DraftKings Casino Not working – Fixing Common Problems

Is there a better feeling than coming home after a hard day of work and spinning your favorite slots online at DraftKings? Add winning more than a few rounds into the mix, and we can safely say there’s no better feeling in the world. Of course, losses can be tiring and annoying, but there’s one thing that bugs us even more, and that’s when the DraftKings casino isn’t working.

Nothing is perfect in this world and neither is the DraftKings casino app. For various reasons, the casino or its app might be down for some players or all. This doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it truly ruins our day. Technical issues are often resolved in a flash, but in case of a major problem, it can take a longer time to resolve the problem.

In this guide, we’ll talk more about the technical issues you can experience with DraftKings Casino and how you can overcome them. So let’s look at why is DraftKings casino not working, and more importantly, what steps can you take to get back playing again.

Troubleshooting Known DraftKings Casino Technical Issues

There are plenty of issues that may freeze the DraftKings casino app or site or make the app or website crash. The good news is that the casino’s system can recognize where the issue is and report it with a detailed error. For example, the DraftKings live casino may be down but other parts of the site might be working. In this case, the system will inform you that the live dealer casino is down.

There are some unknown technical issues, of course, and these are the ones that are usually resolved in a longer time. The team behind DraftKings casino consists of experienced techies, though, so whenever the site is down, they are working around the clock to fix the problem.

DraftKings casino down

If all these tips to get back working don’t work and you are keen to spin some reels, take a look at BetMGM Casino app, where you can get a completely free $25 play at casino.betmgm.com.

DraftKings Casino Unable to Verify Location

Location verification issues usually occur because of the mobile device you’re using. If the casino is not able to locate your GPS signal, it will display this error. In order to resolve it, you’ll need to follow the official troubleshooting steps available at the website. Like all licensed US casinos, DraftKings uses geolocation, player location check software. What this does is locate you using the GPS receiver in your phone, or IP address if you are on WiFi or broadband.

If you are trying to play at the casino using a proxy or a VPN, DraftKings will immediately flag this and stop you from playing. You may look for a way to trick or fake your location to play at the mobile or online casino, but this is not possible. Let’s say you did find some magic way to change your location to appear in a state where the casino is allowed, if you are caught, you can have all your funds and any winnings held by the operator for not complying with gambling laws.

You can play at DraftKings Casino in these states: Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. If you are outside of one of these states, you can play at a sweepstake casino that will allow you to play very similar games for real money. 3 of the best are:

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If you are in a licensed state and still experience location issues with DK Casino, you may have a problem with your location settings, in which case, our guide here can help.

To put it simply, you can try switching your GPS mode to High Accuracy in the settings. Sometimes, it’s as simple as your location not being turned on. In this case, you should enable it and the error will go away. If you’re still experiencing location verification problems, you must talk to the customer support team.

DraftKings casino location issues

DraftKings casino not showing up

A recent issue we have come across is the casino not showing up on the app. This may mean that you are in a state where DraftKings casino is not available or that there is an issue with the app. Try and log out and force close the app, then open it. You can also try to uninstall the app and download the latest version. If you have tried this and it keeps failing, why not give the awesome BetMGM casino app a go with a $25 free play.

DraftKings Casino 403 Error

The common DraftKings 403 error occurs when players use third-party apps or browser extensions to access the site. We’re talking about extensions or apps that are not compliant with DraftKings’ terms. In short, the 403 isn’t a technical error per se – it’s an indication that your IP address has been banned from the site.

In order to resolve the problem, you need to get in touch with DraftKings’ customer support. Your IP address will most likely be whitelisted, but if the casino suspects foul play, you can kiss it goodbye. This is why you should always access the casino via the browser or the official DraftKings casino app, not other sources.

DraftKings Live Dealer Casino is Down

Live casinos are much more complicated to run than online casinos. There are many factors that need to be optimized in order for a smooth live dealer experience. Sometimes, it’s not even the casino’s fault – it may be a problem with the software it runs on. Other times, it will be a problem with the live dealer games and studios.

