Caesars Casino Account Suspended or Restricted: How to Restore Your Locked Account

Caesars Account Suspended

Caesars Entertainment is a top betting site in the gambling sector. It has more than 50 land-based betting locations, making it one of the most renowned names in the US. This platform also offers an online casino and an online sportsbook – both of which have amassed massive success in their own rights.

Playing on these platforms could be fun, but everyone dreads seeing the message, “your account has been suspended.” This is more common than you think and happens to new and existing players. A Caesars casino account suspended message means you’ll be unable to continue placing bets, depositing funds, or withdrawing any cash you have earned.

If this has happened to you or someone you know, our extensive guide will help you. Here, we will cover the possible reasons your Caesars account has been suspended or restricted, how to restore your locked Caesars account, and alternative mobile casino sites to use if you can’t restore your account.

Note that while our tips can be helpful, there is a slight chance you’ll be unable to restore your Caesars Casino account. Instead of panicking, why not register on these equally great alternatives using our links? They offer exceptional services and great mobile apps for your devices. You also get welcome free spins and casino no deposit promo codes that can improve your chances when you sign up.

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Likely Reasons for a Suspended Caesars Casino Account

Caesars Casino Homepage

An account could be suspended for many reasons, and it is important to familiarize yourself with them so you know what to do next. In most cases, these range from security issues to common mistakes from your end as a player. Below, we have put together some likely reasons your Caesars Casino account may have been suspended.

Creating Numerous Accounts

While it may not seem like it, opening multiple accounts on the same online casino with the same information is frowned upon. The same also applies to sites owned by Caesars Interactive Entertainment and is one of the leading reasons for the suspension and outright banning of all associated accounts.

This is because many players in the past have tried to leverage this in a bid to claim the Caesars welcome bonus multiple times. As you know, players can only claim a single welcome bonus. Another reason this is not allowed on online casino sites is that it makes it difficult for the casino to track your gambling patterns with multiple accounts.

If you must open multiple accounts, we recommend you do so by opening one account with different online casinos. Presuming other accounts have been opened with your details that you are unaware of, you can contact the support team to close these accounts so you can continue gambling.

Suspicious or Inconsistent Activity

Suspicious or inconsistent activities on online casinos are those against your typical gambling habits. If you have been gambling on a casino site like Caesars for a while, the system records your gambling pattern. Your account will be suspended if you go against this pattern and act suspiciously.

Caesars does this to protect your account and prevent unauthorized parties from accessing it. In most cases, suspicious activities may come in different forms, including wrong passwords, using VPNs, or strange withdrawals.

Inaccurate Account Details

Your account could be suspended if you provided incorrect information by mistake or on purpose while signing up on the Caesars online casino. When registering for a Caesars account, you must vet all your information and make sure they are accurate.

These include your name, date of birth, email, phone number, address, and 4 digits of your SSN. Your account details should also be correct and match the name you used to register. This is particularly important because you may not experience issues until you want to withdraw your earnings.

You are On Self-Exclusion

Top casino sites do not want players to develop a gambling problem. This is why they encourage responsible gaming via numerous features including a detailed responsible gaming page, discouraging gambling when dealing with personal or family problems, and self-exclusion feature. With the self-exclusion feature, you can self-exclude yourself from the real money platform anytime. This will suspend your account for a while and is a great way to combat compulsive gambling.

If you are unable to access your account, this may be the problem. Find out if you or a loved one has self-excluded you from the site to ensure you are gambling responsibly. You will have to wait for the time to elapse or contact the support team who reserve the right to either open your account or keep it locked at their sole discretion.

Playing from an Unlicensed State

Online gambling is not legal in every part of the US, so you won’t find the Caesars gambling site available in all US States. For instance, some of the states where gambling money on the Caesars online casino include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan. To play on the online casino, you’ll need to be physically within the borders of the legal states. While you may be unable to access the platform from any state, you’ll need to be physically present to wager for real money.

Trying to play for real money in any state where it does not have a license may cause your account to be suspended. While some players try to use an online casino VPN to get around this, it may only lead to your account being banned, and we don’t recommend it.

Too Many Unsuccessful Login Attempts

Trying to log in to your Caesars account and using the wrong password or email could lead to an account suspension. This is a self-defense mechanism present on most top sites including Caesars.

Caesars Casino Login Error

It uses this measure to prevent your account from falling into the hands of unauthorized individuals. If you try to enter your account using the wrong information multiple times, the system may see it as suspicious activity and suspend your account.

