FanDuel Casino & Sportsbook App Not Working

As far as gambling operators go, they don’t get much bigger than FanDuel. They have one of the most popular sports betting and casino apps going in the US.

But as popular as the app is, we have been having increasing problems with our FanDuel casino app not working. Sure it has a great library packed full of FanDuel blackjack variations and roulette games, an awesome live casino, generous bonuses, and a sportsbook, but what’s the point in having all this if it doesn’t work most of the time?

So your probably wondering what can you do if your FanDuel casino app stops working? What do you need to do to fix the sportsbook app? First of all, you are not the only one having these issues. If these problems with the app didn’t exist, we wouldn’t need to write this guide so we know how you feel.

So what options do you have when the FanDuel casino games won’t load? Let’s run down some quick fixes to see if we can’t get you back to plays. However, If you don’t want the hassle of trying to fix the glitches and just want to play, then both of these mobile casinos from BetMGM Casino and DraftKings casino get a big thumbs up from us as alternatives.

Common problems with FanDuel casino app

So let’s run down some of the most common glitches and problems stopping the FanDuel mobile casino app from working and what you can do to fix the issues so you can get back to playing.

Which states can you play at FanDuel Casino?

As you may or may not know, online casinos and mobile casinos are not legal in every US state. There are only 5 states in the US that currently allow online casino gambling, and FanDuel online casinos is available in 4 of these. You can use the FanDuel Casino in PA, NJ, MI, CT, and WV. If you are not in one of these states, the simple matter is you can’t play on the FanDuel online casino. Geolocation software is built into the casino app which can pinpoint your location and if you are not in any of these states, the games won’t work.

FanDuel real money gambling has 2 apps, one is a standalone casino app, the other has the sportsbook built-in. You may be in a state where sports betting is available with the operator (currently NJ, NY, LA, PA, IN, CO, WV, IA, IL, MI, VA, and TN) but online casino gaming is not allowed. So you may be able to see the casino and games but can’t actually play on them due to state laws. Yes, we know……it sucks.

FanDuel Casino not working

FanDuel location check not working

As we mentioned above, FanDuel casino uses player location technology to prove you are in a licensed and regulated state where they are available. If you have a problem where FanDuel can’t detect your location, there are a few things you can try. We cover these in more detail on our mobile casino geolocation page, but as a quick fix try:

  • Toggle location settings on and off in settings
  • Restart your mobile
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the app
  • Try another app that requires location access (Google Maps) to make sure your GPS receiver works
  • Force close the app, clear your cache, and try again

If you are looking for a way on how to trick FanDuel location, then it’s impossible. Operators have amazing technology in place that only lets you play within states that are legally allowed to offer casino gaming. If operators accept players from out of state, they face huge fines and the risk of losing their license. It simply isn’t worth it for them, so they have technology in place to detect the use of a VPN or proxy. There is no way to get around it and trick or spoof your location. The only way to play is to be in state lines.

If you are in a legal state and you are having problems and asking why won’t FanDuel verify my location, this could be problems with your handset or GPS receiver. If you are indoors, try and go outside. If you are near a state border this may also be an issue. Your mobile may be connected to a cell tower in another state. So while you are in NJ for example, you may appear to be in new York.

If you are trying to use WiFI, disconnect and just use your mobile data, restart your phone and try again. If your an iPhone user, make sure your device hasn’t been jailbroken or you wont be able to use the app.

FanDuel location settings

Seamless login error FanDuel

This is the latest error message we have ran into with the casino and sportsbook. No matter how many times we try, we just can’t log in to our account. The app loads and you can tap the Login button but nothing. Then the error pops up saying Seamless login. We have tried to force close the app, restart and even update to the latest version but when we see this, the only way around it is to wait it out. Sometimes this has been 10 minutes, other times it’s been an hour or more.

We would also suggest trying a password reset which can sometimes kickstart the login again and get you past this every growing common problem.

The more and more problems we come across with the app, the more inclined we are to stop using it and only use the BetMGM Casino app, or the DraftKings casino app, both of which so far has caused us zero headaches……

Updating to the latest app version

Most of the time updates usually fix any past problems with an app, but unfortunately, this doesn’t always ring true. If you have just updated your casino or sportsbook app to the latest version, you may get a message saying FanDuel service unavailable, please try again later. Normally updates actually fix problems, but sometimes they make them worse (think Windows updates on your laptop).

That’s not what you want to hear right? Well, first of all, you are not alone, see this Reddit thread which we considered when selecting Reddit casino apps. It appears to be a server issue and won’t actually let you connect which is pretty dumb. The only thing you can do is wait until it is sorted, or switch to a more reliable app. Personally, when we get this, we head over to the Golden Nugget casino app which causes us far fewer headaches.

FanDuel casino app problems

It is advisable to use the latest version of the app. You can update the app in the iTunes app store, or in the Google Play app store. Hopefully, by the time you update the app, the issue has been fixed.

FanDuel casino app software update

FanDuel casino games not working

One of the most irritating problems we have found with the app is it loads but none of the games actually work. We have tried to log out, log in, clear the cache, uninstall the app, re-install the app, pray to the casino gods, and still nothing. The only explanation for this is that there is server connectivity problems which is stopping the games from loading. Thankfully this doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, you want to shout at your phone.

If the games won’t load, it may be a memory issue on your phone. Try and do a force stop of the app and close all apps to free up some memory. Reopen the app, log in and try again. If this doesn’t work. Leave it a few minutes and try again.

FanDuel service unavailable, please try again later

This is one message we are sick of seeing: FanDuel service unavailable, please try again later. What is this all about……..Ok once is ok, twice is annoying, but all the time…….come on FanDuel…..If a lot of people are trying to access the service at the same time, this can cause overload on the server and lead to the service unavailable. Now whilst this isn’t acceptable for such a big operator, there must be a way they can fix this. As of yet, we haven’t. We have seen this problem with the casino a lot lately and just had to try again in a few hours.

You need an account in good standing

To be able to play on the FanDuel casino, or place a wager using the sportsbook, you need an activated account. When you sign up for the online operator, you need to confirm your account. Most of the time this is done by adding the last 4 digits from your SSN upon sign up. Occasionally, you may need to send in further documents to prove who you are. If you haven’t done this, your account won’t be fully activated and you won’t be able to play and games or bet.

You need to reach out to customer support and get them to check your account is in working order. You can do this on the customer support page at

If you have tried to play and of the games, or place a wager using a VPN then your account could be suspended. If you have signed up using any false information, this can also lead to your account being closed down.

Problems with your cell provider

Verizon users will know what we are talking about here………you look at your iPhone and you have perfect signal, you go to make a call and it won’t connect. No reason. It just doesn’t. Then you try and it works. There could be a lot of activity on the network and this may cause problems with you actually connecting to FanDuel casino and this can stop it from working. You may also have an age content bar on your phone which means you cant play. If any of these ring true, reach out to your cell provider and check everything is ok their end.

Cell signal low

Is FanDuel down right now?

Services go down. Even the biggest and most reliable technology companies have problems that can bring not just their apps down, but the website and all associated services. No matter how you are, this can happen. Just look at when Netflix or Facebook goes down. It could be that there is a problem across the whole of FanDuel and not just with the casino app. If the operator is having problems, they usually put service updates on their Twitter account @fanduelcasino and @fdsportsbook so it’s worth looking there just in case.

Unfortunately, if FanDuel casino and sportsbook is down, the only thing you can really do is wait until it is back up, or jump and use another operator.

Maybe it’s time to ditch FanDuel Casino and look for an alternative? We can vouch for both BetMGM casino and BetRivers Casino app if you do want to play elsewhere.

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