What really are the easiest Casino games to win?

Let’s be honest. We all go to a casino or play online with the intention of winning. Nobody wants to lose. So are there any casino games that are easier to win on than others? Are there games beginners should try first at a casino? We take a look.

Playing in casinos is a fantastic experience. The lure of casino games is simply too strong to ignore, especially when you’re in Vegas. With many of us unable to take a trip to Vegas and enjoy a wild night out, online and mobile casinos are the next best thing. And that’s not a bad thing at all. You can play casino games free or splash the cash and win just as much (if not more) as you can win in Vegas. Casino beginners have a simpler time playing online since the games are much easier to play.

Playing online is a lot less daunting to a new player. If you walk onto a busy casino floor, it can be packed with other plays. All of whom look like they know what they are doing. Being a newbie in a brick-and-mortar casino can be scary. We have been there ourselves.

However, many are confused about easy casino games. Players are always looking for the best casino game to win money online, even if it doesn’t exist. Of course, many are adamant that casino games are easy to play and win, and to some extent, it’s true that some casino games are easier to win than others.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything about the easiest game to win at a casino and how to build a winning strategy.

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Is Winning on Casino Games Easy?

Yes and no, if you can believe it. There’s no such thing as easy slot machine games – they’re all complex to a degree. With that being said, you can win some games easily if you hone your skills properly. We’re mainly talking about poker and blackjack as games of skill, but even then, winning is never guaranteed. Just like everything else in life, casino wins don’t come easy. There are those who look to cheat the game and try and hack slot machines, which many try, but no one will succeed.

Easiest Casino Games to Win

The good news is that casino sites these days offer gambling for beginners guides that will make things bearable for newbies. It’s pretty different to play a game with a guide instead of just playing it blindly without preparation. That’s where free games come in. Land-based venues don’t give you the option to practice for free, but online casinos have free slots and casino games you can play without spending money. In some casinos, free games will be available with no account as well.

Before you take a deep dive into the world of casino gambling, you should start playing simple slots for free, or using a free bonus. You will then understand how each casino game works and if they’re easy to win. That, and reading experts’ tips on the best ways to win will help you recognize the best casino games for beginners. One of the best ways to try is with free plays, such as a $10 completely free play.

What Does it Take to Win?

Casino games are not easy, especially if this is your first time in an online casino. Forget everything you’ve heard about easy games. Slots are certainly easy when it comes to the mechanics, but good luck winning on them. Even if you choose low variance slot games, winning is never guaranteed. The good news is that other games are based on skill, and if you get good enough, you can win easier on them.

That will require you to play casino games free and invest some time in learning the ropes. Playing for free is the first step toward getting better at blackjack or poker, for example. You can also take online courses or simply watch videos that will show you tips and tricks on winning.

Luck also plays a major factor, especially with games of chance such as roulette and slots. All these combinations as well as picking high-paying games, or casino games with the best odds will definitely improve your chances to win casino games.

Before you learn all of that, you have to understand what RTP and house edge is.

RTP and House Edge

When looking for easy casino games, you need to learn what RTP and house edge are. Both terms define the odds to win certain casino games. RTP is for slots, while the house edge is commonly used as a term for table and card games. You may want to look at which slots have the best odds before playing.

These numbers are set in stone and can’t be influenced. There are certain bets in roulette that can cut down the house edge in half, and some strategies can help you win more often in blackjack. The best way to understand how this works is by reading the guide below or playing easy gambling games at home for fun.


Short for return to player, the RTP is indicated by a decimal number and is commonly used in slots. Slots are most likely the best casino games for beginners, especially if you learn what RTP represents. To put it simply, it shows how often the slot pays, with the best payout rate over 96%.

In this case, it means that a slot pays roughly 96% for every $100 wagered on it. The RTP can go up to 99%, but those games are rare. Casino beginners should look for low variance slots with higher RTP if they want to win easier. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but still, these are the best win real money casino games you’ll come across.

Casino Edge

The casino edge represents the mathematical advantage the house (casino) has over players. It is indicated in percentages, for example, around 1% in classic blackjack. Other games have a higher house edge which is different between variants.

The house edge and RTP can usually be checked in the game’s guide. This information should be available in the footer, showing players what to expect out of a game in terms of payouts.

Easiest Game to Win at a Casino

While there are no easy casino games, some are easier to play and win than others. As mentioned earlier, numerous factors play in to the fact whether a game is easy or not. Casino beginners will find playing slots easy, but winning on them is a completely different story.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the casino games we consider to be easiest to win. Once again, we must stress that no game is easy to win. However, with the right approach and strategy, you can win on many casino games without a lot of effort. Not all the time, but still, some wins are expected.

