Best 3 Card Poker Apps – How to play on mobile

3 Card Poker is a version of stud poker played using a conventional 52-card deck and is a well-known casino table game. The game provides a range of betting options, strategies, and heads-up play against the dealer. In this guide, we will look at how you play the game and show you where you can play 3 card poker on your mobile and online.

It’s a fun real money casino game in which you aim to defeat the dealer’s hand by making the best poker hand possible with three cards. If you make a hand of a specific value, you may win big in this game.

The 3 Card Poker casino game offers simple rules, appealing payouts, and an attractive house edge. The game provides both the Ante bet and a side bet (Pair Plus wager), and you can place both bets per hand. You can not only play against the dealer, but you can also win based on the value of your cards.

This casino poker game is more exciting and less complicated than standard Poker, ideal for beginners. You get to play many hands quickly, and with a bit of luck, you may go on a big winning run. So keep reading to learn the rules, uncover the best poker hands, and find the top Three Card Poker online casinos in the United States.

US Casinos to Play Three Card Poker Real Money

Players who are aware of how to play 3 Card Poker can now enjoy it online or on mobile at several legal US casinos. We list the best available below, accepting players from WV, CT, NJ, PA, and MI. No deposit bonus codes and 200% match offer for online poker are automatically unlocked when using our page links.

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3 Card Poker 101

Almost all poker games feature players competing against one another, but 3 Card Poker is a widely played game in many casinos that is a match against the house. So, instead of competing against one another, players compete against the house, as in traditional Poker. This poker game includes a conventional deck of 52 cards and betting chips, and you need to create the most substantial poker hand possible with just three cards to beat the dealer’s hand.

Three card poker table and bets

3 Card Poker is famous not just because it is fun to play but also because it is simple to learn. All players must place an Ante wager to play, and other bets like “Pair Plus wager” are also available to bet on your own hand. In this mixture of table poker and blackjack, it’s just you against the dealer:

  • Three cards are handed to each player and the dealer, and players must decide whether to fold or play after reviewing their hands.
  • When a player folds, the dealer takes the player’s Ante wager and Pair Plus wager.
  • To ‘Play,’ the player must make a Play wager comparable to the Ante wager.
  • The dealer then displays their hand and compares it to each player’s hand, with the one with the highest hand winning.

How to Play 3 Card Poker Online

Playing 3 Card Poker online, like stud poker, requires players to place Ante wager and make the best hand at the table. Three card poker is faster than traditional real money poker games as it uses fewer cards in each hand. In the Play/Ante game, players bet against the dealer’s hand to find who has the best hand. The Pair Plus wager lets players gamble on whether they will have handed a pair or better. To make a Straight, you need three consecutive cards, and to make a Flush, only three cards of the same suit are required.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to play 3 Card Poker online – follow our simple steps, and you’ll understand the gameplay in no time:

  • Before the cards are handed, all players have to make their bets. The two betting options in 3 Card Poker online are the Ante wager and the Pair Plus wager.
  • The Ante wager is where you play your hand against the dealer to see who has the best hand. The Pair Plus wager requires you to have a hand with at least a pair or better, and the dealer’s hand is not considered here. You can also place both Ante bets and Pair Plus bets for each hand.
  • After the player makes their bets, the dealer will give three cards face down to each player, followed by three cards to himself. You can look at your cards while the dealer’s cards are face down. After that, you can analyze your cards and decide whether to fold or play your hand.
  • If you fold, the hand is over, and the dealer collects the player’s Ante wager and Pair Plus wager. If you choose to play, you must put an extra bet called a Play wager equivalent to your Ante wager.
  • The dealer then flips their cards over, and the player’s hand is compared to the dealer’s hand. The dealer must hold a Queen High or better to qualify for the round.
  • The Ante bet delivers even money if the dealer cards do not have Queen high or better, whereas the Play bet pushes. If the dealer qualifies, the player’s hand is compared against the dealer’s hand, and the higher hand wins.

3 card poker live

3 Card Poker Hand Rankings

Three Card Poker hand rankings differ from regular poker hand rankings in that each hand is made up of three cards rather than five. There are no full houses or four of a kind hands, and straights outrank flushes as they are rare. There are six possible three-card poker hands, listed from highest to lowest:

  • Straight Flush – It’s a hand containing three cards of the same suit in consecutive rank, with the highest straight flush consisting of an ace, a king, and a queen.
  • Three of a kind – It is a hand that consists of three cards of the same rank where three aces are the highest-ranked three of a kind.
  • Straight – It consists of three cards of consecutive value from any suit, with the Ace, King, and Queen being the highest-ranking straight.
  • Flush – It is a hand that consists of three cards of the same suit, with the highest-ranking flush being an ace, a king, and a jack.
  • Pair – It comprises two cards of the same value from different suits, with two aces being the highest-ranking pair.
  • High Card – It is a three-card hand in which none of the cards are linked.

3 Card Poker Payouts

Three card poker payouts are mainly based on the cards, and the dealer’s hand must have at least a Queen High to qualify. If the dealer holds a Jack High Card or worse, their hand does not qualify. If the player’s hand is higher than the dealer’s, you win, and both the Ante and Play bets payout 1:1. If both the dealer’s and the player’s hands are a match, the result is a push, and the player receives the Ante and Play bets. In addition to these standard payouts, you may win bonuses on your Ante play for excellent hands.

We’ve created tables with the most common Three Card Poker payouts to give players a general idea of what they can expect to win.

