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Gambino Slots App

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Gambino Slots is a social casino that has consistently been pushing its agenda of providing an exciting social gaming experience since its launch in 2015. With real money casinos still being illegal in some US states, the social casino design of Gambino Slots casino makes it an excellent option for any US player that wants to enjoy free Vegas casino slots.

  • Outstanding free sign up bonus
  • Great welcome deal
  • Unique mission-style casino
  • Proprietary slots, accessible only at Gambino
  • No table games
  • Available as an app only
  • No real cash redemptions

Many areas make Gambino Slots a top social casino, but its no deposit bonus codes make a huge impression. You have over 100 unique free slot machines to play on this casino and a lot to know about the platform.

This Gambino Slots casino review provides information on the gaming modes, operations, bonuses, VIP program, software, registration, payments, and FAQs. Although players with experience playing on social casinos may want to jump right in, why not stick around to learn how to claim massive bonuses as a new player on Gambino Slots casino?

Overview of Gambino Slots

🎰Gambino Slots
🎲Number of Games100+ titles
📅Launch Year2015
🎁BonusesWelcome Bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and deposit offers.
📜LicenseNone (free to play)
🏛️OwnersSpiral Interactive (Acquired in 2017)
🧪ExperienceOver 15 years working with Real Money Gaming platforms.
👑VIP ProgramYes, there is an excellent program available.

How the Social Casino Operates

Gambino Slots allows players to try out exciting casino games for fun as a social casino. You don’t get real money payouts from the games, although you can spend real money for certain perks at the casino.

Gambino Slots issues players free virtual coins, its G-Coins, to replace real money when betting on its slot titles. These G-Coins are limited, but there are several ways to get more through free and paid methods.

For constant inflow of G-Coins, every win on any slot title is paid out as G-Coins, and you can also claim free G-Coins every three hours on Gambino Slots. Participating in events and referring friends also gets you free G-Coins.

Gambino Slots Packages

However, this isn’t enough to sustain some players, so Gambino Slots sells G-Coins packages. This is the fastest way to progress on the platform and also the most efficient. With each package you purchase, you get additional items necessary to participate in events and loyalty points to boost your VIP level.

Unlike other social casinos like Pulsz Casino and Fortune Coins Casino, Gambino Slots doesn’t offer any form of payout or cash prize in exchange for your G-Coins. The G-Coins are strictly playing coins with no value.

A unique feature that makes Gambino Slots special among social casinos is the level-up feature. This feature tests your mettle and ensures you have what it takes to play all the casino’s exciting games. As you level up, you unlock more games on the platform. You have over 100 games to unlock and 400+ levels to attain.

With new games showing up every 3-weeks, this is a mission-style casino platform that is out to pick out its very own James Bond.

Gambino Slots Gaming Modes

There are three gaming modes for anyone that decides to play the Gambino Slots casino titles. You have the G-Coins mode, Free spins, and Events mode.

G-Coins Mode

Playing with G-Coins is the popular option on Gambino Slots casino. You can place bets with G-Coins on any free casino slots game you have unlocked on the casino. Every game has a maximum bet, so don’t expect to use your entire G-Coins balance to get a massive win.

Free Spins Mode

Daily Free G Coins

If you earn free spins on the platform, you can use them to play certain games – even if you don’t have them unlocked. This is an easy way to try out the recommendations from the casino and decide if they would be worth playing with G-Coins later.

Events Mode

Gambino Slots Mission Games

Exciting events pop up from time to time on Gambino Slots casino. One exciting event we did get to try is the Redbeards Treasures. It offers unique gameplay with a pirate theme, and you must attack and defeat other pirate ships to advance.

You need cannonballs for each attack and can earn cannonballs through purchases or special activities. There are multiple rounds in this exciting event, which is excellent news as no one wants to finish the event in one day.

If you’re lucky, you may also come across some Card-game events that provide a fresh experience.

Signing up at Gambino Slots

Registering on Gambino Slots casino is straightforward but slightly different from what you may expect. When you open the URL,, you get the 100,000 G-Coins welcome offer – no registration required. However, if you want to enjoy all other bonuses and promotions, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the website through the link,, and click on the “Play Now” button on the screen.
  2. You immediately get into the casino with free 100,000 G-coins to enjoy games.
  3. Now, click the “Sign In” button to trigger the registration pop-up. You can connect your Facebook, Google, or Email account to set up your profile on the desktop or mobile platform.
  4. Connecting an account makes it possible to synchronize your progress across your devices (Desktop and mobile).
  5. Play slots for free.

To download the app, you can go directly to your official store, but an easier alternative is to take these steps:

  1. Look for a banner at the top of the home screen with icons for various platforms. You will find a Google Play icon, an Apple icon, a Windows icon, and a Facebook icon for the Facebook app.
  2. Click on the icon that represents your device to download the casino app. If you click on the Apple icon, the platform will redirect you to the App Store. If you click on the Android icon on an iOS device, the site automatically takes you to the correct store.
  3. Download the app and play slots games for free.

