recommend sticking with a single bet size of no more than 1% of your playable balance while playing an online casino game like slots and no more than 3% of your balance when playing a more skill-based game like blackjack — with Rocket there is a little more leeway. This is because unlike many other games, you control the volatility. The earlier you plan to bail, the more you can safely risk.

For example, if you set your auto bail out to a figure like 1.5x, you can probably afford to risk up to 5% of your funds per stake. Conversely, for a high cashout like x25 — I wouldn’t go higher than 0.25%. And if you plan on playing exclusively using your gut, I’d recommend you treat Rocket like a high volatility slot machine and never go past 1% of your balance.

Outside of that, there’s not much you can do to influence the results. While it can be tempting to look at recent results of when the rocket has crashed and attempt to use it as a guide for when it will crash on the next launch — we don’t recommend this strategy. This is a great example of the gambler’s fallacy. As such, it’s important to remember that each game is independent of all others, and past results have no correlation to future results

Ultimately though, the strategy for Rocket should be to have fun. While you can play around slightly with betting amounts, one thing that you should never play around with is your limits. Choose how much you’re trying to win and how much you’re willing to lose in a session. Once you hit either of those, you’re done. This is the most crucial tip we can give, as betting outside of either of these limits will only lead to a gambling problem.

Avoid Reddit DraftKings Rocket Tips

Another thing to avoid in terms of strategy is the tips on Reddit. I love Reddit. I use it regularly for sports betting tips, to keep on track of global news, and a lot of other things. Though one thing that I have to criticize is the online casino gambling tips — not just for Rocket, but really for any sort of game of chance.

Ridiculous betting strategies that are usually based on the gambler’s fallacy, as well as users preaching on the profitability of the game based on their five-minute session are commonly found. Further, since most people only feel the need to review something when they’re feeling wronged — you’ll find countless users complaining of rigged games or warning that Casino X is targeting winning players.

Overall, while there are some positives to the /r/gambling subreddit, if you’re looking for impartial reviews of particular games, you should stay clear.

DraftKings Casino Rocket No Deposit & Welcome Bonus

DraftKings Rocket bonus

If you’re new to DraftKings, you’re in for a treat. Because by following our exclusive link, new users will get access to the DraftKings sign-up bonus, which includes a no-deposit bonus of $50 upon completion of registration. This already makes the DraftKings welcome bonus one of the best out of all licensed online casinos — though the sign up bonus is only the first part because there’s also a 100% matched first-time deposit of up to $2,000.

No promo codes are required. Just sign up through our links to get access to up to $2,050 worth of bonuses and start playing DraftKings Rocket without depositing a penny.

$50 Free + 100% Bonus Up To $2,000
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Issues & Concerns Tied to DraftKings Rocket Gambling Game

The main issues tied with the DraftKings Rocket game comes from players who believe they can predict the results. While it can no doubt be fun to try and tempt fate for a big score — it’s important to remember whether you win or lose; it’s down to chance. If the previous ten rockets have exploded before reaching x2, that may be a statistical anomaly. However, it has no relevance to future results.

With a 97% RTP, you’ve got better odds than with many DraftKings slots — but that 97% is still below 100%, so in the long term, you won’t come out ahead. That’s not a bad thing though. As long as you keep in mind that the real goal of Rocket is to have fun, you won’t experience any real problems. And with a library of over 800 games, if you’re not having fun with Rocket, there are plenty of other games to try out.

Of course none of these games will hold an RTP higher than 100%. So if your goal is to win money with online gambling, then your choices are to either move into a skill game like online poker, or try and get an edge on the sportsbook.

Go to the Moon and Back with DraftKings Rocket Multipliers!

If you’re looking for a way to take control of volatility, then you’ve found it with DraftKings Rocket. Whether that means you want to play it safe with small 1.5x wins or go for a bigger payday with a 10x win — the choice is yours. And you can even change your mind on the fly with the manual cashout feature.

Even better, you can try this new and exciting game for free with the DraftKings no-deposit casino bonus of $50 simply for signing up using our links. And when you decide you love it, you can then take advantage of the DraftKings welcome deposit bonus of a first deposit match of 100% up to $2,000.

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