Is Slot Rush Legit?

Is Slot Rush Legit?

Thrilled by the opportunity to win real cash prizes by playing slots online? Then, you’re probably familiar with the Slot Rush app, the free slot game that made a boom among slot lovers. But will this slot machine really reward you with the big money it promises, or is it just a huge scam that will only waste your time? Read our Slot Rush app review to find out now.

Promising chunky cash prizes such as Nintendo Switch and Macbook Pro, the Slot Rush app will certainly make you jump in with both feet and get immersed in hitting the spin button. The app has been available on the Google Play Store since 2019, and so far it has been downloaded over 5 million times. We also downloaded the Slot Rush app and put it through a few tests to see what the hype was about. Unfortunately, our conclusions might not be the best. There are however legit sweeps casinos that deliver on such promises, including:

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First things first, Slot Rush app’s concept is rather interesting, including collecting rewards as puzzle pieces. You can make your first cash out after reaching a minimum of $300. But, can you really get your winnings from an app that doesn’t require you to deposit any money, while the only source of revenue is ads? That’s what this Slot Rush app review is for. Keep reading to find out whether the Slot Rush app really works, or if all these red flags are pointing to a scam.

UKGC licenseNot available on Apple Store
Available in the UK, US, and CanadaHigh withdrawal limit
Available on Google Play StoreLimited information about the developer
A vast choice of payment methodsA lot of negative reviews

What Is Slot Rush?

Slot Rush is a 5-reel slot machine you can download and play for free. This mobile app is only available for Android users, and you can download it directly from the Google Play Store. However, it’s worth mentioning that the app has been available for a few years, and is still under “early access”. Hence, users don’t have the chance to share their experiences with the app in the Play Store. We consider this a big red flag, as Slot Rush claims to be a cash app without providing a way to confirm the reliability of the game.

Aside from that, Slot Rush uses gold coins, which are an in-game currency. Users don’t have to deposit real money to play this game. However, as a game that doesn’t earn much profit from users, it promises very high cash prizes and rewards.

Let’s look at the quick summary of the game before we proceed reviewing.

📱Slot Rush App
🎰Name of the gameSlot Rush - Spin for huuuge win
📅Year of launching2019
🇺🇸 Available countriesUK, US, Canada
💰Payout threshold$300
🖥️PlatformGoogle Play Store

How Does Slot Rush Work?

We’ve already mentioned that the Slot Rush app is only available for users of Android devices. If you want to try out this slot game, the first step is to open the Google Play Store, and type in “Slot Rush – Spin for huuuge win”. Once you get redirected to the results page, tap the download button, and simply wait for the process to finish.

When the mobile game gets downloaded to your device, you can open it and create your account. What caught our attention is that even though the provider claims that the app is available only for UK, US, and Canadian players, you can actually download the app from many other locations in the world. However, Slot Rush still can’t be downloaded by residents who are younger than 16 years in the “official” countries of availability.

When you start playing the game, get ready to watch videos that are constantly interrupting your gaming session. If you’re among those who find this very frustrating, you’re probably wondering what the reason is behind these annoying ads.

Well, instead of making a profit through deposits and purchases, the app does it through paid ads on the platform. The developer’s strategy is to incentivize as many players as possible to download and spin the reels for free, while they earn money through the paid ads on the platform. But unlike some other apps that give you the option to make an in-play purchase and get rid of the annoying ads, this is not possible with Slot Rush. Does this sound like a legit app? Not quite.

Slot Rush Paylines

How to Play Slot Rush?

Slot Rush is a five reel slot machine that has a unique payout mechanism. Once you start playing, the game gives you 38,000 free gold coins. The game is divided into three sections, with a minimum bet of 10,000 coins for a single section, and a maximum bet of 45,000 coins for all the sections.

Unlike other slot games that pay out when you land a matching combination, Slot Rush gives you reward bubbles that are collected in your lucky bag. Once you manage to fill five lucky bags, you can collect rewards and cash prizes.

What caught the attention of many players is exactly the Slot Rush game’s unique mechanism of working. Although in the usual slot games you get winnings based on which payline you land matching symbols, this is not the case with Slot Rush. The game’s mechanism randomly lets out reward bubbles. What makes the things more suspicious, is that there isn’t any explanation about the way they’re triggered.

Slot Rush Lucky Bag

Bonuses and Free Rewards on the Slot Rush app

The Slot Rush app will ensure you’re playing longer by rewarding you with free gold coins in many ways.

The first way to collect more coins is through the “More Bubbles” option, which will make you watch one of the video ads on the platform. Some of the player complaints about this is that these video ads advertise scam games offering huge money rewards without depositing any.

Another way to get some free coins is by activating the Fiver Spin mode. However, to do this, you will have to collect bonus symbols and fill the Slot Rush matter to the brim.

The “More Bonus” option also gives out free coins with 100% match on the slot. But if you want to collect your free coins, you will have to watch another video ad. You can also win 10,000 coins every 3 minutes through the “Daily Bonus” option, and you can even double the reward, again, by watching a video ad.

Finally, you can refer the Slot Rush game to a friend, and win a bonus for each of the people you bring on the platform.

At this point, it’s not hard to spot that Slot Rush is ensuring you never run out of coins by watching video ads, which confirms their strategy of spending more time on the platform, and watching more sponsored content.

Slot Rush Special Features

How to Withdraw Rewards from the Slot Rush App?

One of the positive aspects of Slot Rush is that it offers a wide variety of payment methods. Here are some of them:

  • PayPal
  • Cash App
  • Paytm
  • Nubank
  • Banco Inter
  • Coinbase

What made us unhappy right off the bat, is that the minimum amount to make a withdrawal request is $300, which is quite high. Also, the developer claims that you will get your payout in 2–15 banking days. However, it seems like they’re not fulfilling their promise.