When the casino displays this message, it means that you can’t access the live casino. All the other parts should be up and running. When the DraftKings live dealer casino is down, it’s normally due to a technical error on the operator’s side. It may be a software or server error preventing you from accessing the live dealer games.

You can try to log out and back in, clear your cache, and see if this works. But, normally, when the live dealers don’t work, this is only temporary, and they are normally back up pretty soon.

DraftKings live dealer casino

DraftKings Casino App Crashing

Just like any other app, the DraftKings casino app might crash. This may come when you’re spinning some of the DraftKings slots or while playing live dealer games. Regardless of what you’re doing, the app crashing is most likely a bug that is ironed out with updates.

The leading mobile casino is constantly updated on both Android and iPhone devices. However, nothing is perfect, and neither is the app. Sometimes, several factors can weigh it down, and the issue might continue until the app is updated.

Luckily, the team works fast, so if you experience constant crashes, you might get an update in a couple of hours. Or the next day at most.

DraftKings Casino App Won’t Update

It can be frustrating when the DraftKings casino app is not updating, and you’re waiting on a fix for the issue that crashes your app. Non-updating issues are usually caused by a failing server. In that case, there’s nothing you can do other than wait for the problem to get resolved. The app is updated regularly when new DraftKings Casino games are added to the offering or if there are new bug fixes. It is super annoying when the app says there is an update available, you press yes to download and install the new update. Then nothing.

When this has happened in the past, we have completely uninstalled the app, then gone to the mobile site at casino.betmgm.com and downloaded the latest app version from there. Why does this happen? Well, we arent 100% sure but it sure is annoying.

The good news is that the casino app often displays live outage issues so you can track the progress and see how things are going.

DraftKings Unknown Error

As the name obviously suggests, this is an error that even the system knows nothing about, at least initially. It’s the least common error that occurs, and we can’t tell you more about it. If the customer support center is live, you can direct your questions there. If you cannot find help there, you can check our guide to unlocking a DraftKings Casino suspended account for additional resources.

DraftKings Slots Technical Issues

DraftKings is known for its substantial collection of online slots from the industry’s top providers. Not surprisingly, slots are the most popular game in the casino, and how could they not be? They’re fun, and often very rewarding, so it makes perfect sense that players want to bash their monitors or devices when they freeze.

Thankfully, technical problems with DraftKings’ slots are not that common. However, you might experience freezes or lags every once in a while. Sometimes, a slot may not load at all. In most cases, this happens because of unsupported browsers or not covering the technical requirements. The DraftKings casino app works on most smartphones and tablets from the past 5 years or so, but anything older than that might cause a problem.

If you happen to experience a freeze in a session where you’ve won a lot of cash, make sure to get a snap of the screen that you can later present to the customer support team. We’re sure the casino will do its best to cover your losses. Most casinos have specific terms that abolish them of any responsibility in case of unexpected errors, but if you’ve won a lot, you should definitely talk to the customer support representatives. You can contact them on the app when logged in, by filling out the webform at draftkings.com/help/contact-us/, or you can tweet them @DK_Assist.

Tips on Dealing with DraftKings Casino Technical Issues

In order to prevent any technical errors, you should ensure that everything is great on your side. Below you can learn a few tips and tricks that will prevent unwanted DraftKings casino app technical problems when making payments at DraftKings or entering the site.

  • Never use a VPN: everyone knows the benefits of using a VPN. However, DraftKings has a strict policy against VPN software, so if it catches you using one, your account will most likely be banned.
  • Check the social media accounts: if the casino or app is down and you’re not sure if it’s a problem on your side or their side, you can check the social media accounts. Twitter is one of the top media outlets – if there’s a DraftKings outage, it will be shared with all users.
  • Make sure your browser is compatible: if you want the smoothest experience, use only supported browsers to access the casino. If you ask us, that would be Chrome.

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