Gambino Slots App Details

The Gambino Slots app is well-designed, and everything you see on the app matches the desktop version of the casino. In our opinion, by shrinking the platform for the mobile apps, players can get sharper details, better colors, and visually stunning graphics.

The bonuses you get on the free online casino app are the same across various platforms, so there is no cause for alarm. The app’s performance depends on your device, and testing on a MacBook and an iPhone 12 provides excellent performance without lags or crashes.

The Gambino Slots app is available on various platforms. These include mobile devices and PCs.

Gambino Slots Promo Code & Bonuses

Gambino Slots welcome bonus

Gambino Slots promo codes aren’t a thing, which is excellent news for most players. However, this free online casino boasts of various bonuses and promotions that provide an exciting gaming experience. The bonuses on the casino include the no deposit free spins bonus options, new player bonuses, deposit bonuses, and a VIP program.

Gambino Slots No Deposit Bonuses

There are several free signup bonuses available on the Gambino Slots casino. These bonuses make the platform fun and exciting for players that have a strict budget, and they include the following:

  • Daily G-Wheelz Free Spins: Every day you log in to the platform, you earn a free spin on the G-Wheelz. The daily spins are usually on the Epic Wheel, and you have a chance to win spins on the Mega Wheel and Grand Wheel if you land on the right segments.
  • Referral Bonus: Inviting your friends to Gambino Slots casino gives you a chance to win 90,000 G-Coins.
  • G-Reels Bonus: Every three hours, you have a chance to claim 900 G-Coins from the G-Reels. Each claim fills one G-Reel bar, and you get a spin on the G-Reels with your fifth claim.
  • Daily Gifts: Gaby, one of the Gambino Slots’ unique characters, sends daily gifts to you.

New Player Bonus Information

As a new player on Gambino Slots casino, you have a welcome bonus of 100,000 G-Coins and 200 free spins. You get these coins before signing up, which is a great way to try out everything this thrilling free online casino offers before linking it to your Facebook, Google, or email account.

The free spins are spread over ten days, and you get 20 free spins daily. You can check your messages to use these free spins. You start by picking a game to play – License to Win, Enchanted Orbs, Luxury Living, and American Eagle are available.

Creating a profile by connecting via Google, Email, or Facebook also grants you G-Coins. The number of free coins you earn for this process can vary depending on when you do so. Our initial offer was 1,000 G-Coins which changed to 2,000 free coins after a few days.

Gambino Slots First Purchase Bonus

Promotions & VIP Club

The VIP club on this online casino offers massive rewards that are unmatched when you compare to other social casinos. You can start enjoying the benefits of a VIP the moment you start playing on the casino. However, you need to climb the VIP ladder to enjoy better rewards.

There are nine VIP levels, and everyone starts at Topaz, slowly making their way to the highest level – the Walk of Fame. The VIP benefits include extra free coins on every purchase, more loyalty points, a prize multiplier, a level-up bonus, and more.

Gambino Slots VIP

There are other promotions available at the casino, and these are deposit promotions. Popular deposit promotions on the platform include:

  • Early Purchase Bonuses: The casino advertises its “Colossal Deals” when you first open its platform, giving you a chance to get 300% more G-Coins on your first purchase, 600% more on your second and 1000% more on your third purchase.
  • Piggy Bank: The Piggy Bank saves complimentary coins (100% of your winnings) that you can retrieve for a price. You may also get bonus items for other promotional events when you break the Piggy Bank.
  • Facebook Promotions: Visiting the Gambino Slots casino Facebook page allows you to claim excellent offers via promotional links.

Other random promotions pop up on the platform, so be on the lookout for an exciting opportunity to earn massive rewards on Gambino Slots.

Lucky Wheel Spins

Gambino Slots App Software & Site Layout

The Gambino Slots casino software is genuinely fascinating. With Spiral Interactive as the sole software provider, the site layout and slot titles are custom-made to offer excellent social gambling experiences.

The sweepstakes software utilizes many of the standard features of real money games, providing free spins, bonus rounds, multipliers, wilds, and jackpots on the slot titles. Although there are tons of exciting Gambino Slots games, there is a level progression feature that unlocks slot titles as you progress. Starting with just one title, you gain experience by placing bets on any title.

The site layout gets an A* for its simplicity and a great UX for all devices. Navigation is a focal point of the Gambino Slots software, with a game dashboard that gives you a clear view of everything you need. The Gambino Slots casino lobby occupies the center of the dashboard, with buttons on the screen’s top, bottom, and sides.

There is a slider design for the slot titles, so you can keep clicking on the right arrow button to move the slider to the next page. You can use the radio buttons to move to different pages to save time.

