The best online fish shooting games for real money

Fish Table Games

Fish table games stand among the few game types offering an immersive experience at an online casino. Like the rest, they pay real money and are fun to play. Following an underwater theme, these games let you dive into the experience, take your aim, and shoot the different fish, stingrays, and sharks for various cash prizes. The bigger the fish, the more the payout. So, do you have all that it takes to go underwater?

There is everything to love about these action-packed games. Besides the exciting animations, great visuals, and captivating soundtracks, these games have special features, including jackpots on some for big wins. And you can find them in various online casinos to play for real money returns, with the operators adding incentives like no deposit bonuses to capitalize on.

Sounds exciting? Then read through our detailed guide on fish table games real money to find every information you need, including what they are, how and where to play them, and a look at the top online fish table game titles online.

Best Casinos with Online Fish Table Games for Real Money

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Despite their gradual popularity, you will rarely find them in traditional online casinos, but they are readily available in several legal sweepstakes casinos. You can play them for free anywhere in the US except Washington and win cash prizes.

Casinos like Fortune Coins, NoLimit Coins, Funrize, and TaoFortune pop up at the mention of fish arcade games. You can sign up through our links or exclusive promo codes at either, claim free gold and sweeps coins, and play online fish table games like Emily’s Treasure, Fishing Kingdom, and Thunder Fishing. Unlike regular online casinos, you can play fish games for real money aged 18+.

For example, newbies signing up with our links at NoLimitCoins Casino will receive a no deposit bonus of 100,000 GC + 1,000 SC after verification. The highlight of these online casinos is that there is no purchase requirement to win real money. Below is our list of the recommended casinos to play fish gambling games:

While at it, you will find several offshore and dodgy sweepstakes operators like Orion Stars, Milky Ways, Game Vault, Juwa 777, and Riversweeps offering fish shooting games. These sites do not meet the standards of legit platforms, with their operations in question from several red flags like missing parent company, licensing, banking information, funny social media profiles, etc. We do not recommend playing fish table games on these platforms as they do not guarantee reliability and security.

What Are Fish Table Games

Fish Table Games

Fish table games are arcade-style shooting games with a unique concept compared to online slots and table games. This is one area where you get closest to skill-based games at online gambling platforms. With skill comes the element of control, where the task is to shoot at constantly moving fish to win cash prizes. These games are fun and exciting, with colorful designs to catch your eye.

Fish arcade games are underwater-themed, and once in the game, they usher you to different underwater species varying in size. Depending on your accuracy, you can claim prizes depending on the corresponding odds of the fish you shoot. And it does not stop at fish, with fish table gambling games featuring other marine animals, including stingrays, crocodiles, sea turtles, sharks, etc, each with a varying prize.

While you can play skill fish games online, you can also play them in the different arcades and sweep cafes spread throughout the US. Most retail locations with fish table games provide the multiplayer option, allowing you to compete against another player, adding to the exciting aspect of these games.

How to Play Fish Table Games Online

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To play fish table games online is simple, thanks to their easy setup. They differ from the usual casino games, like slots with reels, paylines, or spins restricting gameplay. With online fish tables, your involvement is from start to finish, and with the element of control, you can choose when to play or stop. You only need to shoot at fish accurately and rake up wins, with the payout sizes depending on the species. Below is how you play fish arcade games:

  • Choose a legit platform to play fish table games online. Find one that you prefer from our list and sign up for an account through our links to claim no deposit bonuses.
  • Pick your bet based on the different fishes in the game.
  • Launch the game and start to shoot at fish in any direction. For every fish you shoot, their health bar goes low. Taking it to zero signifies catching the fish, thus receiving a payout depending on the species.
  • Also loaded in your bet will be guns and cannons that you can upgrade for a big fish catch, should your standard bullets become weak to catch a fish. But be careful since the bullets will cost more.
  • Some levels will have special features like multipliers and power-ups spruced for big-money wins.
  • You can also use the radar at the top-right side of the screen to keep track of high-value fish on the map.