3 card poker best hands and payouts

Ante Bonus Payouts

If you placed an Ante wager and a Play wager, you would be given an Ante Bonus if your hand is a straight, three of a kind, or straight flush. You will receive the Ante bonus payout even if the dealer does not qualify or if the dealer’s hand wins. There is no additional wager required for these payouts.

Poker Hands Payout
Straight Flush 5:1
Three of a kind 4:1
Straight 1:1

Pair Plus Payouts

The Pair Plus wager is a bonus side bet that lets you bet on the value of the hand given to you. You win if your hands include at least a pair or better.

Poker Hands Payout
Mini Royal(Ace, King, Queen) 50:1
Straight Flush 40:1
Three of a kind 30:1
Straight 6:1
Flush 3:1
Pair 1:1

Six Card Bonus Payouts

3 Card Poker has a famous side bet that you’ll find at many online casino tables. Before receiving any cards, players have the opportunity to place a Six Card Bonus bet. The Six Cards side bet pays out on the best five-card poker hand formed from your hand and the dealer’s hand. The Six Card Bonus is won if the player’s three cards, when combined with the dealer’s three cards, result in a Three-of-a-Kind or better.

Poker Hands Payout
Royal Flush 1000:1
Straight Flush 200:1
Four of a kind 50:1
Full House 25:1
Flush 15:1
Straight 10:1
Three of a kind 5:1

Tips and Strategy to Play 3 Card Poker and Win

All casino games involve a certain amount of luck, but you may improve your odds significantly with a basic strategy. The best Three Card Poker strategy centers around understanding whether to raise or fold given different cards. According to our research, the best strategy is to play when you have a Queen, 6, & 4 or better in your hand. Never make a Play bet when you have hands worse than the Queen, Six, and Four. Continue and place a Play wager if you have a better hand. The simplest way to figure out if you have a better hand is to compare your highest card to the Queen. If your first best card is higher than the Queen, you play while ignoring the other two cards.

Remembering the Q-6-4 strategy will help you make the best decision no matter what hand you’re dealt. The house edge in Three Card Poker is 3.7% for Ante and Play wagers, but it rises when the Pair Plus wager is included. Here are a few simple tips to help you get the most out of your gaming.

  • The rules of 3 Card Poker are pretty basic, but you must understand them to enjoy the game. You can improve your game experience by learning how to win.
  • If you’re new to the game, free 3 Card Poker is a perfect way to get a feel for it and learn the rules. Playing for free is the best way to be ready to play for real money.
  • The best approach to having a good time at any casino game is to play responsibly. So good bankroll management is a great 3 Card Poker strategy, and this way, you can handle the downswings while still having cash left over.
  • Ante and Play wagers have a lower house edge than Pair Plus wagers, providing you the best odds of winning. However, the Pair Plus wager rewards are substantially higher, so you could try playing both bets simultaneously to increase your chances of winning.

3 card poker online real money

Getting Started with the Best 3 Card Poker Online Casinos

Players can register an account quickly and easily, and they can do it directly from the casino’s site. We’ve mentioned the best online casinos where you can play Three Card Poker for real money in legal US states. To register your account and begin playing Three Card Poker, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the Sign Up icon after tapping on the links of our best casino sites.
  • Fill up your login, personal, and contact information on the three-part registration form.
  • Then, using your phone number or email, confirm your account.
  • Make a deposit and select Three Card Poker from the casino’s library.
  • You may also qualify for casino bonuses, so take advantage of the welcome offer and any 3 Card Poker no deposit bonus instant play to boost your bankroll.

Mobile 3 Card Poker

Going to a real casino is far harder and more expensive than playing casino games online. Playing on a mobile or tablet, on the other hand, makes it handier than ever. Our online casinos provide mobile device options, allowing you to play while on the go. The Three Card Poker mobile version works well on any touchscreen device, with no errors or lags.

The most significant advantage of mobile gaming is playing your favorite games wherever you have internet access. So many online players play real-money Three Card Poker on their mobile devices. If you use your device’s web browser, the games will work similarly to the desktop version.

3 Card Poker Apps

While many reputable operators have the option to play on the go, our highest-rated casino apps are significantly better than others for playing 3 Card Poker. You can quickly download the poker app after registering an account. Clicking on the App icon at the bottom of the casino’s homepage takes you directly to the App Store.

Alternatively, you can independently search in the App Store or Google Play, since the above online casinos offer both iOS and Android apps. After installing the app, log in with your registered information and enjoy playing real money casino 3 Card Poker. Our top-rated casinos allow you to play 3 Card Poker online on desktop or mobile. So, you can either download an app or gamble on your web browser — the decision is yours.

How to play three card poker

Play 3 Card Poker Today!

Three Card Poker could be your game if you want to play a fast-paced, enjoyable game with easy rules. It provides two different ways to play with the possibility of huge prizes. Three Card Poker online is generally two games in one, with the Ante spot, Play spot, and Pair Plus wager spot. You can decide to play one or both the Ante and Pair Plus wager simultaneously, and it’s a simple table game to learn and much fun to play.

Strong hands may also result in Ante bonus rewards even if the dealer’s hand beats your hand. Bonus payouts from the best possible five-card poker hand from your and the dealer’s hands are also available. This game allows casino players to enjoy a poker-style game without the hustle of the Texas hold’em table games. So, sign up today to play Three Card Poker at one of the listed US gaming sites.

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