According to our experience playing this game, you will never receive any winnings or big money from the Slot Rush app. And after thoroughly searching the internet, we couldn’t find payment proof for any player who received their winnings. The only thing we came across were negative reviews of frustrated players who got scammed by this false game.

Slot Rush Owner – Will They Pay Out?

The owner and developer of the Slot Rush game is a mobile and internet technology company called Mersumtapo. Judging by the look and the quality and quantity of information on their official website, the company is probably a scam. To add more to the negative experience, Mersumtapo’s website is not protected by an SSL certificate, and the information about the owner is hidden using software.

What caught our attention is that the Slot Rush game is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. However, after additional research, we couldn’t find any trustworthy source to verify the game’s license.

But even though this game is “licensed” by one of the most reputable gambling authorities, we can claim that it’s a scam, and back it up with other players’ reviews. We only recommend playing Slot Rush for fun. Otherwise, it’s just a huge waste of time.

Slot Rush App Player Reviews

Before downloading any app on your device, it’s recommended to go through the Play Store reviews so you can see if the app is legit. Since the Slot Rush app is marked as an “early access” app, players are still not able to leave reviews on the platform.

However, we checked internet platforms such as Quora to see what other players had to say about the Slot Rush app. As expected, the comments were not so good. A lot of players were complaining that their winnings were not paid out by the app, even after months. Some have stated that their withdrawal requests are in processing, while others suggested suing the developer for a scam.

Slot Rush Reddit Reviews

Is Slot Rush Legit, or Is It a Scam?

After thoroughly reviewing Slot Rush, we have no reason to believe that it’s a legit app. Therefore, we don’t recommend wasting time on playing this game for making money. Here is a breakdown of the reasons why we think Slot Rush is a scam:

  • The game is in the “early access” mode since 2019, which prevents players from leaving reviews on the Google Play Store.
  • The game has a “unique” concept, and there is no logical explanation for how to trigger the bubbles and make a winning combination.
  • The developer is broadcasting ads about other fake apps.
  • The minimum payout threshold is capped at $300, which is very high.
  • The app offers ridiculously high rewards and cash prizes.
  • There isn’t any proof on the internet that somebody actually got paid out by this game.
  • There are hundreds of negative reviews of players complaining about this app.

Verified Alternatives to the Slot Rush App

If you come across an app that promises huge rewards and cash prizes but doesn’t require any in-app purchases, then it’s probably a scam. This is why we advise players to join sweepstakes casinos where you can play using in-game currencies, and redeem your winnings for real money or other prizes.

Some of the sweepstakes casinos where you can take advantage of various sign-up offers, and get free in-game currencies to play your favorite slots that we like are, Pulsz, and High 5. These casinos also offer no-deposit bonus packages and  VIP programs to reward loyal players with handsome prizes. So, if you’re looking to grab a hefty sign-up offer, here are our recommendations:

1.5 million WOW Coins + 30 free Sweeps Coins
GET UP TO 367,000 GC + FREE 32.3 SC
1,230,000 Gold Coins + 3,900 Fortune Coins
No Deposit Bonus 10,000 GC + 1 SC
5 FREE SC + 600 Diamonds + 250 Game Coins

Each of these casinos bring something unique to the table, like a smooth interface, rewards, programs, a wide gaming portfolio, and much more. And although they don’t require a license, they do pay real money and are legal in 48 states under sweepstakes laws.


  • Is the Slot Rush game legit or a scam?
    After reviewing the Slot Rush app, we discovered that it's a scam. The app features a weird mechanism for winning, and the developer doesn't give out any information about how it works. Speaking about the developer, there is very limited information about them, considering that they use software to hide their identity. Also, there are hundreds of negative reviews on the internet, claiming that players reached the minimum withdrawal threshold, but never got paid out.
  • Can you get a payout from Slot Rush?
    The Slot Rush app promises huge money and gift rewards after reaching the payment threshold of $300. However, we never got our winnings paid out, and we also didn't come across a payment proof on the internet.
  • How can you win in Slot Rush?
    Unlike other slot games, Slot Rush features a weird mechanism where you're supposed to fill five lucky bags with bubbles to claim your rewards. However, what makes the entire game suspicious is that the bubbles are "randomly" triggered, and the developer never explained the concept behind triggering them. Hence, you can never be sure that you'll reach the threshold, and get your payout.
  • On what devices can I play Slot Rush?
    At the moment of writing this review, Slot Rush is only available for Android users and can be downloaded only from the Google Play Store. iOS users and those who use a desktop can't access this game.
  • What payment method can I use to withdraw from Slot Rush?
    Slot Rush has listed at least 10 payment methods, among which are PayPal, the Cash app, Paytm, Nubank, and Coinbase. However, we didn't find any proof that somebody actually got paid out by the app, regardless of the method used.
  • Can I contact Slot Rush?
    The greatest red flag of the Slot Rush game is that it doesn't give out any contact form, email, telephone, or customer support to get in touch. However, you can contact the developer via their contact form on the website, or through the email address they have listed in the Play Store. Keep in mind that a lot of players complained that they never got a response.
  • Are there any alternatives to the Slot Rush game?
    Certainly. If you're interested in playing slots featuring in-game currencies, we recommend finding a trustworthy sweepstakes casino. Unlike Slot Rush which imposes watching fake ads, sweepstakes casinos provide in-play purchases as the main source of revenue, although optional. Therefore, you can rest assured that your rewards will be cashed out promptly if you get lucky and meet the requirements.
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