Is Online Blackjack Rigged? A Guide to Fair Games

Online blackjack provides players with the best winning chances across all casino games. Still, it is not unlikely to experience consecutive losses at the blackjack table. Such instances often lead players to think that online blackjack is rigged.

That’s not to suggest that an online blackjack game cannot be rigged. However, most online blackjack games and live dealer blackjack are fair.

Like many land-based casinos, online gambling sites have often been associated with shady practices. Our experience indicates that online casinos in the USA come with multilayered checks and balances to ensure their blackjack players will be in for a fair game.

Several aspects play into this, though, which we thoroughly explore on this page. The good news is that by learning to spot whether an online casino or blackjack game variant is rigged, you will be able to know whether online poker, roulette, baccarat, and other table games are set against you.

A Better Question Would Be: Are Online Casinos Rigged?

Before detailing the ins and outs of blackjack games and whether they are rigged, it is essential to discuss a factor that is more likely to determine your online blackjack experience – rigged casino sites.

Online casinos have been around for roughly thirty years. When they first started, reports of rigged online casinos were widespread. Even players used to hack online casino games often, using software cheats. Many such instances turned to legal disputes, ending in jail time, enormous compensations for players, or settlements.

Independent companies and government bodies started developing checks and balances to legitimize this new gambling market. Several state authorities and third-party companies operated as a middle-man, a way for online casinos to prove their legitimacy and for players to find support when scams and sketchy situations occurred.

As a result, today, there are several aspects to consider to know that an online casino is safe and legit and, therefore, unlikely to offer rigged blackjack games. Here is how the actual situation is today:

  • Online casinos cannot rig their games since independent providers power them.
  • An official gambling body can license these providers. In the USA, the state authorities have designated bodies that approve gaming providers. Then, in turn, these provide online casinos with their blackjack games. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, the Michigan Gaming Control Board, the West Virginia Lottery, etc., are these responsible, independent gambling bodies that ensure the games are fair.
  • But how do they know the games are fair? Each provider uses a random number generator to program their casino games, inducing the random element produced in brick-and-mortar casinos through physical actions; the shuffling of cards or the spinning of the roulette wheel. These authorities double-check that the RNG works safely.
  • Some software providers go further, allowing companies like eCogra to test their games at random times. Casinos powered by companies so rigorously tested are 100% legit.

Video Blackjack Machines

The above illustrates how you can rest assured that blackjack games are fair when playing at an online casino. However, you must also remember that the online casino should comply with the rules set out by the aforementioned iGaming bodies. If an operator is not licensed in the USA and instead carries a Curacao license, you can never feel secure that you will receive any blackjack wins. Or even worst, that the blackjack rooms are not replicas (pirated software) of the real table games.

Fair & Legit Blackjack Casinos

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The above are great ways to avoid sketchy blackjack sites and play on legit online casinos. The listed operators check all the right boxes by being licensed in each state they operate and offering casino games by software companies licensed to operate in the same areas. To help save you time from double-checking everything, you can join these legit blackjack casinos that offer you fair odds. How do we know that these companies do not offer rigged blackjack games?

  • The software providers of these casinos back up the game lobbies of the best online casinos in the world. They are also licensed by multiple state iGaming bodies and tested by 3rd party organizations.
  • The associated casinos and the providers would never risk their reputation or their vast market value for short-term profit.
  • Since we are discussing USA gambling sites specifically, the threshold for a license acquisition is even higher. Several top companies compete for a license in each of the legal states, paying millions yearly. Their competitors would be eager to report rigged games or sketchy incidents, as a new spot would open for them.

FanDuel Casino rigged, DraftKings Casino rigged, and reports about BetMGM rigged games have made the news in the past (tap on the links to learn more details). However, investigations cleared the air and ensured that these games rightfully operate in the US, offering 100% fair blackjack, roulette, and other casino games.

Below, we address all issues that can make a player think that blackjack is rigged, individual reports by scammed players, and tips to know you are safe while playing table games online.

Concerns about Rigged Blackjack Explained

If you feel that a blackjack game is rigged, you should stop betting indifferently to whether you are correct. Online gambling should be fun, so if you are thinking that you are getting scammed, there is no reason to try and enjoy the next blackjack round. You will feel that the game is set against you, no matter the outcome.

And to be completely honest, it is. All casino games come with favorable odds for the house, also explaining the saying ‘the house always wins.’ That might not be true in a session or two, but in the long run, the chances are you will end up losing more than you win.

Official Blackjack House Edge

The RNG that we mentioned above does provide a random element. However, it is programmed with an overall random pattern that will favor the casino. Online blackjack carries the best odds across all casino games, with an average of 99.54% return to player rate. In contrast, the RTP stands at about 97% with poker and roulette, while it’s 96% with slots.

