bet365 Casino Account Suspended or Restricted

bet365 casino account suspended

bet365 is a household name globally, with its presence heavily felt in the UK. The operator has an online casino in NJ with top high-stakes and penny slots, live dealers, and the top table and card games, like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. Plus, an online sportsbook available in Colorado, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, and Iowa with great odds lets you wager on top pro and college sports like football and basketball.

Sadly, you may experience account issues, including having account restrictions or, in the worst-case scenario, having a permanently locked account. Like all legal online casinos, bet365 Casino is no exception to these scenarios, and getting a prompt saying “bet365 Casino account suspended” is a nightmare.

Our guide looks at the possible reasons why bet365 Casino may restrict your account or permanently lock it and the possible steps you can take to restore it. If you’re unable to restore the account, you may take a look at our top alternatives for US players:

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Possible Reasons for Suspended bet365 Casino Account

We explore some possible reasons you may face a situation where you get a prompt “bet365 account restricted” or “bet365 account suspended”. Some reasons may provide you with a lifeline to having your account restored. On the other hand, other reasons may not offer you a second chance, and more or less will have your account permanently locked or suspended indefinitely.

Before diving into the reasons, we briefly summarize the possible reasons you may face restrictions, how to avoid such scenarios, and/or possible solutions to restore your account. However, as you will notice, most problems regarding your bet365 casino account being suspended will require you to contact the support team, but some may need a bit more, including:

❓ Problem✅ How to avoid and/or solve
Having multiple accountsShut all but one down
Suspicious activityAvoid betting unusual amounts and suspicious betting patterns that record a constant win on every bet
Playing in an illegal stateDon't use VPNs/proxies
Inactive accountOccasional account logins
Expired verification documentsSend the updated documents
Inaccurate loginsMatch details with verification documents (true identity) and/or recover logins on the ‘Forgot Password’ option
Self-exclusion or taking a breakInform customer support after your period elapses
Failed login attemptsIf compromised, change your password

Holding Two or More Accounts

bet365 casino terms and conditions demand holding only one account under your legal name and IP address. Holding multiple accounts will have the system flag you down and may have your account restricted or suspended. It also means your funds will be on hold until the suspension period elapses. Suppose you do not remember your details, probably from a long period since the last login. In that case, the viable option is to try and reset your login details rather than creating a duplicate account with the same details.

If you mistakenly open a new account under the same details, closing it would be a great idea instead of getting a suspension from bet365. However, there is no restriction on the number of online casinos you can join using the same details. You can claim many more free bets, deposit bonuses, or other promotional offers from other betting sites, including BetMGM, FanDuel, Golden Nugget, and Borgata.

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Suspicious or Inconsistent Activity

bet365 account

With bet365 being a real money gambling platform, several activities may be classified as ‘suspicious.’ For example, once you bet unusual amounts rather than what you are used to or consistently win your bets, that will be viewed as suspicious. bet365 casino uses a system that regularly checks all activities on every person’s account.

Once the system flags an inconsistency or abnormal functioning, an alert is raised, prompting your betting account to be placed on hold or suspended for review. This ensures responsible gambling and prevents fraudulent activity like money laundering activities from being carried out. The suspension may also be due to accessing your account under multiple IP addresses, inconsistent betting patterns, multiple login problems, winning too much, using VPNs, and more.

Some issues, like a random person trying to access your account via a different IP address, can be resolved by verifying your account with the right and valid documents. On the other hand, the casino is against using VPNs to gain entry into the website, and you can avoid getting to a suspension point by avoiding VPNs altogether.

However, some issues will call for your calm as the casino completes its investigations. Meanwhile, you can contact the support team to understand the issue better and the possible timeline to restore your account. While serving your suspension, you can still play casino games on alternative sites.

Inaccurate Account Logins

bet365 account logins

In the current online world, you may have multiple login details to access various platforms, which may be a reason for having your bet365 casino account details mixed up. However, you will have a restricted account if you make three unsuccessful login attempts since the system flags it as suspicious activity. To avoid this, you can always recover your logins under the ‘Forgot Password’ option once you notice you are getting an error message while trying to log in or if you are unsure of your login details.

bet365 also requires that you provide your true identity to avoid cases of underage gambling and money laundering, among others. The information required while registering includes your legal name, date of birth, phone number, address, SSN, and ZIP Code. Should the details not tally while verifying your account, the casino will have no option but to have your bet365 account restricted or locked.

The lifeline is that this does not lead to the permanent locking of your account. Instead, you may be given the option of updating your information after contacting the support team.

