Play the Loosest Slots in Vegas 2023

loosest slots in vegas headerHeading to Las Vegas this weekend and want to know where to find the loosest slots? We have tracked down which Vegas casinos have the best and loosest slots for you to play on.

Las Vegas, known as Sin City, is the world’s premier gambling capital. Macau may have gotten close to the throne, but for what it’s worth, Vegas is the original Sin City. The Nevada capital has so much appeal; the flashing neon-lit signs and coin clanking sounds are something no gambling fan can resist. You can play about anything in Las Vegas, from high-stakes poker games to the loosest and high-paying slots on the Strip.

Located in Nevada, Las Vegas is the mecca for gamblers. It features some of the most luxurious casinos in the world, most of them situated on the Strip. A famous stretch on the South Las Vegas Boulevard, the Strip is known for its concentration of lush resort hotels and extravagant casinos. This is where you’ll find the best-paying casinos in Vegas and, of course, the loosest Vegas slots.

With so many casinos to pick from and over 200,000 different slot games, it’s hard to choose the right one. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find the best slots on the Strip and how to increase your chances of winning big in the fabulous Las Vegas.

Loosest slots in Vegas

What Kind of Games Can I Play in Vegas?

When it comes to Sin City, you can play just about any gambling game you can imagine. From the latest movie-themed video slots online to high-paying progressive jackpots and card and table games, Vegas has it all. The best slot machines in Vegas are not the loudest and brightest ones. The best slots in Vegas are loose in terms of payments, allowing players the chance to win more money.

When discussing loose slots, it’s important to get a hold of a few slot terms and definitions.

  • RTP: short for Return to Player and spoken about as a percentage, this number indicates the number of bets returned to players over time. For example, a slot with an RTP of 96% means that it pays back 96¢ out of every $1 wagered on the slot. The average pay rate for slots is around this mark, yet the payback rate in Vegas casinos is much lower at just over 91%.
  • Payback percentage range: this number indicates the range of payback percentages available to casinos when they buy slot machines from vendors. Slots may look identical but they can be configured and set to pay back different percentages.
  • Loose slots: the most general definition for loose slots is slot games that have a higher payback percentage than others. To put it simply, loose Vegas slots give you better chances to hit a big win, but there’s no guarantee, there is the variance and volatility of a slot to consider and a good portion of plain old luck when playing any slot.

The best slot machines in Vegas will have an RTP of 96% or higher. This should be more than enough for new players to strike a lucky win and for seasoned spinners who only play high-RTP slot games. Any slot machine with the highest RTP can deliver the big bucks over a long period, but unfortunately, there’s no magic formula that will help you win each round.

That’s the nature of gambling in Vegas – you’ll win some and lose some, and if you don’t understand that, you’ll be drowning in despair.

What Are Loose Slots in Vegas?

Everyone’s heard that loose slots pay more, but many myths are attached to this claim that simply isn’t true. If you’re in Vegas, you’ll undoubtedly hear the term more than enough. Gamblers are always looking for games to steer the odds in their favor. Loose slots are the perfect game for it. To put it simply, loose Vegas slots pay more than your average slot game.

Myths About Loose Slots

However, there are more than a few misconceptions about the nature of these slots. Many players think that they guarantee returns when the reality is much different. Loose slots may pay more, but there’s no guarantee that it will be you that will win. The listed RTP figures are theoretical and based on testing millions of spins, where all of the slots’ potential is seen, the biggest wins are achieved, and comparing your short play session, you will only be having at most a few hundred spins, so these values can vary massively.

Many also believe that you can’t win on any slot because casinos change the RTP on the fly. That’s not true – when a casino buys a slot machine from a vendor, the RTP is ‘fixed’ and untouchable. To change the RTP, a person will need to open up the machine, and that can’t be done without breaking a special seal. Plus, Vegas casinos must report the payback percentage to regulatory agencies, so they can’t just change it like that.

Another major myth when it comes to loose and fun slot machines in Vegas is that the RTP reflects the payout you will receive. While that’s partially true, the payback percentage is a number defined in the long term. For example, a slot machine with a payback of 96% will pay back 96c on the dollar, but over the long run. There are many other factors involved as well as luck that play into the payback percentage. Remember – no game guarantees a win. Even blackjack’s got an RTP of 98%, but can you win each hand against the dealer? No chance.

Never believe those players who tell you that you can spot the machine’s payback percentage just by looking at it. Keep in mind that slots have simulated reel stops on each spin, and you can’t tell how high the percentage goes per spin. That’s completely different than poker machines, which are obligated to have one number for each possible result in hand. Slot machines are much more random, so you can’t tell how much one pays just by looking at them. It’s impossible.

There are plenty of other myths surrounding the best-paying slots in Vegas. None of them are true, of course, so don’t believe everything you hear or say in Vegas.