A few online fish table game secrets and tricks can also help increase the chances of catching fish. Let’s have a look:

Strategies and Tips To Use on Fish Table Gambling Games

With fish tables falling under skill games, they remain games that require a tactical and strategic approach to win real money. While there are no tips and strategies guaranteeing wins, they improve your chances of winning, and below are some you can use to play fish arcade games:

  • Hone your skills: While you can shoot fish and catch some, practicing your aiming skills ensures you avoid wasting bullets but maximize your gameplay. While at it, focus on aiming for the head to increase the efficiency of your bullets.
  • Try different cannons: Each gun has its strength, with the bigger ones perfect for catching bigger fish and the smaller ones for smaller fish.
  • Start with small bets: While you play fish table gambling games, always look to start small as you would in other casino games. It gives you room to familiarize yourself with the game while you do not risk a lot of money to catch fish.
  • Watch out for fish swarms: While they are low-value, a swarm of fish ensures you can shoot several of them to boost your winnings.
  • Try the Mustache strategy: The strategy prioritizes small fish and the easier fish to shoot rather than the big ones. Perfect for beginners.
  • Go big when ready: Big fish on fish games are about huge returns. Once ready, you can pick bigger cannons and aim for big fish.
  • Read the paytable: Some fish may look small but hold greater value. It is important to check the value of each to know the perfect fish to catch.

Fish Tables Explained

Fish Table Games. (1)

As mentioned, you can play fish table games online or at a physical location. But as you would expect, physical fish table games debuted before online fish tables, explaining where they draw their inspiration. Here, you play the games on actual physical tables, hence the name.

With a striking appearance to that of a casino table while featuring a screen similar to a football-like table, you will find fish swimming around with the task of shooting at them. Unlike an online fish shooting game that you can shoot at the touch of a screen, you will use a joystick, or other controllers, to aim, shoot, or go through the settings or weapons to tweak the game to your preference.

But are they legal? The US gambling laws on fish tables are vague. Besides exhibiting the skill element, there is always the argument of whether they fall under gambling games. States like North Carolina have no clear stand on whether playing fish table games in a retail location is fully legal or illegal. However, you will find many fish tables in supermarkets, hotel lobbies, and other retail locations, and they are perfect options for players considering multiplayer modes.

Fish Table Games for Real Money Legal States

Are online fish table games legal in the US? Yes. Unlike popular game types like slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker, fish tables have few restrictions, thanks to their skill-based gameplay. But you will not find them in regular online casinos legalized in New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Connecticut, and Delaware.

Instead, you can play fish catch online in sweepstakes casinos for free or to win money. The model adopted at sweepstakes casinos ensures fish table game titles are accessible and playable via gold coins and sweeps coins in all US states except Washington. With sweeps coins, you can win real money prizes.

Remember, while some dodgy or rogue casinos pose as sweepstakes casinos, they do not meet all the requirements needed under the US gambling laws. Thus, they are not safe to play any fish table gambling game. Play only at legit sites recommended on our pages for real money prizes.

Best Online Fish Table Games

There are not many like slot games, but you will find a decent range of skill fish games online at legal casinos. The following stand out as popular fish table game options to play, with a look at some of their features:

Emily’s Treasure

Emily's Treasure

Emily’s Treasure is a popular fish table game online in casinos like Fortune Coins. With impressive aesthetics like 3D visuals and animations, the fish game ensures the gaming experience is at the top. From the multicolored fish in the deep sea and sea plants surrounding it, you are in for an experience, with specials like a multiplayer feature, and other unique features like energy shot, all at once, group of fishes, and jackpots (mini, super, grand, or fortune) added to it.

Look out for the Fire Dragon, the highest-paying fish, and should you catch it with three guns, you grab yourself a maximum stake payout. Besides it, you will have other fish species moving around the screen. They include Remora fish, HawkFish, Seahorse, Green Gharial, Blue Puffer, Orca Whale, and turtles. You can check all the species on the paytable and what they have to offer.

Adjust your bet with the + and – buttons next to the cannon gun at the bottom and choose to either lock attack or auto attack through a button. The lock attack option lets you lock a specific fish species and only shoots when they appear, compared to the auto attack option shooting automatically, depending on your chosen direction.

1,230,000 Gold Coins + 3,900 Fortune Coins

Fishing Kingdom

Fishing Kingdom

The NeGame product is another highly-rated fish game gambling option on sites like NoLimitCoins Casino and Funrize Casino. Like Emily’s Treasure, Fishing Kingdom offers impressive gameplay, thanks to its 3D animated symbols and visuals. The multiplayer game allows you to use a basic cannon or a laser to catch fish, with the latter auto-locking a target and continually shooting it until you catch it or swim off your sight.

