Ugga Bugga Slot

Ugga Bugga Slot

Play with 25 Free Spins + $1,000 Deposit Bonus

The Ugga Bugga slot machine game is one of the most popular slots available, mainly in thanks to its super high RTP of 99.07%.

  • RTP: 99.07%
  • Volatility: Low
  • Available online & mobile
  • Limited features
  • No jackpot
  • No bonus games

If you read any slot guide on the web, you’ll see it recommend slots with a sky-high RTP. Except that there aren’t that many you can find. High-RTP slots are usually considered over 96% or 97%, with most of them coming over 96.5%. We’d all love to find online slot games that pays 100% in return, but that’s a utopian thought. The good news is that there is a slot that comes close. In this Ugga Bugga review, we’ll tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the highest-paying slot in the business.

Developed by Playtech, the Ugga Bugga slot RTP is set at a whopping 99.07%. That’s not a typo – it really is that high. It is one of the highest RTP slots available. As expected, the variance is low, so you can score smaller wins frequently. In compliance with the low variance, high RTP, and 10 fixed paylines, the slot doesn’t have the highest maximum winning score. It does, however, play more than what other slots offer. The Ugga Bugga is superior even to those Megaways slots that can come with an RTP close to 97%.

The tiki-themed slot is not unusual in any kind except for the technical. Spec-wise, it has an impressive RTP other slots can’t reach. In terms of gameplay, it’s fairly straightforward. A few tries of the Ugga Bugga slot demo and you’ll learn how it works. However, if you want to get the most out of that sky-high RTP, we suggest trying a Ugga Bugga strategy.

Technical Specs

As mentioned earlier, the stellar aspect of this slot machine is the 99.07% RTP. Before you play it just because of that number, you have to understand how RTP is calculated. Short for return to player, this number is shown in percentage and describes the expected returns over a number of bets. Don’t mistake it for guaranteed wins. It’s just an estimate of the best paid out to players over time.

Of course, the higher the number, the better the winning potential and the lower the variance. That’s certainly the case with the Ugga Bugga slot online. Its low volatility means more frequent returns, but the sums you’ll be getting for your bets are noticeably smaller.

You can still score a bigger win, but don’t expect wins in jackpot territory. This is a slot that pays more attention to the specs rather than big wins. And fun, of course – it’s focused on fun instead of promising returns that you can never earn.

Theme and Design

The Ugga Bugga slot has a tiki theme, so expect plenty of island imagery. You’ll see totems, warrior imagery, and huts in the background on a tropical island. It’s an overall fun slot to look at, and Playtech’s fingerprints are all over it. While it’s not the best-looking slot we’ve seen, it’s still a solid piece to look at.

It sounds great too, especially when you take into consideration the fact that it was released over a decade ago. Once again, the emphasis here is on the high Ugga Bugga slot RTP rather than anything else. As such a slot game, it looks and feels perfectly fine.

ugga bugga slot screenshot

Ugga Bugga Base Game

If you want to learn how to play on the Ugga Bugga slot game, you’re at the right place. We’ll describe how the base game of the slot works and how it differs from regular online slots.

Before you play Ugga Bugga slot, you’ll need to place your bets. Your options range between $0.10 and $50 per spin. The range is solid enough for new and seasoned veterans. You can place your bets easily via the special buttons beneath the reels. From there on, it’s a pretty straightforward slot affair. You hit the Spin button or spacebar to spin the reels or use the Autoplay feature.

The Ugga Bugga slot machine doesn’t have a bunch of special features. However, it gets the most out of what features it has. Wins are formed traditionally from the left to the right, for 3 or more matching symbols. The symbols include drums, totems, bowls of food, tiki masks, and shacks, and more. Check the paytable and you’ll see what they all offer. The Wild is the highest-paying symbol in the game, delivering wins of 1,000x your bet for 3 on a line. The tribal black masks are next to it, paying 125x for the same combo.

What’s unique about the game is the spinning process at its core. Every spin consists of two separate steps. On the first spin, you’ll see the rows spinning. Three symbols will land on them, and you have the option to hold one or more of them. When you complete the next step of the spin, that symbol will appear on the remaining rows. Of course, you also have the option to skip the hold process, so make sure to carefully pick the symbols you hold.

With a solid strategy, the holding part of the gameplay can actually create better winning ways. If you believe you know which symbols are the luckiest, you can hold the right symbols and hit bigger wins in the base game. Hold the right symbols, and you can win up to 1,000x your bet if you’re lucky.

