Social Casinos – What are they and where can you play?

Social Casinos and social gaming sites offer all the fun and thrills of real money online casinos, but without the need for you to spend a single dollar.

We’ve all heard about online and mobile casinos, as well as land-based casinos and we all know that you can win, as well as lose money. They give players a chance to play games online on their favorite games and thousands of online slots. However, there’s no question that its gambling we’re talking about. If you want to play in a risk-free environment without spending any cash, social casinos online are your best bet.

These casino sites are even more fun than online casino sites. They allow players to bet against their friends while playing their favorite games. You get a chance to enjoy casino games without any investment by playing social slots via social casino apps.

As such, they have plenty of pros and almost no cons at all. It’s great to play a Facebook slots game while wasting no money at all. Sure, casino games win real money, but if you get caught up in the whole casino gambling stuff, you might end up losing it all.

Why risk it all when you can play without cash? That’s what social casino gaming gives you, and why these casinos are so popular! You can play all the awesome games you would find on a regular NJ casino app or PA casino app on these social casino apps.

What kind of games can you play in these casinos? Well, there is everything from Facebook social poker and slot games to regular online slots but without real money. Just because social casinos are not gambling venues doesn’t mean they don’t have great games. In many cases, they offer demo versions of real money casino games you can try before splashing the games for cash.

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Social casinos are a great choice to spend your free time since they allow on-the-go gameplay. Most of them have instant play platforms which give you a chance to play on your phone while wasting no money at all. All you need is a stable Internet connection. As long as you have that, you can play social games with ease. The best social casinos available to US players are:

Fortune Coins Casino

Pulsz Casino Social Casino

Chumba Casino and its sister sites like LuckyLand Slots

Are social casinos legal?

While online casinos are dependent on legislation, social casinos aren’t subject to those laws at all. Unlike real casinos, they’re perfectly legal since they don’t qualify as gambling sites. You won’t be spending money to deposit and play social casino games, so no laws are required to be qualified as gaming. It’s as simple as that.

The great thing about these casinos is the fact that you can try social slots and casino games before you play for real money in online casinos. Social casino games for real money don’t exist, but you can play social games that will let you everything you need to know about how to win later.

If you believe that a social casino is a scam in any way, you should probably skip it. If anything looks bad from your perspective, you should definitely try playing at another site.

Real money sites, on the other hand, need a license to operate in certain countries or states. In most cases, these licenses are what make the sites legit and are usually issued by the country or state. Thanks to that, they can operate fully legally, so you can bet that your money and private data are legal at these sites.

Social casinos online don’t need such a thing, so you can safely play the games without cash and learn the ropes before you play for cash.

How Are Social Casinos Different from Online Casinos?

There are plenty of differences between social online casinos and regular online casinos. First and foremost, there are no social casinos for real money. You can only play for money in land-based or online venues, with social casino apps like Jackpot World only letting you play for fun. While that may be the biggest difference, it’s not the only one. It’s important to understand what social casinos are before you start playing.

In many ways, social casinos offer things online casino sites can’t. However, they also come with more than a few major disadvantages. The legality is one different aspect. While all online casinos require a legit license, social casinos don’t need it. They aren’t classified as gambling venues, so playing games with your friends at these sites is fully legit. There might be no law to legitimize them, but that doesn’t make them illegal or scam at all. Social casinos are also available to players from all over the world since there’s no specific legal regulation that ties them to the law.

Free social casino games

There are no social casinos where you can win real prizes. When you play their games, you’re playing with free, virtual coins. These differ a lot from the real money used in online casinos. Social slots and casino games won’t give you real money in return. Sure, you get a similar satisfaction when you play the games, but don’t expect any real prizes.

That’s not a bad thing at all. Real players know all the dangers of casino gambling, and with social casinos, that risk is mitigated. Players are free to place huge money bets and build up wins without losing their bankroll. This also means that the games are different as well, although you won’t notice that considering the entertainment they offer.

