BetMGM Casino Account Suspended or Restricted: How to Restore Your Locked Account

BetMGM Account Suspended

BetMGM is a popular gambling platform in the US that offers an online casino and sports betting site. It is one of the first choices for many players looking to play their favorite games and win big. However, like other online casino sites, it is possible to receive the dreaded BetMGM account on hold, or BetMGM account locked message.

This is frustrating as it prevents you from playing your favorite online casino games or wagering on your best teams. It is even worse when you don’t know the reason for this message. If you are in this situation, then this guide can help. Here, we will cover the common reasons you are probably getting this message on the BetMGM casino or mobile app – and what you should do to restore your account.

Note that even though you can use our tips to restore your account, they are not always foolproof. There are instances that this BetMGM account suspended message means you have lost your account for good, and you’ll be unable to restore it. Why not register on our alternatives listed below, which offer similar services and reliable casino apps? The best part is that you get incredible rewards like no deposit promo codes and free spins when you use our links.

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Likely Reasons for Suspended BetMGM Casino Account

There is a range of reasons for a suspended BetMGM account. While some may be your fault, others may be due to mistakes by the operator. Nonetheless, knowing the most common reasons and how to get around them is crucial. Here’s a list of some of the common reasons many players experience a suspended BetMGM account.

Opening More than One Casino Account

Per BetMGM terms and conditions, users must open a single account using their legal name. This ensures users don’t take advantage of BetMGM bonus offers like free spins to win more money and get ahead of other players.

If you find a way around this and open more than one BetMGM account, all the associated accounts will be suspended and sometimes banned. BetMGM can verify this by doing random checks of the verification information and IP addresses used to enter an account. If the information is similar in more than one account, it will lead to an outright ban of all linked accounts.

We recommend you open accounts in different online casinos if you want more than one online gambling account. This is a safer alternative as you won’t break any rules with this method and can compare the services on various platforms.

Wagering from an Illegal BetMGM Casino State

Online gambling is legal in the US, but this is not the case in all states. Moreover, while the BetMGM website is licensed to operate in specific states, it does not have this luxury in every state. Trying to access your BetMGM casino account and make real money bets in any state where it is not licensed could lead to an account suspension.

Currently, the BetMGM sportsbook is licensed in 21 states including Arizona, Florida, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, and Nevada.

BetMGM States

However, the BetMGM casino is licensed in Michigan, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

The BetMGM casino site can determine your current location anytime you register. So, trying to use a VPN to get around this may lead to suspending your account and even an outright ban. To avoid this, make sure you only play from a BetMGM-licensed state.

Self-Exclusion or Taking a Break

Gambling is entertaining, but without the proper checks in place, it can trigger a gambling problem/addiction in gamblers. Legal online casino sites, including BetMGM, understand this, which is why they provide Responsible Gambling features. Some of these include deposit limits and letting players Self-exclude or take a break from the site.

Self-exclusion is a feature that allows you to suspend your account voluntarily for a specified time before it is unlocked. This can be for weeks, months, and sometimes years. It is a great way to take charge of your gambling habits and is recommended for players dealing with gambling addiction.

So, if you take a break or self-exclude yourself from BetMGM, you’ll be unable to access your account – until the specified period. If your account is suspended, we recommend you check to ensure you or someone you love did not self-exclude you from the platform.

If you really must play before the allocated self-exclusion period, you’ll need to contact the BetMGM customer support team.

Your BetMGM Casino Account Has Been Inactive

Not using your account for an extended period is one of the primary reasons for a suspension. If you have not logged into your account for a while, your account could be suspended.

This type of suspension is not a major problem, and once you contact customer service at BetMGM, you’ll get access to your account. It is a way for the BetMGM online gambling site to protect itself if the account has fallen into the hands of someone looking to take advantage of the site’s offerings.

Your Verification Documents Have Expired

Casino sites sometimes request that you verify your account, especially before a withdrawal. This is very simple in most cases and will only require you to submit your documents for verification.

On the BetMGM casino, this could include your Utility bill, Bank Statement, Driver’s license or any other Government issued ID.

However, if any of the documents you submit(ed) have expired, your account will be suspended. An easy solution will be to update your documents and use them to verify your account.

Entering Incorrect BetMGM Casino Account Details

Sometimes entering the incorrect account details may not be on purpose. Even the best of us tend to forget the passwords to our online gaming accounts. However, the BetMGM system might see this as a potential data breach and suspend your account to safeguard you.