Which Casino Has the Loosest Slots in Vegas?

As the US gambling capital, Vegas has no shortage of casinos. Whether you like a relaxed atmosphere or the lushest experience in gambling, there’s something for players from all walks of life. If you’re wondering what casino in Vegas has the best slot payouts, you can try the ones below.

Luxor Casino

Luxor Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

From the moment you step in front of Luxor casino, you can easily see its grandeur. Named after one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and an archeologic goldmine, Luxor, this casino will stay with you long after you’re gone.

One of Luxor casino’s highlights is the range of slot games. There are well over 1,100 slot cabinets ranging from 3-reel classics to modern progressive jackpots. Luxor casino is worth a visit with an average payout of nearly 92%.

Some of the slots have movable seats and offer an immersive experience you need to see to believe.

  • Popular Luxor Slots include – Crazy Rich Asians, Buffalo Link, Captain Riches, and Goldfish Feeding Time.
  • Newest Luxor Slots include – Monopoly Hot Shot Water Works, Ultimate Fire Link Explosion.

More info – Luxor Website

Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas casino

Why go to Paris when you can just come to Vegas? Paris Las Vegas is a perfect replica of Paris’s most popular tourist attractions, including the Eiffel Tower. It’s not just a place for a show. The casino has an average payout rate of 91.92%, so you can bet that your chances on its slots are pretty solid.

There are thousands of slot games on offer, each one better than the other. The wide range of slot machines makes Paris Las Vegas an excellent choice for slot fans, whether you’re a new player or a seasoned spinner. With over 1,700+ of the best Las Vegas slot machines, you are spoilt for choice, with the popular statewide progressive Megabucks games and a special section of high-limit Champagne Slots.

Oh, and if you need more incentives to visit Paris Las Vegas, you have a mall, world-class dining shops, and plenty of top-quality entertainment.

More info – Paris Las Vegas Website

Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Bally is a legend in casino gaming, having been around for over 50 years. The company is equally successful in creating both cabinet and online slots. It has some of the best slot machines in Vegas, coupled with a 91.82% average payback. The operator provides many games for other casinos but is yet to release its own Bally’s mobile casino or online casino.

The casino may not be the flashiest on the Strip, but its great games are more than enough to draw you in. With fantastic loose Vegas slots on offer, Bally’s is the place to be for every kind of player. What can you play? How about everything? Bally’s has everything from 3-reel classics and jackpots to modern immersive slot cabinets. With a total of 1250+ slot machines and 65 table games, there is plenty of potential machines and games to explore here.

Bally’s is a great choice if you’re looking for the best casino for slots in Vegas.

More info – Bally’s Las Vegas Website


Excalibur Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Excalibur’s RTP is a solid 91.84%, and on top of that, it’s completely immersed in the medieval English theme, complete with Shakespeare-like dialogue, jousting tournaments, and massive turkey legs. We’re not sure about drawing the famous sword from a stone, but as far as everything else goes, this casino has a place on the round table of gambling greats.

Of course, it’s famous for its slots too, of which there are a few thousand. You can play them all from bets starting as low as a cent up to $100 or more if you’re a high roller. Excalibur has it all and has rightfully taken its place on the gambling round table.

Backed by MGM resorts, you will find all of the best and latest slots at this casino.

  • Popular Excalibur Slots include – Monopoly Go Wild, Smokin Hot Stuff Wicked Wheel.
  • Newest Excalibur Slots include – Go Go Claw, 88 Fortunes Money Coins, Rakin’ Bacon Deluxe, and Wolf Run Eclipse.

More info – Excalibur Website

Circus Circus Hotel and Resort

Circus Circus casino

If you fancy a trip to the circus, there’s no better place to be than Circus Circus. That’s not a typo – the casino is really called Circus Circus. It’s just as fun as one, thanks to slot games from the top providers that will surely get your blood pumping, along with watching live Circus Acts simultaneously.

The casino is known for hits such as Classic Diamond and a collection of fantastic modern slots. It’s a diverse collection that will undoubtedly appeal to all players. At the same time, its RTP is 92.56%, which is more than perfect for most players and is one of the highest payout rates on the Strip.

If you are looking for superb value for money, consider playing the renowned Magnificent 7’s slots. While they may be older and deemed a classic, they come with an RTP of 97.4%, which will be hard to beat on the strip. With some of the bests paying slots in Vegas and its flashing lights and sounds, Circus Circus is a thrill ride you don’t want to miss.

More info – Circus Circus Website

What Are the Loosest Slots in Las Vegas?

Vegas’ casinos are filled with slots that pay great. Many of these have an RTP of over 96%, which is more than enough to appeal to all players. Loose slots in Vegas are always attractive, simply because they give players a decent shot at more and bigger winnings.

Here’s a list of the best slots you can find on the Strip that can lead you to legendary wins.