You will find around 15 underwater creatures in the game, with the Blue Shark as the highest-paying symbol with a payout of 200x your stake. Others include Blue Tang fish, Orange fish, Clownfish, Pufferfish, Hammerhead shark, and Green Stingray.

But the fun does not stop there, with Fishing Kingdom having several bonus features that can win you rewards of up to 5,000x. They include the big boss that, when captured, gives a 600x payout, a pick’em bonus activated after capturing a crown in a golden bubble with a payout of up to 2,500x, a free shot cannon with free bullets, and a bonus wheel with free shots and coins.

125,000 Free Tournament Coins + Funrize Prize Wheel

Thunder Fishing

Thunder Fishing

With an avenue of a payout of up to 2,500x, Thunder Fishing is another exciting fish table gambling game from NetGame worth a mention. It is readily available in different casinos, including NoLimitCoins, TaoFortune, and Funrize Casino. As the name suggests, there is a twist in the game with a Thunder Gods aspect introduced, where you might experience their might through big wins whenever you catch Zeus or Thor. Adding to it are in-game bonus features like the monster hunt, lava strike, guardian fish, piercing drill, deep-sea bomb, fishing rush, game machine, and a bonus wheel with a payout potential of up to 2,400x. Also available are multipliers and jackpots (red, silver, gold, and diamonds)

The action-packed online fish table game introduces you to about 12 fish species, each with a multiplier for you to win money. The bubbled buffalo is the highest-paying symbol, with a payout of up to 200x, with other species like stingray fish, Manta Ray fish, red puffer fish, goldfish, and blue shark swimming across the screen. Like Fishing Kingdom, you can catch fish in two ways: shooting a cannon or using a laser fitted with the auto-lock feature. Remember, each bullet costs a bet that you can increase or decrease using the + and – buttons.

125,000 Free Tournament Coins + Funrize Prize Wheel
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Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon

Not to be confused with the Golden Dragon dodgy site. The fish table game from KA Gaming is another popular title in Fortune Coins online casino. It has several highlights, including the diverse bet levels and around 30 fish species to catch. Besides the underwater theme complemented by colorful visuals and top-notch graphics, you will love the Asian theme, specifically the Chinese sub-theme introduced to the game through creatures like a golden dragon, phoenix, and mermaids.

Adding to the uniqueness is the option to choose between three rooms, each differing by the bet size and the payout potential. The bronze room has a stake credit level between 0.01 and 1, the silver room between 0.1 and 1, and the golden room ranges between 1 and 10 credits. Like other free fish table games, you will find the different species with their payouts, with mermaids and golden dragons as the highest-paying symbols worth 2,500 and 3,000 coins, respectively.

For bonus features, Golden Dragon has two, including freeze bomb and crystal win. The former activates after catching the Freeze Bomb fish and freezes all other targets for a while. The crystal win feature causes a chain reaction to demolish all crystals for a generous payout.

1,230,000 Gold Coins + 3,900 Fortune Coins

KA Fish Hunter

KA Fish Hunter

KA Gaming adds to its portfolio of the best fish table games through KA Fish Hunter, available at Fortune Coins online casino. Like other best fish shooting games in our guide, KA Fish Hunter transports you undersea with vibrant graphics, including 3D visuals featured. 20+ fish species await from the small ones with the lowest payouts to the big ones with high payouts. And as a characteristic of KA Gaming fish gambling games, the KA Fish Hunter game features three rooms with different bet levels. And with the + and – buttons, you can choose the room you prefer depending on the bullets you want to use.

The bronze room has credit stakes between 0.01 and 0.1, the silver room with levels between 0.1 and 1, and the credits range for the gold room between 1 and 10. For this game, the highest-paying symbols are the Blue Whale and Gold Shark, with payouts of 200x, with other whales and sharks having payouts between 40x and 150x. But there is more when you play this fish game, with two bonus features at stake. They include a freeze bomb activated after the bomb explodes to freeze all fish momentarily, a chain win to kill fish with a special aura, eventually killing other fish of the same species, and a special bonus where you grab multipliers of up to 7x after catching fish with a green aura.