BetMGM Account Incorrect Credentials

If you ever forget your password, we recommend you reset it using the forgot password option. This is a safer alternative than trying to guess the password and ending up with a suspension.

Accessing the BetMGM Casino Site using a VPN

Both the BetMGM mobile casino app and online casino feature geolocation software. What this does is check your location at the time of accessing the site. You can only access the BetMGM from Michigan, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Some players not in these states use a VPN to try and get around this so they can play their favorite games.

When the BetMGM casino tries to verify your location using this feature and finds out you are using a VPN, your account will be suspended. In most cases, this could lead to an outright ban of your account since using VPNs is against the policy of BetMGM.

If BetMGM is not accessible in your state, we recommend you try out other legal alternatives like Caesars or FanDuel instead of using a VPN.

Going Against the BetMGM Casino Terms and Conditions

This is another major reason for a suspended BetMGM account that not many players know about. There are many terms and conditions you need to follow when you create an account on BetMGM and bet online. These are like the terms and conditions attached to bonuses, and going against them will result in your account getting suspended.

For instance, some of the general terms and conditions of BetMGM casino include:

  • Players who are under the age of 21 can’t register on BetMGM
  • Players must create only a single account and use their real names
  • Deposits must be made from a payment method that is in your legal name
  • You must not try to reverse or chargeback payments made to BetMGM after it has been used.

These are only some of the common terms and conditions that can get your account suspended. We recommend you go through the BetMGM terms and conditions page before signing up to avoid going against its policies and losing your account.

How to Restore Your Locked or Suspended BetMGM Casino Account

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If your BetMGM account has been suspended, all is not lost yet. There are many ways you can restore your account, either by yourself or contacting the BetMGM support team.

Say you lose access to your account for using the wrong account details or expired verification details; you can easily restore your account yourself. For the first problem, simply reset your password, and you should be back in. If your verification documents have expired, you can update current documents to regain access to your account.

In some other instances, it may be a little complex to regain access to your suspended account. Offenses like gambling with a VPN, multiple accounts, and wagering from an illegal state will require you to contact customer support via if you feel it was unjust.

An investigation will be carried out, and you should get a response between 24-48 hours. If the outcome of the inquiry is positive, your account will be reinstated, but if not, you may lose your account permanently.

Make sure you have your documents for verification close by when contacting support, as you may need them to pass the security check.

Will BetMGM Casino Let You Register Another Account?

Creating a BetMGM Casino account after your account suspension may seem like a good idea, but it is not. Doing this may worsen the issue and result in you losing both accounts tied to your name permanently. Remember that according to the terms and conditions of the platform, creating multiple accounts on the site can be deemed fraudulent activity.

Instead of this, we suggest you try out other licensed casino alternatives like Caesars and FanDuel. These platforms are reliable and offer excellent services, just like BetMGM.

Other Options if BetMGM Casino Doesn’t Restore Your Suspended Account

Your BetMGM account has been suspended, and you cannot restore it. This may be alarming for many players since you’ll be unable to play your favorite titles. However, there is no cause to panic as there are many other alternatives. Here are a few of our top casino app picks:

These sites offer amazing welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions. You’ll also find many games like slots, progressive jackpot titles, and table games.

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  • Why has my BetMGM Casino deposit been restricted?

    Your BetMGM casino deposit may have been restricted after an account suspension. This is due to various reasons, like having numerous accounts, winning too much, and going against the terms and conditions of the BetMGM casino.

  • What to do if someone hacks my BetMGM account?

    If you believe your BetMGM casino account has been hacked, we recommend contacting the support team immediately via any available outlets. They will help you access your account quickly before any major damage is done. You can also prevent this by using 2-Factor authentication, having a strong password, and only using secure connections.

  • Can I close down my BetMGM casino account?

    BetMGM casino allows you to close your account by heading to the Service Closure page. Here, you can deactivate or shut down your account. If you prefer, you can contact the support team to do this. Don't worry if you have funds in your account, as they'll still be available for withdrawal even if you shut down your BetMGM account.

  • Can you make over one account with BetMGM casino?

    This is possible, but you'll lose access to every duplicate account and free bet offers once BetMGM finds out. It is against the policies of the casino site to open multiple accounts and can be considered fraudulent. If you must open multiple accounts, do it on different mobile casinos, as you won't be breaking any laws.

  • How to unlock a BetMGM casino account?

    To unlock your BetMGM casino account, contact the support team via An investigation will be carried out, and you will receive an update between 24-48 hours. If it is positive, your account will be reinstated in no time.

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