Betway Account Locked

Betway Account Suspended

Betway offers players a fun menu of casino games. You can enjoy slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, and more on your desktop and mobile device. But waking up to a Betway locked or suspended account can get you bent out of shape.

Betway has an incredible reputation and a long history; the operator has been a leader in the online gambling industry for over 16 years, providing players with a premium online platform for casino gaming. Betway Casino is also currently legal in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

With thousands of online casino games on its portfolio, there is something for every type of player. However, discovering your Betway Casino account has been hit with a restriction or suspension can make you feel terrible because you won’t be able to play your favorite casino games.

If your Betway account is restricted or suspended, you can use the tips our team provided in this guide. But there is a high probability that restoring it won’t be possible. The good news is you can join the alternatives listed below. These gambling platforms have reliable mobile casino apps and provide unmatched services.

Possible Reasons Your Betway Casino Account Got Suspended

So, have you experienced a Betway account restriction or suspension, and you don’t know why? There are several common reasons for Betway to put your online casino account on hold. If you have gotten your Betway account suspended, the operator will not allow you to spin the reels of your favorite slots, play table games, or access any services offered on their platform.

Understanding why your Betway Casino account got locked in the first place is essential, though. For one, you will avoid similar problems on the Betway Casino alternatives provided here. But also, there could still be a chance to get your Betway suspension lifted.

Let’s go over some of the possible causes of Betway account restriction to see how it could work out for you.

Having Duplicate Accounts

You can only register and operate one Betway account. If the operator discovers you have deliberately opened multiple Betway accounts, they will categorize all the accounts you opened after the original one as Duplicate Accounts. Betway will close all these accounts and treat the bonuses you received using them as void because they don’t tolerate deliberate bonus abusers. You also won’t receive any pending winning accrued from these bonuses.

Betway tracks down duplicate accounts via your IP address. If Betway detects you’re using more than one casino account, your bankroll will be locked. You don’t have to create multiple accounts and run the risk of having them suspended when you can register with other online casinos mentioned on this page.

If you accidentally registered multiple accounts and they have all been suspended, contact Betway customer support. They will explain what you have to do to lift the suspension. If they are convinced you did not create a duplicate account with fraudulent intent, they will delete one of your casino accounts and allow you to continue using the other one.

Suspicious Gambling Activity

Betway casino employs Machine Learning and AI techniques to monitor players’ activity on their platform and detect any suspicious patterns. Placing maximum bets on slots at specific times and fixing stakes on specific poker hands are common eyebrow-raisers practices players engage in that can get your Betway account suspended.

If Betway’s Artificial Intelligence detects irregular patterns, it can lock your account to restrict you from taking undue advantage. Wagering strange amounts, such as $2.81 instead of $3 or $2, are examples of irregular betting. Odd bet numbers often point to someone practicing gambling strategies. Always round down or up to the nearest whole unit to ensure your betting habits won’t be flagged.

Betway might also flag accounts that trigger bonus rounds and leave the game for later, or playing low volatility slots to grind through bonuses.

Wrong Password

Too many unsuccessful login attempts can result in your Betway account getting suspended. This suspension could be a good thing because it is a way to prevent credential-based attacks by hackers.

In this case, you should be thankful for Betway’s security features, as they are designed to detect numerous failed sign-in attempts and stop hackers from breaching your account to clear out your funds or steal your sensitive data. You can request their support team to reopen your locked Betway casino account. Once your account has been reinstated, you’ll have to set up two-factor authentication to make it safer.

On the flip side, if the reason for the numerous failed attempts is that you have forgotten your password, contact Betway support for assistance. Betway has account recovery features that allow you to answer security questions to verify you’re the holder of the account.

Underage Registration or Gambling

Betway’s legal age policy stipulates that only people aged 21 years and above can open an account. The gambling regulators in NJ and PA are keen on the legal gambling age. Online casinos that allow minors to gamble on their platform risk suspension or permanent closure.

That’s why Betway is keen on the age of players who join their casino sit. They request everyone who signs up with them to provide personal identification documents to prove they are of legal gambling age.

Your Betway account will be suspended and then deleted if you are underage. You can rectify the situation if there is some misunderstanding by uploading a government-issued photo ID on the verification page, and Betway will restore your account immediately.

Betway Account Verification

Providing Incorrect Details During Registration

Providing wrong details on your Betway account violates the online casino Know your customer (KYC) standards. When registering your account, Betway will ask you to provide your details, including your email address, name, phone number, and the last four digits of your SSN.

If you provide fake details, Betway will not allow you withdraw casino winnings and will lock your account.