1,230,000 Gold Coins + 3,900 Fortune Coins

Top Fish Gambling Apps

As stated, the only legal fish table game casinos in the US are those adopting a sweepstakes model. You can access them anywhere except WA to play free fish table games and win real money. Remember, no purchase is necessary, meaning you sign up through our links or bonus codes and play games through a desktop or the fish table game app, if available. Below are our best picks:

Fortune Coins

Fortune Coins Casino

Fortune Coins is a perfect stop for all US players looking to enjoy fish table online games, except those in WA and ID. With as many fish games as eight (8) in its portfolio featuring 170+ casino games, you are spoilt for options. They include:

  • Emily’s Treasure
  • Mermaid Hunter
  • Golden Dragon
  • KA Fish Hunter
  • King Octopus
  • Space Cowboy
  • Three Headed Dragon
  • Caishen Dao

Besides the mentioned fish game gambling options, registered members can play slots, including progressives, video poker, roulette, and other specialty games, to win real money. New players signing up with our link will access a no deposit bonus of 360,000 GC + 1,200 FC to play the games in standard or premium mode. However, to win real money prizes, you must play with fortune coins (FC) in premium mode.

Unfortunately, Fortune Coin has no dedicated app for mobile users.

1,230,000 Gold Coins + 3,900 Fortune Coins

Funrize Casino

Funrize Casino

Operating under A1 Development LLC since 2022, Funrize Casino is another haven for popular online fish shooting games. The platform accepts players from all over the US, except those from WA, ID, and WY. With only NetGame powering the portfolio, we only came across two online fish table games. They are:

  • Fishing Kingdom
  • Thunder Fishing

In addition to the two are slot games, including jackpot titles, contributing to the 80+ game portfolio. New players signing up at Funrize Casino with our link will have 125,000 TRN coins to play and can grab more coins through ongoing promos like the bonus wheel to play fish catch online for free or real money returns via promotional entries.

And unlike Fortune Coins, Funrize Casino has a dedicated mobile app for players looking to play gambling fish games online while on the go. The apps are free and downloadable on the App Store or Google Play Store.

125,000 Free Tournament Coins + Funrize Prize Wheel


NoLimitCoins Casino

Adding to the list of online casinos with the best fish table games is NoLimitCoins Casino, operating under A1 Development LLC since 2021. It is accessible in all US states except WA, ID, and WY. The sweepstakes casino has a portfolio featuring 70+ casino games, including two fish games from NetGame. They include:

  • Fishing Kingdom
  • Thunder Fishing

They are categorized under the fishing category, with NoLimitCoins Casino adding slots, including jackpots, into the portfolio. Immediately after the registration and account verification, those signing up for a new account with our links will have a no deposit bonus of 100,000 GC + 1,000 SC.

With SC coins, you can play fish games online for real money on a desktop or mobile. However, NoLimitCoins Casino is yet to incorporate a dedicated mobile app.

100,000 Gold Coins & 1,000 Super Coins


TaoFortune Casino

TaoFortune is another legal platform to play fish gambling games online anywhere in the US except WA, ID, and WY. It is a sister site to NoLimitCoins and Funrize, operating under A1 Development LLC since 2022. Having partnered with NetGame, registered customers can access a portfolio loaded with 65+ casino games, including two fish games:

  • Fishing Kingdom
  • Thunder Fishing

Besides the fishing category, TaoFortune offers slots, including jackpots and hold ‘n’ link games like African King, Osiris Gold, Fu Yin Yang, and Book of Nile.

To get started, register for a free account using our links to grab a bonus of 88,800 Tao Coins + 100 daily free Secret Coins via mail. The SC coins are available to play fish catch online for real money. And like most online casinos, TaoFortune optimizes its website, allowing members to play online fish games on desktops or mobile. However, the casino has no dedicated mobile app in place.

88,800 Tao Coins on Sign-Up + Daily 100 Free Secret Coins


ZitoBox Casino

Operating since 2015 under Joy Media Works is ZitoBox, providing an avenue to play real money fish games anywhere in the US except WA. ZitoBox partners with several providers, including Wazdan, Game Media Works (GMW), and SG Interactive, to offer a portfolio with 150+ games, including online fish games. Below is a list:

  • Fishing Expedition
  • Animal Fishing
  • Mermaid Hunter
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  • Poseidon’s Secret

Other gaming options include slots, video poker, table games, and arcade-style games for free or real money. New players signing up will receive a welcome bonus of 500 GC + 100 Zito Points (ZP) to play the games on desktop or mobile, including a dedicated app available at the App Store or Google Play Store.