Ensure you only use the right information when logging into your account. If you don’t remember the details of your casino account, use the forgot password option instead of guessing. Better still, contact the customer support team to help you out. This will save you from tons of headaches down the road.

Using a VPN

As mentioned earlier, online gambling is not legal in all parts of the US. If an operator wants to offer its gambling services in any legal states, then it must have a valid license. Going against this by playing in a state where gambling is not legal could lead to an account suspension or outright ban.

The Caesars online casino site is not legal in all parts of the US, and you must play in only the legal states to avoid issues. While it may seem like a great idea to use a VPN to get around this, we don’t recommend it. This is because Caesars uses geolocation software to determine your location regardless of whether you use a VPN. When it observes that you are not in the state you claim to be, your account could be suspended or worse, banned.

Also, it is against the law to gamble in states that have not yet legalized gambling. Using a VPN to do this could also get you in trouble with the authorities. It is certainly not worth the hassle, and we don’t recommend it.

Winning More than Losing

This may seem confusing since the goal of betting on a platform like Caesars is to win, right? Well, if you continue to win more than you lose, it is a red flag. Remember that gambling entails risk and is based on luck. Sometimes you win, and other times you lose. But the casino benefits more when you lose, and in most cases, players are unlikely to win consistently without experiencing losses.

Caesars may suspend your account if you continue to win at a specific slot title. Then, they will investigate your account to ensure you are not doing anything out of the ordinary. If the platform finds nothing, your account will be reinstated, and you can continue playing.

Not Adhering to the Terms & Conditions

Every online gambling site, including Caesars, has terms and conditions it expects players to follow. By accepting to play on this platform, you have agreed to the set conditions and must follow them.

For instance, some of the major terms and conditions of Caesars include:

  • You must be within the legal casino gambling age to enjoy real money gambling on Caesars casino.
  • You must have only one account using your legal name
  • You must not access the site using another person’s account

Going against these terms and conditions could lead to an account suspension or outright ban.

Requesting Chargebacks

Some payment options like PayPal, credit cards, or bank transfer allow you to request chargebacks. You do this when you believe a transaction is fraudulent, and if the bank or credit card company agrees, your cash is refunded.

While this is a great safety measure, some players take advantage of it. After playing and losing at the Caesars online casino, they may initiate a chargeback to get their money back.

If you constantly request chargebacks after playing on the Caesars gambling site, the system may suspend your account pending an investigation. Ceasars will be willing to work with you if it is indeed a wrong transaction, but if you are just being a sore loser, you could eventually lose your account.

How to Restore Your Locked or Suspended Caesars Casino Account

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So, you logged into your Caesars casino account only to see you have been suspended. Don’t fret, especially if you are sure you did nothing wrong. In this case, resolving the issue should be extremely easy.

You first need to reach out to the Caesars casino support team via email, live chat, or telephone. Note that you will need to pass a security check requiring you to verify your identity – so make sure your documents are close by.

Caesars Casino Support

Once you have informed the support team about your issue, an investigation will occur. This usually requires 24-48 hours, at which point you’ll be told what to do, and your suspension should be lifted.

Will Caesars Casino Allow You Sign-up for a New Account?

It is against the policies of Caesars casino to register for another account when you already have one. This will result in an outright ban on all the accounts associated with your name. If you have failed to lift the suspension on your account after trying everything, you’ll need to try other options. Check out the next section for more.

Other Casino Sites if Caesars Doesn’t Restore Your Suspended Account

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Failing to lift the suspension on your account does not mean it is over. There are numerous reliable alternatives you can check out, all of which offer fantastic welcome bonuses and are available in the same states as Caesars Casino.

Here’s a list of some of the best options we recommend.


  • Why did Caesars Casino suspend geolocation?

    Caesars casino did not suspend geolocation. It still uses it to determine your location when you sign up to verify your location.

  • What is the minimum age for real money gambling on Caesars?

    You must be at least 21 years old to register and gamble for real money at Caesars casino. Underage gambling is not supported on this site and registering with false identity will lead to account termination.

  • Do I lose the funds in my suspended Caesars account?

    Not necessarily. In some cases, you'll be able to contact the support team to retrieve your funds. But if your account was locked for verification issues or the use of a VPN, you risk losing your funds.

  • How long is Caesars casino suspension?

    This varies and is dependent on the reason for the suspension. It typically takes between 24-72 hours but can extend longer if you don’t have the required documents for verification. During this period, you will be unable to play games and benefit from the Caesars rewards.

  • What is the next step if I cannot get my Caesars account back?

    We recommend you register on other reliable options. Some of these include BetMGM casino, Borgata, and FanDuel casino.

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