FanDuel Casino Account Suspended or Restricted

FanDuel Account Suspended

Nothing can ruin a player’s day more than trying to make a few bucks from their favorite casino game only to find out they cannot access their FanDuel account. FanDuel is a wholesome package for US players as it offers outstanding sports betting in over 13 markets, 200+ casino games and several fantasy sports contests to play. But what happens when you are cut off from all this excitement? In this piece, we will examine why your FanDuel account is restricted and how you can get it back in time to start raking in some winnings.

Before I go into some common reasons that could get your FanDuel account suspended, once your account is locked or limited, you may not be able to regain access again. FanDuel reserves the right to close your account indefinitely or even permanently block it. Nevertheless, before you sulk over this, here are some reputable US operators where you can get a world-class gambling experience. Also, as a bonus, you get an exclusive promotion if you register via any links attached to the operators below.

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Possible Reasons for Suspended FanDuel Casino Account

When your FanDuel account is suspended, there are a plethora of things that could cause it. Some might be that you violated FanDuel’s terms of use or that your account was locked for your protection. If you ever find out your online casino account is suspended, here are likely reasons that could cause it.

Multiple Casino Accounts

Because promotions like the FanDuel Casino $1,000 site credit refund welcome offer can only be claimed once, some players create multiple accounts to be able to use it numerous times. However, this is a major breach of the term of service that players agreed to when signing up for an account. All multiple accounts opened by a player could be temporarily restricted or closed down in some extreme cases. If you flout this rule and still have some cash in your account, you also risk forfeiting it.

Suspicious or Inconsistent Playing Activity

FanDuel account is, without a doubt, created to bet on casino games and sports. However, some miscreants have found a way to use betting accounts to perform illegal actions like money laundering and fraud. Suppose you are fond of depositing into your account – especially substantial amounts – and only using a fraction of it to bet before withdrawing it. Your account might be flagged for inconsistent or suspicious activity, and you risk facing account suspension.

While in most cases, you’d be able to log in; you will be banned from playing casino games and withdrawing the balance in your account. If this ban is a mistake, you can contact the support team for a resolution. In most cases, you might be asked to submit your bank statement and even a document to prove the source of the funds.

Entering Wrong Account Details

Like many online casinos and sportsbooks in the US, your login details are stored on your device to offer quick access to you anytime. However, multiple failed attempts to log into your account will trigger the FanDuel security system, causing your account to be closed indefinitely.

A login report will also be sent to your mail address, notifying you of this breach while informing you of the necessary steps. So, if you cannot log into your account or receive an error message every time you want to sign in, we suggest you check your email address or change the password.

Trying to Register from a FanDuel Casino Excluded State

FanDuel has four main products; online sportsbook, online casino, horse racing, and daily fantasy sports, and while they are all legal in the US, not all US residents are allowed to signup. For example, FanDuel Sportsbook is only legal in AZ, CO, CT, IA, IL, IN, LA, MI, NJ, NY, PA, TN, VA, and WV, while the casino is legal in CT, MI, NJ, PA, and WV. If you log in to any of these products in a state where it’s not legal, FanDuel reserves the right to suspend your account.

This prevents illegal gambling, which carries misdemeanor and felony charges if found guilty. To enforce this law, FanDuel uses online and mobile geolocation software that cannot be bypassed by VPNs or Proxy. If you are suspected of trying to use any of these to gain illegal access, your account suspension might be imminent. You can regard access to your account the moment you are within a legal Stateline.

Not Following The Casino’s Terms & Conditions

During FanDuel account creation, players are required to agree to adhere to the terms and conditions provided by the operator. These terms of use are rules, and guidelines players are mandated to follow to use FanDuel’s services, and by checking the box, you are legally expected to follow all rules to the latter.

In other words, if you are temporarily locked out of your account, you could have breached one or more of the terms of use you agreed to. To know the main cause of the ban, check the error message you received when trying to enter your account, check your email address to see if any message was sent explaining why you can’t access a feature or contact customer support.

Self-Exclusion or a Responsible Gaming Feature is Activated

Gambling is an exciting endeavor. From the blood rush you get from every slot’s spin to live betting with your FanDuel sportsbook account and even wagers on fantasy sports contents, it is easy to get addicted. FanDuel monitors all players’ betting activities, and with the AI and team of professionals in place, if you are suspected of becoming addicted to gambling or odd behavior consistent with being out of control is discovered, it can lead to account suspension.

This feature is called responsible gaming, and while players mainly activate it, it can also be triggered by FanDuel Casino. If features like session, deposit limit, or self-exclusion are active on your account, you won’t be able to access some or all of FanDuel’s functions.

