The Nevada Gaming Commission is looking to make some changes to help with problem gambling, especially as it relates to online casino gaming and online poker.

The Nevada Gaming Commission recently approved a new self-exclusion program that will allow those that want to opt out of online gaming to do so.

This is a voluntary program, and it mirrors programs that have been developed and rolled out in other states in the US. Problem gaming continues to be a major focus as the iGaming industry in the United States has seen rapid growth since 2018. Michigan mobile casinos and online casinos went live at the start of the year and there has been regular updates around problem gambling from the state.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board will be in charge of implementing this new program, and it is expected to be launched soon. Anyone that chooses to become a part of the program can opt out of online casino games, online poker, or both.

Those that do choose to sign up for the self-exclusion list will not be barred from entering the retail casinos in the state of Nevada. This program specifically targets online gaming, as that form of gambling is much more prone to turn into an issue.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board currently has its technology department working on the program, and there are still some kinks that need to be worked out. It is believed that an online form will be available, and those that want to sign up can visit the website in order to do so.

Opponents of this new program argue that this will not cut down on problem gaming as the biggest abusers will simply choose not to opt out of this online gambling. The University of Nevada Las Vegas has conducted several studies in recent months to help the Nevada Gaming Commission make this decision.

Casino operators in Las Vegas are concerned that the Nevada Gaming Commission could eventually target in-person gaming as well, but that is not a focus at this time. The casino industry in the state is slowly getting back to normal with restrictions being removed and key workers getting vaccinated through work place programs.

Full Online Gambling Coming?

It’s been a month since a report came out that highlighted attempts by Nevada lawmakers to approve new forms of online gaming. Even though Nevada is considered the home of casino gaming, the state has some pretty strict rules when it comes to gaming online.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board proposed a number of amendments at the beginning of May, but it still appears like a long shot to make any changes in 2021. Additional online casino gaming options were the major focus of the amendments, but there were other interesting proposed rule changes as well.

Online registration for online sports betting was also included in the list of amendments, and that could turn into a major fight from the casinos. Nevada and Illinois are currently the only two states that force bettors to register in person when creating an account.

The current laws protect the retail sportsbooks in the state, but it has also allowed New Jersey and Pennsylvania to pass the state up in sports betting numbers. Allowing for a wide range of new online gaming options would help the state recover from financial losses suffered during the pandemic.