The top advantage of them all when it comes to social online casinos is the fact that you get to play with your friends. Nothing beats a round of any slot or game when you play with friends. The more, the merrier. While online casinos can limit the number of players at a table, social casinos do the exact opposite. They invite players to compete for the highest spot on the leaderboard, but just for fun.

You won’t be losing money, but you’ll get all the fun you can expect out of casino games. We are not entirely sure where the name social casino comes from. It could be that it’s social in the fact you are not playing for more, it could also be that a lot of the social casino sites allow you to sign up, and log in using a social media profile like Facebook or Twitter. Whatever the origin of the name, the fact remains that they are a fun place to play casino games without the need to deposit cash.

Social media logins

If you want to play at a real online casino, like BetMGM for example, they offer a generous sign up bonus when you join. You can also try slots for free at a lot of the casinos in demo mode. We recommend you check out the Golden Nugget slots games where you can play all the games in a free play, demo mode.

How Much Does It Cost to play at a social casino?

Just like sweeps cash casinos, it costs nothing to play at the best social casinos on your mobile or online. Nada. Zilch. Zero. These gaming sites were designed for fun, remember? You can enjoy social casino gaming with your friends at no cost at all, which is something real casinos don’t offer.

The games available in social casinos are often focused on multiplayer, allowing several players to join a match. This is done for free, so you won’t spend a pretty coin to either buy or play the game. There are no microtransactions either – you just play for fun without breaking the bank.

Social casino apps are 100% and will always be. These sites are not meant for gambling, so there are no social casino games for real money.

Advantages of Playing at Social Casino Slots

  • There are plenty of advantages live social casino gaming offers. The biggest one, of course, is the lack of monetary risk. You can just play the games whenever you feel like it without spending money at all.
  • All social casino apps are fully mobile-optimized. You can play games with your friends anytime and anywhere as long as you’re connected to the Internet.
  • Social online casinos are available to all players, even those who don’t gamble for social, economic, or moral reasons. They’re just easier to accept since you don’t have to count on the social stigma of gaming. The worst you can expect is to be called a nerd, which is a compliment in our book.
  • While social slots and casino games are not gambling, there are plenty of social poker and slots apps that you can use to hone your skills. Real casinos don’t offer that – unless you have money to spend, there’s no way to practice.
  • Another big plus in the pros column for social casinos is their legality. They are legal in states and countries where gambling is otherwise prohibited, giving you a chance to enjoy games without worrying about the police knocking on your door (figuratively speaking).

Disadvantages of Playing Social Casino Slots

  • If you’re a big gambler, you won’t find the lure of social casinos too appealing. Gamblers love the risk online casinos offer. Since social casinos where you can win real prizes don’t exist, they are likely to stick with real casinos.
  • In some cases, social casinos can spark gambling addiction. While rare, it’s still a risk that needs to be calculated, so make sure to keep a track of the time you spend on social casino games.


Is social gambling legal?

Yes, it is. As we mentioned earlier, social casinos are not gambling venues. They don’t require a license to operate simply because they’re not considered gambling. As such, US states are not required to give these gaming sites any license. Is playing at a social casino gambling? It’s the same answer again – no need to be worried about any gambling when you play poker socially with your friends. There’s no money involved and as such, the monetary risks are non-existent.

With that being said, make sure to keep an eye on your gambling habits. Too much social casino gambling can lead to real money gambling in some players.

What does social gambling mean?

Social gambling is not really gambling. As a matter of fact, it isn’t classified as gambling by the law, so you’re free to play games without the social stigma that gambling brings. This will be great news for people that don’t want others to know that they’re playing in casinos. With social casinos online, there’s no real money involved, and you play with friends, so there are no monetary risks involved.

What is the difference between social casino games and online casino games?

The biggest difference between real money games in real casinos and social casino games is the lack of money involved. Social games are played for fun between friends, and that’s what most people love about them. Sure, money bets are exciting, but why fall into the trap of online gambling when you can play the (more or less) same games for free?

The list of social games includes poker, blackjack, roulette, and social slots, so you shouldn’t find anything missing.

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