The above returns highlight the casino’s edge in the long run (0.46% for blackjack), randomly realized across billions of rounds. This can explain a losing streak on the blackjack table, which is likely to make you feel that the game is fake. However, it also explains hot streaks, which we don’t hear anyone complaining about.

True Blackjack House Edge

Another relevant point to the edge of blackjack games is that it is not set at 99.54%. This value is real, but only when specific betting patterns are employed; i.e., splitting pairs or using the insurance bet. The stats show that a blackjack game played with the basic hands has a 42% chance of winning each round.

For example, if you bet $10 per round for 10x rounds and this metric is applied precisely as it stands, you would end up with $96 ($10×10 – $0.4×10 = $96). That’s not to say that you shouldn’t play blackjack games. Instead, you should never forget that you are more likely to lose than win.

Lack of Visuals in Video Blackjack

Another factor that often creates the misconception that video blackjack games are rigged is the lack of visuals. Players can see the dealer shuffling the cards when playing at a real casino. Online, all the actions are happening automatically due to the RNG software, making players feel that the game is predetermined – against them.

If software companies were allowed to create a visual similar to the one in physical blackjack tables, such concerns wouldn’t be so prevalent. However, this would be fake and, therefore, not allowed.

The accusations of rigged games are rare with live dealer blackjack, which operates like classic blackjack and not with an RNG. Such feelings are also unlikely to appear due to the announcement illustrating the winnings of every round handed to each active player. But in the case of rigged video blackjack, you are not the only one thinking about it.

Rigged Blackjack Reddit Reports

We decided to address this topic since several players reached out to us with similar questions. The same is true elsewhere online, with websites like Reddit being filled with discussions surrounding rigged blackjack games. Still, such reports need to be scrutinized and approached with reason and facts. Let’s see some of the claims and the real situation below:

Justin4445 on r/sportsbook: Online blackjack rigged?

Rigged Blackjack Player Report 1

As you can see from the image, Justin details that he has had lucky days with massive winning streaks and some rough ones. He also mentioned that it appears as if the game is set against him in the long run. If you have read this page carefully, you can see how he merely proves everything we said. The online blackjack games don’t have to be rigged to play out in this manner. Nonetheless, the fact that he is playing blackjack at Bovada, a dodgy offshore gambling site, could be a red flag about sketchy software and games.

Unknown User on r/blackjack: Is online blackjack rigged?

Reddit Rigged Blackjack Player Report 2

This example is unlikely to be evidence of an actual rigged gambling site since the UKGC is as rigorous in supervising gambling sites as the USA local authorities are. The reply on the thread by The-Real-JP is 100% valid, too. Players tend to remember the losses over the lucky wins, as happens with everything else in life.

Intelligent-Tap-5061 on r/blackjack: Loophole allows online blackjack to use rigged decks

Rigged Blackjack Reddit Report 3

This player presents a recorded video of a blackjack round, where the yet-to-be-drawn cards seemed as if they were visible in advance. As another user illustrates, this was merely a glitch due to his screen lagging.

Another user debunking blackjack rigged allegations

Many of the Reddit rigged blackjack reports discussed above result from players thinking they will break the bank just by taking a seat on the table. As we highlighted, blackjack, and any casino game for that matter, comes with unfavorable odds. Losing should be the expected outcome and not a reason to call out every online casino rigged. Still, there are some exceptions.

Is Online Blackjack Really Rigged?

The house edge aside, there have been accurate reports of rigged online casino blackjack games.

Live dealer blackjack Rigged Games

BetOnline Incident:

This offshore gambling site accepting USA players provided live dealer games from Global Gaming Labs, a sketchy offshore gaming provider. Players noticed that occasionally the dealer was not picking up cards from the top but the following cards. This indicated a rigged blackjack game, which resulted in the company switching to Visionary iGaming software. Still, both the online casino and this latter company are not licensed and could be offering rigged games to date.

Tradition Casino/Rival Incident:

A very long thread published a few years ago illustrated that a specific video blackjack variant paid 1:1 instead of 3:2 as it should. Based on the rules of that specific Rival-powered game, the user did well contacting the casino. He received zero responses and even managed to take an additional screenshot of the illegitimate payout ratio for the same hand. Eventually, he posted this thread online with screenshots and the discussions with the casino support team and Rival, rightly proving his point of a rigged blackjack variant.

Unfortunately, both instances concern rogue online casinos powered by offshore software companies. You wouldn’t ever face such issues when playing FanDuel blackjack or on DraftKings Live Casino.