Note: ZitoBox allows real-money redemptions exclusively via gift cards (Uber Eats, eBay, Clarks, ColdStone, Domino’s, Lowe’s, Papa Johns, etc.)

Play Fish Table Sweepstakes Online with No Deposit Bonuses

With sweepstakes casinos having a no purchase necessary requirement, they provide options to which you can grab coins for free and use them to play online fish table games for real money.

This is done through no deposit bonuses, available immediately after registration. Besides the no deposit welcome bonus offers, legal sweepstakes sites add more no deposit bonuses, like daily login bonuses, social media giveaways, referral bonuses, mail-in bonuses, and VIP programs, with some like Funrize and NoLimitCoins adding a bonus wheel.

With these bonuses available, you do not necessarily need to purchase any coin package. Remember, most no deposit bonuses at sweepstakes casinos will have sweep coins added, allowing you to play fish tables online for cash prizes.

While we have touched on them in our guide, here is a recap:

🎰Sweepstakes Casino🎁Welcome No Deposit Bonus🤑Other No Deposit Bonuses
Funrize Casino125,000 TRN Coins- Bonus wheel
- Referral bonus
- Mail-in bonus
- Social media giveaways
Fortune Coins360,000 GC + 1,200 FC- Daily free SC
- Referral
- Social media contests
- Mail-in bonus
- Slot games tournaments
- VIP program
NoLimitCoins100,000 GC + 1,000 SC- Referral
- Daily tournaments
- Mail-in bonus
- Lucky wheel
TaoFortune88,800 TC- Mail-in bonus
- Referral
- Quest missions
- Magic box
ZitoBox500 GC + 100 ZP- Daily login bonus
- Coupons
- Monthly contests

Get Started on Fish Table Games Online

1,230,000 Gold Coins + 3,900 Fortune Coins
125,000 Free Tournament Coins + Funrize Prize Wheel
100,000 Gold Coins & 1,000 Super Coins
88,800 Tao Coins on Sign-Up + Daily 100 Free Secret Coins

If you are looking to play fish table games online, the process is straightforward, and below is the step-to-step guide to how to go about it:

  • Click on the links of your preferred online casino to access their homepage.
  • Go to the ‘Register, Create Account, or Sign Up’ options to begin registration.
  • Provide accurate information on the fields at the registration tab.
  • This may include email address and password.
  • You might also have the option to register via your Facebook account.
  • Verify your account via the link in your email and provide additional information, like full name, gender, date of birth, and address.
  • You will also submit documentation like a government ID as proof of identity, with others like a bank statement as proof of address.
  • Receive your no deposit bonus.
  • Scroll to the fish tables category, choose your preferred title, and start to shoot fish.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Sweepstakes Casinos

While a purchase is unnecessary, you may need more coins to play popular fish table games or redeem your SC for real money. In this case, you may need to purchase a gold coin package with sweeps coins, and all sweepstakes casinos on our list provide different options to transact with. However, ZitoBox only allows redemptions via gift cards. The most common options across online casinos include:

  • Credit/debit cards: Visa/MasterCard, American Express, and Discover
  • E-wallets: Skrill and PayPal
  • Bank transfers, including online bank transfers with Trustly
  • E-checks
  • Gift cards

Remember, some sites like Fortune Coins offer a first purchase bonus, where you can save $40 by buying a package of 20,000,000 GC + 5,000 FC at $10.

Dive and Grab Your Big Catch On The Fish Gambling Games!

Our guide lists the sweepstakes casinos you can join to play fish table games. One thing about them is that they are skill games, guaranteeing an immersive experience you lack in many other casino games.

And with more options coming up gradually, your fish game gambling experience is about to get even better. Sign up through our links on your preferred fish games app, claim no deposit bonuses, and play the best fish table games online!


  • Where to play fish table games online?
    You will find fish gambling games legal at various US online gambling platforms. They include Funrize, Fortune Coins, NoLimitsCoins, and TaoFortune.
  • What online fish shooting game can I win real money?
    Today, you will find several online fish games at legal gambling sites. The popular ones include Fishing Kingdom, Emily’s Treasure, and Thunder Kingdom for real money prizes.
  • How do online fish tables work?
    Fish games are simple to play, with the idea being to shoot fish with guns and cannons for prizes. Each fish has its value, and the more you catch fish, the higher your payouts.
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