Playing in a State Where bet365 is Not Licensed

Unlike DraftKings, BetMGM, and FanDuel, available in more than one state, bet365 Casino is only legal in New Jersey. Therefore, the casino uses geolocation technology to locate you and allows you to bet on any game for real money within the NJ state lines. This does not mean that you should be an NJ resident purely since they cannot also bet at bet365 casino if they are not within the state.

In contrast, a visitor can bet for real money at bet365 casino provided they are physically within the state borders. This explains why many use VPNs to spoof their location to appear within New Jersey while they are nowhere near the state. As stated, using a VPN warrants an account suspension at bet365.

If you are experiencing location trouble while in NJ, turn off and back on your location settings, try accessing via another device, or contact customer support for assistance.

Self-Exclusion or Taking a Break Options

bet365 responsible gaming

Taking a break from betting or self-exclusion are some options to tackle the responsible gambling question in many betting sites. At bet365 casino, new and professional gamblers with gambling problems can take the options anytime to avoid betting their dollars to the last penny. You only need to contact customer support to proceed. The options are voluntary, and the operator will restrict your account activities by putting it on hold upon request. However, this is reversible and will only require you to inform the team to restore your account after your cool-down period.

While rare, some players have longer cool-down sessions only to forget their accounts are on hold. Remember not to create a duplicate account in this case, as you may risk losing all accounts. In other cases, some players may have their details added to the self-exclusion list by mistake. Contact the bet365 support team to have you removed from the list.

Long Periods of Inactivity

A dormant account is enough reason to have your account suspended at bet365. The betting company deems an account ‘inactive’ or ‘dormant’ after one (1) year of inactivity. Besides the suspension, the casino forfeits all funds and any pending bets in your account. To avoid this, ensure to log into your account occasionally, and in cases where you are already suspended, you can resolve the issue quickly by contacting the support team.

Outdated Verification Documents

bet365 casino terms and conditions require that players keep their details updated. The verification documents you use at bet365, like your identification card, passport, or driver’s license, have an expiry date. Once they expire, the casino will temporarily have your account restricted. Restoring it will require that you send up-to-date verification documents.

Again, should there be a change in your details, inform the operator to avoid having a restricted account. The rule of thumb is that every detail should match the documents you provide for verification.

How to Restore Your Locked or Suspended bet365 Casino Account

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for restoring your locked or suspended bet365 account. The only option that is close to a quick fix is to consider registering on alternative casino sites.

You must reach the support team if you insist on staying put at bet365. You can do this by having a customer service chat, giving them a phone call, emailing them, or dropping a mail. The first two options are instant, but taking the customer service email route is the best option for comprehensive discussions.

But while at it, the reason your account was locked, suspended, or put on hold will determine if you will have it restored. Contacting the team will not automatically mean you will have it restored.

Will bet365 Casino Let You Register a New Account?

If your account is suspended or permanently locked, you cannot create another account with the same details under the same IP address. You will only have the option of trying alternative platforms.

Other Accounts Suspended Troubleshooting Guides

Having your bet365 Casino account suspended can happen, but a banned or locked account can happen on any other brand. Just like we’ve discussed, if you’ve got a bet365 account suspended, it’s rather tricky to get it back. Nevertheless, if you’re looking forward to unlocking your suspended accounts, you can take a look at our:

Other Options if bet365 Casino Doesn’t Restore Your Suspended Account

Have you exhausted the appeal avenues and your bet365 casino account is permanently locked? Worry not. The US gambling world has plenty to offer, where you can access other online casino sites with valuable bonuses. They include free bets for newbies, a wide range of casino games, and sports betting markets for those interested in the online sportsbooks they host.

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  • What's next after my bet365 account is permanently blocked?

    If the casino permanently locks your account, you can only create another account with an alternative betting site. Remember, you cannot create a duplicate account with bet365.

  • What is the required gambling age for registering an account at bet365?

    Players registering at bet365 Casino must be aged 21 and above. The casino discourages underage gambling, and one will have their account permanently locked should they not meet the age requirement.

  • How long will my bet365 Casino suspension last?

    There is no definite timeframe for how long a suspension at bet365 lasts. You may have your betting account back up and running within the shortest time possible after resolving the issue, or a verdict from the casino may have your account suspended indefinitely. Contacting the support team would give an idea of the timeframe you may be looking at.

  • How do I shut down my bet365 account?

    You can shut down your account by contacting the support team via email, phone support, or live chat. Alternatively, you can visit the Members section for the same cause.

  • How do I unlock my bet365 account?

    There is no magical fix on how you can unlock your bet365 account. You will need to contact the support team to understand why the betting account was locked and if you can unlock it.

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