Winning and Losing Streaks

You may end up with a suspended Betway account if you win more often and Betway suspects you are cheating to achieve the wins. Online casino games are based on random chance and probability. While it’s possible to win many games consecutively, the law of probability makes this unlikely.

If Betway discovers any suspicious gambling patterns linked to your wins, they may put your account on hold. They will then investigate if you are cheating to achieve those wins.

Big wins can also impact your emotions and cloud your judgment, which could make you place huge bets that can quickly lead to a disappointing loss of all profits. Betway can decide to suspend your account so you can cool off for a certain period.

Accessing Your Betway Account from any Excluded State

Betway casino is only available to players from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Only bettors from AZ, CO, IN, IA, NJ, PA, and VA can access the Betway sportsbook. It means you can only access this betting platform if you reside in any of these states.

Betway puts lots of effort into detecting VPN traffic; if you mask your current location with a VPN and choose one of the legal states, this may get your Betway account suspended. Even if you have traveled abroad, gambling with a VPN could lead to your Betway account getting suspended and terminated. This can also lead to Betway forfeiting any previous casino winnings.

Betway Casino States

Depositing Money Tainted with Illegality

Betway may suspend or terminate your account if they believe you are involved in money laundering, fraud, or other illegal activity. They will then report such details to the relevant authorities or third parties. The operator only allows players to deposit money that did not originate from illegal activities or sources.

Dormant Casino Account

If you don’t log into your Betway account within twelve months, this will trigger an alert within Betway’s system. Dormant accounts will be put on hold and opted out of all bonuses according to the Betway applicable Bonus Promotion Terms.

Unclaimed money in a dormant account will be forfeited if the account holder fails to log in within 24 months. You can reactivate your dormant account by contacting their customer support. They will ask you several security questions to confirm your identity before reinstating your account.


At any given time, you may exclude yourself from playing at Betway Casino; this responsible gambling measure can help the recovery of problem gamblers. It’s also a preventative measure for players with difficulties controlling their gambling expenditure.

Betway will put your account on hold if you take a break from gambling, meaning you cannot login and play games on their platform until you reach out to their support team. You’ll also be opted out of all bonus offers, and the operator will give you all the cashable balance in your account.

How can I Restore My Suspended or Locked Betway Casino Account?

If your Betway account has been locked or suspended, you can restore it by contacting customer support. You can shoot an email to Because their support team is professional and responsive, they will reply to your message swiftly.

The Live Chat function is available 24/7, and you can use it to have one-to-one conversations with one of Betway’s casino customer service representatives and find out if they can lift the account suspension.

Can I Create Another Betway Casino Account?

Betway only allows each player to register and operate a single online casino account. You cannot create another account once your old one has been suspended, restricted, or closed.

The good news is you can join other reliable online casinos that accept NJ and PA players and offer similar bonuses, promotions, and games as Betway.

Betway Casino Alternatives

If your appeal to restore your Betway account is unsuccessful, find an alternative gambling platform and sign up with them. When doing our research, we found that NJ and PA players can register with the following legal online casinos:

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100% Bonus Up To $2,000
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 $1,000 Play It Again Bonus
100% Deposit Match up to $2,500 + 2500 Reward Credits
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These online casinos also offer ongoing promotions and have an impressive game portfolio.


  • Will I lose the money in my suspended Betway casino account?

    You will lose all the money in your account if it has been permanently suspended due to fraudulent activity. But if the suspension results from self-exclusion or multiple unsuccessful login attempts, the money in your account can be withdrawn or played after you restore it.

  • What should I do if Betway Casino doesn't reinstate my account?

    If Betway Casino permanently suspends your account and refuses to reactivate it, finding an alternative is the quickest option. You can join any licensed online casinos we listed in this guide.

  • Can I close down my Betway Casino account any time I want?

    Absolutely. You can close your Betway betting account while logged in by heading to the Responsible Gaming section and clicking on Close Account. Your account will be immediately closed once you choose this option. You can contact their customer support team if you want to reopen it. But Betway may refuse to reinstate your account if you had applied for self-exclusion or permanent exclusion.

  • What is the minimum age to play games for real money at Betway Casino?

    The minimum age to play casino games for real money at Betway Casino is 21. Betway will ask for information to verify your identity and age to ensure you are of legal age before they allow you to gamble on their platform.

  • How can I unlock my Betway account?

    If you have forgotten the password and cannot log into your Betway account to play casino games, reset the password to get back into your account by following the steps below:

    • Click Forgot password below the Login button.
    • Enter your email address
    • Hit the Send Password Reset Link button.
    • Click on the link Betway will send to your email to reset your password.
    • Enter a new password.


    You can now access your locked Betway account with the new password and play your favorite games.

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