DraftKings Casino Account Suspended or Restricted

DraftKings Casino Suspended Account

Online gambling has become more accessible than ever before thanks to the rapid development of mobile apps. Anyone can now partake in online casino games by using the DraftKings app.

That being said, there will always be some terms and conditions associated with any online casino service. If you somehow manage to breach them, you’re likely to receive an account suspension.

Throughout this page, we’ll be taking a look at some reasons for account issues and how you can avoid them. Although, you’ll probably need to accept responsibility for the breach of agreement and browse through our range of alternative offers.

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Why You Could Have A Suspended DraftKings Casino Account

Whether you’ve just opened your DraftKings account or if you’ve had it for years, receiving a notice of account suspension is fairly grim news. The reason for the ban ranges from state law to false information used to open an account.

Let’s browse through some of the most common causes to help you avoid account suspension on DraftKings.

Multiple Casino Accounts

Depending on the casino that you have signed up with, you might find that they limit the accounts opened through your email address. Some of them take it as far as limiting the number of accounts using the same IP address.

While opening a DraftKings Casino account, you’ll run into this error message if you try to use the same email address or username.

DraftKings Casino Create Account

A warning that is usually standard with these web services. If some time has passed since opening your account for casino games, you may accidentally open another with a different email address. This won’t be flagged at first, but over time it might be recognized that you have multiple DraftKings gambling accounts.

The terms and conditions of their service explicitly state that individuals are allowed only one account, and in the event of being flagged for multiple accounts, the case may be investigated, your accounts suspended, and potentially closed with the confiscation of any winnings or rewards.

Suspicious Activity While Using Your Casino Account

With online gambling steadily being permitted in more states, plenty of new customers are looking to sign up and open a DraftKings account. This naturally draws in a lot of suspicious users among legitimate bettors.

Under the ‘Conditions of Participation’ section in the terms of the DraftKings Casino you’ll find all the points that could indicate suspicious or inconsistent activity. The terms are found right at the bottom of the site with this link:

DraftKings Terms of Use

The majority of these points refer to abusing the website and the data that is generated by users of the site. If your account has been flagged for suspicious activity and you feel you haven’t been guilty of any of these points, it’s best to contact customer support so that you can get back to the action.

False Account Information

While setting up your DraftKings account, there is a section in the registration process that will require your personal details to be submitted. Take care while filling these in; any false information could result in a suspension or termination of the new account.

Make sure to have clear digital copies of your verification documents so that the process of opening your DraftKings account can run smoothly. The details linked to your account will obviously have to be displayed on your documents as well. This also makes it near impossible for any new users to have multiple accounts.

Accessing From an Illegal DraftKings Casino State

Whenever you’re ready to open your DraftKings account, try to visit their site from any one of your devices. Their geolocation technology should be able to determine if you’re in a supported state and offer you the service that is provided. If you’re in an excluded state, you’ll be taken to this sign-up page:

DraftKings Verification Process

It’s slightly different from the one you will come across in states that support the DraftKings online casino service.

Once you have verified all of your personal details, you will be asked to confirm your location. Any state that is not supported will, unfortunately, mean that you cannot access the gaming options to place your wagers.

Many bettors try to work around this by using VPN for online gambling, but it is illegal, and your winnings will be forfeited.

Too Many Login Attempts

Another common cause for being locked out of your account would be numerous attempts with the wrong account details. To protect your DraftKings casino account, the service keeps track of how many login attempts are made with your credentials.

If you use the wrong username or manage to submit the incorrect passwords too many times, your DraftKings account will likely be locked.

To avoid running into this issue, we recommend keeping a copy of your credentials during the registration process in a safe place. Store the specifics on another device or write it down on a piece of paper that won’t be lost.

You can always use the password reset option if you are struggling and have access to the email address that was used.

Accessing DraftKings Casino through a Different Network

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to change the IP address of any mobile device and pretend that you’re in an entirely different location. This does not mean that the online casino will then be available to you; making use of the service from a state that is not supported is still illegal.

By using a VPN and browsing the DraftKings Casino site, you will very quickly run into the following error message:

DraftKings Too Many Requests

Visit the DraftKings site to see if you are in a supported location. We recommend simply using the service without a VPN, as DraftKings offers a specific promo code for each state and you might just miss out on the offer in your state of residence. NJ, PA, MI, CT, and WV are the current states where DraftKings Casino is legal.

Always On The Up

Winning is one thing, but correctly predicting the outcome of many sporting events or triggering slot bonus rounds and leaving the game several times usually attracts attention from the service provider. One account that always wins casino games will also likely be flagged for further investigation.

If you are simply enjoying the service, you will have nothing to worry about. It’s the users going after a million dollars by manipulating gaming options and illegally gathering data from the service to win.

