Internet Vikings is a company that has made it a mission to break into the US online casino industry, and it recently expanded once again.

The first breakthrough for Internet Vikings in the United States came in the state of West Virginia, but that is a small iGaming market.

After Internet Vikings was able to have a successful launch in West Virginia, the company has taken direct aim at the state of Colorado. Colorado is now the second state to see the Internet Vikings offering, but others will be coming soon as well.

Internet Vikings is an iGaming hosting solutions company, and it has plans of being in at least 10 states by the end of 2021. This is a very aggressive approach and timeline, but things can move quickly in the online casino industry.

Elena Kvakova is the Head of U.S. Expansion for Internet Vikings, and she has spearheaded these efforts in the US. Internet Vikings is known as one of the leaders in this space throughout the world, but Kvakova has been tasked with trying to learn the intricacies of the US online casino industry.

Colorado has quickly emerged as one of the leading states in terms of iGaming, and it should open up new opportunities for Internet Vikings. The service that this company provides allow for a wide range of gaming companies to use this product in the legal online space.

Not only is Internet Vikings focusing on providing services to new companies in more states, but it is also looking to improve its own product. Internet Vikings have not yet announced which state it is targeting next, but another launch could happen before the end of September.

Internet Vikings has also been producing videos and offering webinars to give other companies the information that they need to launch in the United States. Kvakova and other members of this country have been studying online gambling laws, and that knowledge is being shared with other companies.

DraftKings “Rocket” Now Available

DraftKings casino continues to try and establish itself as a leader in the online and mobile casino industry, and the company just recently announced the launching of a new, exclusive game. DraftKings Rocket is the official name of the new product that has been added to the DraftKings suite.

This new game is already available in the state of New Jersey, and it should be available in Michigan and West Virginia soon. Those two states have not yet given approval to DraftKings for this new product, but that will be coming.

One factor that has set DraftKings apart from other companies in the US online casino industry is that the company continues to develop its own games. More than 30 games have now been developed in-house by workers at DraftKings and the entire suite has over 60 unique games. DraftKings slot games are proving some of the most popular games on the operators impressive roster.

There is a $1 million prize pool on the new Rocket game from DraftKings, and this is a game that requires players to compete against others. There are very few online casino games like this in the US industry, but this product from DraftKings is expected to be copied by competition.