Hints of Rigged Video Blackjack Machines

Unless you are playing in rigged casinos that are not licensed, it is improbable that you would encounter an unfair game. However, based on what we have discussed above, it is simple to derive certain elements that could indicate a rigged blackjack gaming machine:

  • A live blackjack dealer is acting outside the game rules.
  • The online casino is not licensed.
  • The casino’s software provider is not licensed or tested by independent iGaming bodies.
  • Accurate reports and proof by other players about rigged online casino games or blackjack.
  • The video variant does not pay according to the paytable.
  • Blackjack sites that had their license revoked.
  • Online casinos that accept players from multiple jurisdictions.

If the online casino where you are playing blackjack is legit, its providers are also likely to provide fair games. Unless any of the above principles apply, a blackjack losing hand is almost certainly an indicator of an unlucky draw or proof of the negative odds.

Fair Infinity Blackjack Variant

How to Avoid Rigged Blackjack Games Risks

We have covered several aspects of blackjack games and rigging issues. The safe alternatives provided at the beginning of this page ensure you will be playing fair games. However, we understand that you might want to crosscheck the legitimacy of online gambling sites yourself. To do so, you would need to follow a process similar to the one employed by our team when reviewing new blackjack casinos:

  • Is the online casino licensed to operate in the US?
  • Which company owns the casino? Is it legitimate? Have there been any alarming reports or news stories?
  • Which software company provides the blackjack site with its games? Is it reputable? Does it have a long and successful history? What licenses does it currently own?
  • Search the web for reviews of the casino and its games. These should preferably be players or on websites, like ours, that only promote legal operators.

By finding the answers to the above questions, you will know the reality of the situation. You can also take a shortcut through the gambling sites listed above, ticking all the boxes highlighted in the questionnaire.

Ways to Play 100% Fair Online Blackjack Games

As we highlighted, all blackjack games are slightly rigged towards the casinos. We also indicated that the edge could be as high as 99.54% or as low as 96%. This variation in the edge means that there is room for strategy in blackjack. Below, we will highlight five ways to not only play blackjack games with the lowest casino edge but how to even turn the odds in your favor in the short run.

#1 Understand the gameplay and rules: Beginner or not, it is essential to read the casino’s blackjack rules. These can widely vary from one casino to another, affecting the gameplay. After reading through, you should always play in demo mode for a practice run.

#2 Select the correct variant: Each online casino will provide a different game lobby unless powered by the same provider. Each variant comes with its own rules and gameplay, which affect the volatility and house edge. Always look for the highest paying blackjack games that feature 3:2 blackjack payouts, insurance bets, and splitting any pairs. The games with the highest RTP are usually the ones with the more favorable rules for players. Progressive variants like Blazing 7s Blackjack come with a much higher volatility, suggesting longer losing streaks.

#3 Claim blackjack bonuses with low wagering requirements: The blackjack casinos listed provide massive deposit bonuses to new players. Reload casino offers for blackjack and no deposit promo codes are also available on selected operators. You can turn the negative edge to overwhelmingly positive by claiming a bonus since you will be playing with 100% or 200% no deposit bonuses. Things like wagering requirements and game contribution are designed to keep you playing for longer as a casino strategy for realizing long-term unfavorable blackjack odds. As such, always opt-in for the bonus with the most favorable terms and conditions. The FanDuel promo code and the DraftKings promo code are examples of low-wagering massive casino app bonuses.

#4 Bet consistently and consciously: Players often enter the blackjack table thinking that they will win a fortune in a single night. Although a lucky break or a few winning nights in the row can occur, this shouldn’t result in betting more significant amounts. Keeping in mind that the house always wins in the long run, you should cash out your wins often and play within your means.

#5 Use expert tips and strategies: Blackjack strategy charts and systems are an easy way to become a pro from a rookie instantly. They indicate when you should hit, pass, or fold depending on the blackjack game you are playing. They are widely available online, so don’t miss on the opportunity they offer.

blackjack rules and strategies

Last Notes

Knowing that online blackjack is unlikely to be rigged should not be enough for any reasonable player. We urge everyone to double-check whether their selected online casino operates with random number generators tested by independent auditors. Also, opting in for licensed USA online casinos is the best way to protect your hard-earned money instead of hoping that your selected operator is among the overwhelming majority of casinos with a fair play ethic.

Using the tips and guidance offered on this page can 100% ensure fair play online blackjack. That’s not to say that long losing streaks will never happen, as these also illustrate the massive winning potential legit blackjack games provide.

Check our mobile casino reviews, claim bonus money offers, and gamble responsibly. This trio will ensure a fun ride, equal to the one promised by the best Las Vegas live dealer blackjack games!

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