You can apply your own strategy to the gaming options, but just ensure it’s allowed within the DraftKings service.

Breaching Terms & Conditions

Whether you’re playing daily fantasy sports or trying your luck with the online casino, there are always terms and conditions. DraftKings is fairly forgiving in this department as they are clearly listed in the section of their website. There aren’t millions of terms to browse through, so you should be able to quickly determine what is allowed.

Inactive Casino Accounts

Once you’ve opened your online casino account, you will need to keep it active by logging in and placing bets. With DraftKings, you will have a period of 12 months before the account is deemed inactive. You will then receive an email warning of zeroing the balance within 30 days. Try to get back onto your account before then.

After 24 months, the account will be wiped. You should be able to access it still, but any funds will not be available to bet.

Expired Documents

A fairly obvious factor to consider, but it’s sometimes overlooked. Your identification documents will need to be valid to verify your DraftKings Casino account. Make sure that you’ve renewed any IDs and have recent documents proving residence in supported states. You’d want to get this done before claiming a welcome bonus as any delay may result in forfeiting the rewards.

Trying to Restore Your DraftKings Suspended Account

If you find yourself with a restricted DraftKings Casino account, you have likely breached one of the above terms. It’s also possible that the whole situation could just be a misunderstanding.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to try and retrieve your account.

Browse through the terms

You will most probably have received some reason why your account has been suspended. Let’s say that it’s due to numerous login attempts and you’re unable to try again.

The first step would be to reach out to the customer support team. Let them know that you simply tried too many times or, worst case, you never tried to log in at all. This can be done by visiting the link in the help center shown below.

DraftKings FAQ

They will then advise that you need to go through the process of a password reset and potentially verify your email address or ID one more time. Complete these steps and you should have regained access to your online casino account.

If the issue is a little more serious, say you opened another account to take advantage of the DraftKings no deposit bonus offer, you will likely have to forfeit the rewards and one of the accounts will be banned. This will depend on the service provider and the nature of the situation.

Send screenshots to support your case

If your case is slightly more complicated, you might have to gather some evidence to explain why the misunderstanding could have happened. It’s common to make mistakes while opening an account and you may just have to update documents or clarify personal details before you regain access to your account and partake in the action.

Will DraftKings Let You Register a New Casino Account?

This depends on the severity of the case. If your account was simply dormant for a year or two, you will likely be allowed to open an account or even retrieve the old one.

That being said, DraftKings will have blacklisted users that have previously breached the terms and you probably won’t be able to get passed the verification process.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online services, and the majority of them cover similar gambling options. You’ll find a range of table games and slots with just about any offer, although you may come across services who have exclusive gaming options like the BetMGM Casino.

Other Options Besides the DraftKings Casino Service

The DraftKings sportsbook and casino service is considered among the best in the industry, but there are plenty of options for US casino players. The majority of them have been reviewed on our site, so let’s take a look at what’s out there.

It’s a Highly Competitive Industry

New online casinos are made available every year and try to reach the industry standard set by the leaders. This means that top quality service providers have to constantly be on their toes with the latest developments. You will most likely be able to find a similar casino offer with another service provider if your DraftKings account is restricted. Browse through some of our reviews to get an idea of what’s out there.

Ever changing promotions

Most online casinos offer a promo code for a deposit bonus or welcome offer. This is just another factor that could set them apart from the competition. To make the most of these offers, you will always have the option of opening an account with another service provider should you find the gaming options becoming a bit stale at DraftKings Casino.

You can join any of the following alternatives if your DraftKings Casino account is not working:

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  • Why has my DraftKings deposit been restricted?

    Whenever you play online with a casino, you agree to make use of the service while obeying a specific set of terms. Breaching any of these terms can lead to a DraftKings account restricted from online games. There are a couple of reasons to have an account restricted, the most common of which are detailed above.

  • What to do if I am not allowed my DraftKings account back?

    If you've lost access to your account, you can try to contact customer support and determine if there is a possibility of pleading your case. Unfortunately, the rules are set, and if you have a permanent suspension, you might want to consider another online casino.

  • Can I delete my DraftKings account?

    Of course. Your account can always be closed if you decide you are done with the DraftKings services. To avoid having multiple accounts in the future, you should always close accounts that will become inactive. Contact customer support to do this; the process should be quick and easy.

  • Can you make over one account with DraftKings?

    No, you can't. DraftKings limits the number of accounts per customer to one. If you go through the process of opening multiple accounts, you will likely be flagged and your account restricted.

  • How can I contact DraftKings customer support?

    The DraftKings casino has a great customer support team. You can head to their help center and make use of the chatbot to find any relevant information related to their service. You can also visit the page using the DraftKings app.

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