Online Slots

Online slots are widely considered the easiest game to win at casino sites. They come in many shapes and sizes and are generally very easy to play. They are also easy to win if you consider yourself lucky. Under lucky, we mean really lucky, as some slots can have dry spells for a while.

In terms of gameplay, slots truly are the easiest casino games. You just place a bet, mash the spin button and wait for the outcome. That’s it. No need for advanced strategies or sharpening your skills. You can even autospin slot games and win without much effort. But, if you are planning to play online, a well-thought-out slot strategy can be the difference between losing your cash or winning a jackpot.

When it comes to slots as win real money casino games, things are different. Slots can pay dreamy sums of money, but only if you’re lucky. No skill can help you in this case. They are pure games of chance that can sometimes reward players on a single spin.

If you want to spot the easiest game to win at a casino, take a look at the RTP, volatility, and special features on offer. Slots these days are crazy. They look pretty similar to video games and feel like them too. The higher the RTP, the better. Volatility can be low, medium, or high. Low variance slots pay smaller sums often, while highly volatile slots can have dry spells. It’s best to stick to medium variance slot games that can pay varied wins frequently.

Of course, even if you master the technical aspects of slot games, you’re still not guaranteed a win or two. If you’re lucky, then sure, a slot is the best casino game to win money online. If you’re not, well, better luck next time. That’s why it’s important to keep your bankroll in check, as slots can burn through your bankroll like fire through paper.

Online Roulette

The roulette wheel has been a staple of casinos for centuries. It’s one of the oldest gambling games and quite an easy one to learn. However, it’s not that easy to win. Roulette gives new players 50/50 chances to win most bets. Whether you choose red or black or low or high, your chances of winning any spin are 50%. You either win or lose, except if the ball lands on the green zero segment which is an automatic loss for all bets.

Online Roulette

Besides these bets, roulette tables have a layout with other bets that can make things a bit complicated for casino beginners. To make things easy for you, these are the bets that pay more, but their odds are nowhere near 50/50. With a bit of luck, you can hit wins of over 30x your stake or more, but it’s a long shot.

Roulette may be among the easiest casino games to play, but winning on it is hard.

Blackjack Online

Now here’s a game that may truly be easy to win. Online blackjack has a house edge close to 1%, making it quite popular with players. It’s widely considered the easiest game to win at a casino, although the reality is different.

Blackjack requires a lot of practice and patient to beat the dealer. Your objective is to beat the dealer’s hand to 21. Both of you get 2 cards to begin with, and you can ask for more if you think they’ll help. As long as you get anywhere near 21 first, you’re a winner.

The good news when it comes to online blackjack is that strategies can help significantly. With the right approach, it’s probably the best casino game to win money online. Of course, you shouldn’t expect jackpot-sized wins (most tables pay 2:1), but it can pay frequently if you’re good at it.

Live dealer blackjack

We suggest playing online blackjack for free until you ‘unlock’ all of its secrets and learn how to beat the dealer most of the time.

Video Poker

Ask the majority of seasoned online casino players what’s the easiest game to win at a casino and they’ll go video poker. If you know how to play slot machines at casino, you probably know how to play video poker. After all, it’s a machine (well, a virtual machine) where you click on buttons to choose and discard cards and make choices that will either help you win or lose.

While earlier knowledge is required, in video poker you’ll be playing against a computer (machine). In this case, if you know your hand rankings and you’re good at poker, you can beat the computer most of the time. Of course, different video poker variants require a different approach, but you can learn how to win more often.

Video poker

It’s one of the easiest casino games to win, but only if you’re good at poker. Bluffing isn’t going to help in this case – you need to use your head and skills to win.


Baccarat is easy to play for sure. There are just three outcomes of each hand (coup) – a Player win, Banker win, or a Tie. The dealer does all the work in the game, so you don’t need to do much to understand and learn how to play it. It’s probably one of the best casino games for beginners, and easy to win as well, at least for some players.

Baccarat online

The house edge in baccarat is around 1.5% which is pretty low. The most improbable bet to win is the tie, so players should always go for Banker or Player. Many believe that betting on Banker all the time is a winning strategy, and it has worked in many cases.

When talking about easy casino games to play and win, baccarat gets our vote. You can practice it for free first to learn a few tricks that will surely come in handy later.


While winning casino games is not easy at all, some are easier to play and win. Slots, for example, are quite simple, and the best casino games for beginners. For best shots at a win, though, we’d go with baccarat or video poker. They are two completely different games, but with a bit of skill and luck (for baccarat), they can shell out nice rewards more often than other games.

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