Ugga Bugga Bonus Game and Special Features

Ugga Bugga is not your classic slot game. Apart from the hold-based gameplay in the base game, there isn’t a bonus round in the form of free spins. The hold feature is the biggest bonus you get, so make sure to make the most out of it. The high RTP of the slot leaves no space for a lucrative bonus round, so you can just stick to what you get in the base game.

The trick is to put your money on holding the right symbols that can pay off big. These include the tribal masks, although you can go for any lucky symbol you believe. Without a free spins round or a jackpot bonus in play, that’s the only way to try and hit bigger wins.

Ugga Bugga RTP and Winning Potential

Ugga Bugga is one of the highest RTP slot games of all time. The industry has yet to release a slot with a higher return to player percentage, making Ugga Bugga a one-of-a-kind slot game. Of course, it comes with major tradeoffs such as the lack of a free spins round or any kind of bonus. Sure, the hold feature works well, but it’s not exactly a free games bonus.

The winning potential is solid due to the high RTP, but not record-breaking, to be honest. You can hit wins up to 1,000x your bet thanks to the wilds, with the other symbol combinations paying 125x the most. The good news is that it’s a low variance slot, so you don’t need to worry about dry spells and hits. At the same time, you need to be aware that you won’t win big sums of cash in a slot with such a high RTP.

It’s definitely a unique slot with solid winning potential, but not industry-leading in any way. The Ugga Bugga slot demo will tell you more about the slot’s winning potential and how the hold-based gameplay works. Play Ugga Bugga slot for fun first, and you’ll see if it’s right for you.

Ugga Bugga Strategy

When playing the highest RTP slot games, you can’t just expect to win because the RTP is sky-high. Slots may be games of chance, but you can apply a solid strategy to get the most out of them. The same goes for the Ugga Bugga online slot. There’s no special Ugga Bugga strategy you can use, but being careful with your bets and not pushing hard will optimize the winning potential.

Just like with any slot on the web, you should definitely start with a smaller bet and see how the slot pays over a number of spins. For example, stick to bets of $1 and go for 20 spins or similar to see what it pays. When you learn how to use the hold feature and see how often it pays, you can up the bet a bit and go for the higher wins.

Betting more coins requires you to actually learn how the slot game works. This isn’t a complicated slot, but trying the Ugga Bugga slot demo first before splashing the cash is a smart idea. You’ll familiarize yourself with the basics that can go a long way when you play for cash later.

Using a casino deposit or free spins bonus on Ugga Bugga is also a smart idea. Why spend a lot of your own money when you can play with a bonus? Of course, the bonus must apply to this game in particular, but most bonuses will allow you to play the majority of slots in the casino’s lobby. However, read the terms and conditions first, as the casino may prevent you from playing the highest RTP slot games with a bonus. Remember – the casino’s goal is to make money, not lose it.

Ugga Bugga Slot Machine Conclusion

At the end of our Ugga Bugga slot review, we can safely say that this is a unique slot machine in many ways. It’s not just about the RTP. The gameplay with hold feature and no bonuses is exclusive too, and so is the slot’s winning potential. You see, Ugga Bugga sticks to its high-RTP guns, delivering frequent smaller wins due to the low volatility. While there are no jackpot-sized rewards, the high RTP and low variance mean smaller wins more frequently.

These can come pretty frequently if you get lucky on each spin with the hold feature. Hold the right symbols and you can earn up to 1,000x your stake, which isn’t bad for a slot machine with an epic RTP such as Ugga Bugga,


What casino has Ugga Bugga slot machine?

Any Playtech casino will have the Ugga Bugga slot on offer. It’s one of the studio’s many hits and a player’s favorite thanks to the sky-high RTP. It is also part of our best slots on Michigan Casinos due to the same reason.

Can I play the Ugga Bugga slot for free?

Yes, you can. The Ugga Bugga slot demo should be available in all Playtech casinos. Some of them will even allow you to play the slot without registering an account.

Is there a free spins round in the Ugga Bugga slot?

No, Ugga Bugga doesn’t have a slot machine. The hold feature and wild payouts are the only two special features the slot has to offer. The low volatility spells frequent wins, but don’t expect a bonus round when you spin the Ugga Bugga slot online.

How high is the Ugga Bugga slot RTP?

Ugga Bugga is a legendary slot machine thanks to its 99.07% RTP. Rarely any other slot goes that high in terms of winning potential, making it a renowned game.

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