Dormant Gambling Accounts

Accounts that have stayed 12 months without activity are regarded as dormant by FanDuel. After this time, a grace period of 60 days will be given to such players where they’d be required to withdraw any balance that they have. If this is not done within the grace period, such players would forfeit their deposit and winnings. So, if you have  not wagered on your account or made at least one deposit in a year, your account might already be categorized as inactive.

How to Restore Your Blocked FanDuel Casino Account

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There are two ways to restore a restricted FanDuel account – through self-resolution or customer support. Self-resolution is the term used for solutions that you can employ yourself to regain access to a locked account. These solutions involve setting up a 2-Factor authentication on your account or simply changing your account details, especially your password. The self-resolution method for resolving account suspension is limited to minor issues not caused by violating FanDuel’s policy. But if that is the case for you, then you’d need to try out the second method – contact customer support.

The most common way to contact FanDuel customer support is through their email. The email support is available round the clock at and has an estimated response time of 12-24 hours. For a quicker response, we suggest you use the live chat, which would take just a few minutes to connect you with a customer support team.

Will FanDuel Let You Register a New Casino Account?

If the issue with your account persists or you cannot resolve what got your account suspended in the first place, you can open a new account. However, you’d have to contact customer support to inform them of your desire. After following through with the recommended steps and your account is deleted, you can then register for a new account without the fear of being flagged.

Other Options if FanDuel Doesn’t Restore Your Casino Suspended Account

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Having your account suspended can be a daunting experience, as solving or regaining access to it is not always certain. Nevertheless, if you ever reach a roadblock when FanDuel suspends your account, you should consider other alternatives. Aside from FanDuel, there are other operators that offer both casino and sports betting opportunities to players. If you’d like to check out alternative casinos, here are the top few we recommend.

If you do not reside in CT, MI, NJ, PA, or WVT and would like to play similar casino games you’d find in FanDuel and other online casinos for free, then you can sign up at a sweepstakes casino. You can play online slots, table games, live dealer games, fish, and scratch games for free. Some also allow customers to win cash prizes. If you are more into playing free games at sweepstakes casinos, here are a few that would give you an unparalleled online gaming experience.

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  • Why is my FanDuel Casino account restricted?

    FanDuel can restrict your account and deposit if you violate the terms and conditions of the online casino. Also, if you are on self-exclusion, you'd find that you will not be able to log into your account.

  • What to do if I am not allowed my FanDuel Casino account back?

    If you are unable to retrieve your FanDuel account after suspension, you can delete it and re-register. Alternatively, you can sign up at similar operators like Borgata, Bet365, Virgin online casino, etc.

  • Will I lose my money due to FanDuel suspension?

    If the reason behind your account suspension is inactivity for a long time or minor violations that do not involve you breaking FanDuel's terms and conditions, you might be allowed to withdraw your bankroll. However, for players with multiple accounts or suspended accounts because of suspicious activity, all the deposit funds are likely to be confiscated. 

  • How long does FanDuel Casino suspension last?

    FanDuel accounts can be suspended indefinitely and whether you can retrieve it depends on the cause of the account suspension and how fast you act in rectifying it.

  • Will I lose my FanDuel rewards for a locked account?

    If you are unable to resolve the reason your account was limited in the first place, you will automatically lose all the FanDuel rewards and VIP points you've accumulated.

  • What to do if my FanDuel Casino account is hacked?

    If your FanDuel account is hacked, rest assured that it will automatically be locked once it detects a strange IP address. This would prevent your balance or data from being stolen. When this happens, change your password and activate the 2-FA security on your FanDuel account to prevent further breach attempts.

  • Can I close down my FanDuel Casino account?

    Yes. If you no longer wish to play at FanDuel or you want to create a new account without breaking the one account per person rule, you can close down your FanDuel account by sending a mail to the customer support team. Within 24 hours, you'd be notified of the next step to take.

  • Can you make over one account with FanDuel?

    While to bet on sports or play casino games you'd need a separate account, FanDuel does not allow players to have more than one account per product.

  • How can I contact FanDuel customer support?

    You can contact the support team via email or live chat. The live chat response rate is in a couple of minutes but email support can take anywhere between 12 to 24 hours.

  • How to unlock my FanDuel account?

    Depending on the reason your FanDuel account was limited, you can unlock your account by changing your login details or logging in from a legal state. However, one of the main ways to lift the ban of your account is by contacting the customer support team so they could make appropriate recommendations.

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