Your XP bar is visible at the top of the screen, along with your G-Coins balance. Overall, the site layout is excellent, but one addition that will provide a vast improvement is a Free Coins balance display.

Your details are safe on the casino, thanks to SSL encryption. However, since it is a social casino, licenses aren’t available.

Gambino Slot Machines and Games

Gambino Slots Games

The slot machines you find on this online casino have high-quality graphics, varying themes and excellent designs. The 15+ years of experience of the company in the real money gaming sector does come in handy. In our opinion, many of the slot games on the casino perform and play better than what you find on some RMG casinos.

You can access multi-payline slot machines, 5-reel and 6-reel slots, varying themes, and more. These include themed free slot machines like License to Win, Big 5 Africa, Sheriff’s Bounty, and Gaby’s Jingle Ball.

By restricting the number of Gambino Slots games you can access at any time, Gambino Slots casino gives players a chance to truly appreciate each game they play. Every new game you unlock is fresh and exciting, and with three to four levels between games, you have enough time to enjoy the best features of each title.

Although preferences can influence your perception of each title, you get to try out various themes when you play on the online casino. Since these are free slots games, this is the best opportunity to fall in love with new themes. Try out animal-themed, adventure-themed, magic-themed, and Egyptian-themed free slots.

Free Coins Purchases and Redemptions

With so many levels to climb on Gambino Slots, you need many G-Coins to play the casino games for a quick climb. What Gambino Slots offers is a way for you to do so through G-Coins purchase and XP Blasts.

The G-Coins purchase is self-explanatory – it is you buying additional G-Coins for more spins. You can get G-Coins packages from $0.99 up to $99.99. The packages available change often, and we did come across unique bundles like the Mr. Piggle$worth Bundles and Epic Package Deal Bundles.

If you’re not purchasing G-Coins, then you can buy the boosters. These include the XP Blasts, Contest Boosters, and Extra Spins. The XP Blasts provide an XP multiplier for a period, while the Contest Boosters increase your points accumulation during a contest. The Extra Spins package adds more spins to your daily spins balance on the online casino.

You can use bank cards like Visa, American Express, Mastercard, or PayPal to make your purchases. The payment option set up on your mobile device (e.g., Google Play, Amazon, or App Store) is the default option when purchasing via your phone. Facebook is the only platform that requires users to set up a payment preference.

Since this is solely a social casino for entertainment, there are no redemptions. You don’t win real cash prizes, and the G-Coins don’t have real money value.

Can I win Cash Prizes at Gambino Slots App?

Gambino Slots operates as a social casino and doesn’t allow players to win real money or cash prizes. Its design focuses on the entertainment aspects of casino platforms while promoting social interactions among players in the community.

To win Cash Prizes, you should try other social sites like Chumba and Pulsz Casino. However, you don’t get many exciting events and features like the level progression and massive VIP rewards available on Gambino Slots.

Customer Support

To connect with the customer support team on the online casino, you can fill out a form to send a message to the team. To access this form, click on the “Settings” icon and the “Support” button. You can connect with the support team on Facebook or email

A comprehensive FAQ page is also available, and you can find excellent information on several topics regarding this social casino platform.

The Bottom Line

Gambino Slots is a top platform that offers everything you get on the top online casinos. Its fun design and approach to casino gaming make it worth your time. You can enjoy gaming on the platform for free or spend a little money to get G-Coins.

Regular special events, recurring promotions, and game variety make the Gambino Slots free casino games an excellent option for new and veteran players. You can enjoy the experience on a PC or mobile device, and the social casino design means you’re not doing anything illegal – as long as you’re above 18.


  • Yes, Gambino Slots is legal in the USA, thanks to its status as a social casino. You don’t bet real money, and you don’t win real money when playing on the platform, so what you’re doing doesn’t qualify as gambling, which is illegal in most US states.
  • How do you download the Gambino Slots app?
    You can download the Gambino Slots app by visiting the platform through this link, On the home page, there are icons for various platforms, and you can pick any one that suits your preference. You will be redirected to the app download page for any device you own.
  • Are Gambino Slots free to play?
    Yes, Gambino Slots are free to play with G-Coins or Free spins. You get free G-Coins from various activities on the casino, so there is no issue for the casual gamer. However, if you’re a hardcore gamer who intends to progress much faster, you may need to spend a few bucks getting G-Coins packages.
  • What’s the RTP at Gambino Slots?
    Unfortunately, Gambino Slots doesn’t publish the RTP in the info section of each title. However, from the time spent playing the free online casino games and the consistent payouts we received, the RTPs of games at the online casino are easily above the 96% industry average.
  • Is Gambino Slots legit?
    Gambino Slots is a legit platform with excellent reviews from other users. It is the 5th best-selling game on the Microsoft Store - an excellent indication that the platform is trustworthy.

Gambino Slots App Details

100,000 G-Coins + 200 Free Spins No Deposit
Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.8 Overall Rating
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