Wheel of Fortune

Developed by the legendary IGT, Wheel of Fortune is a fantastic slot based on the popular TV show. You’ll find it in the slots zone of all the top Vegas casinos, and there might be a line of players waiting to try it. The Wheel of Fortune slot is just as popular as the TV show, and the great thing about it is that it branched out in several different directions.

The original Wheel of Fortune slot was launched by IGT in 2006. Since then, there have been a few hundred iterations, all delivering fantastic gameplay, and rewards. It’s one of the best slot machines in Vegas and certainly among the most rewarding. The jackpot versions of the Wheel of Fortune slot have delivered over $3 billion in payouts, making it one of the best-paying slots in Vegas.

Wheel of Fortune slot machine

Wizard of Oz

Fancy a trip to the Land of Oz? You won’t need a tornado this time around. Visit any of the bests paying casinos in Vegas we mentioned above, and you’ll surely come across the Wizard of Oz or one of its many offshoots.

Not the real wizard, mind you, but a slot based on the popular children’s book that will take your breath away. The franchise kicked off in 2011 and was developed by WMS (SGi). It’s a 5-reel, 30-payline slot machine with iconic characters on the reels, great potential payouts, exciting bonus features, and a jackpot feature that can pay up to 10,000 coins.

There have been more than a few spin-offs from the original slot game, which are just as appealing. The original game is one of the loosest slots on the Strip, so it’s well worth your time and money.


One of the greatest board games of all time, Monopoly, has found its way to the slot industry. There have been quite a few Monopoly jackpots with features that can boost the payout rate up to 99%. They have also been adopted to online versions and are developed by different studios, including Bally, IGT, and WMS. These can easily be found among the most popular FanDuel slots online too.

The franchise is known for its fantastic payouts, the Big Bet feature that ups the RTP, and the progressive jackpots. If you love the board game and the massive rewards on offer, the Monopoly series is an excellent choice of a slot.

Monopoly slot game, Las Vegas

Jackpot Party

Ready to win your first jackpot? Nothing beats spinning a jackpot slot in Vegas. That goes double if we’re talking about loose slots in Vegas, like Jackpot Party.

Launched in 2011 by WMS, the slot has made dozens of players millionaires. Even better, WMS later released the Super Jackpot Party slot game, which makes the original slot even better. It’s a simple 5-reel slot with great high-paying features and a huge jackpot. With some luck and the correct symbols, you can hit the jackpot in Vegas and go home with money running deep in your pockets.


With a name like Megabucks, this might be the loosest of all Vegas slots. It’s one of the richest and most fun slot machines in Vegas, delivering more than a few record-breaking jackpots to lucky players. The first one came in 2003 when a 25-year-old engineer from LA won $39.7 million at the Excalibur by betting only $3 on the Megabucks slot.

Megabucks is a truly remarkable slot machine you have to spin when you’re in Vegas. Of course, your shot of hitting the jackpot might be very low, but you’ll only need to risk a few bucks to win a mega-sized reward.

Playing Online Slots in Nevada?

As crazy as it sounds, you can’t actually play any of these slots online while in Vegas. There are only a few states in the US where real money online casino gaming is permitted. These are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, and Delaware.

For online slots fans, if you want to play on some of the best online operators in these states, you can see our guides on the best slots to play at:

How do Slot Machines Work?

In the past few decades, we’ve been bombarded with information on how online slots work. They’re the most popular type of game in the industry right now and can be tailored to just about any theme. While online slots are pretty rewarding and fun, they can’t match the fun slot machines in Vegas.

Slots were initially built as a machine, so there’s a certain appeal to Vegas slots that online slot games can’t match. Sitting in front of one in a casino on the Strip is a unique experience that can’t be replicated by tech. Digital slots are fun, but there’s something special about getting a coin from a plastic cup and inserting it into a machine before pulling a lever with a nostalgic feel to them.

For those new to the genre, slot machines may sound complex. They are actually pretty simple. Even if you’re not a big fan of gambling, you surely know what slots look like visually. It’s a machine with three reels, at least for traditional slot games, with physical stops on a wheel. There are about 22 of these stops, which indicate a symbol or blank that registers on a payline. When it comes to online video slots, all of this is done virtually,  with far more complicated maths and reel strips and calculations at play.

Slot machines at the Strat

These values form theoretical number sets that can range from just a few to thousands in modern slots. Winning combinations are landed on paylines, and the best slot machines in Vegas sometimes have just a few. When you pull the lever, the reels turn, and the symbols land in view on the screen. When they align on a payline, you get a hit (score a win).

The pay can range from low to medium or high or high values depending on the symbols. The higher paying the symbol is, the bigger the reward. When it comes to jackpots, they usually have a prize pool pot that’s fueled by the wagers placed on the jackpot machine, which you can win with some luck on a single spin.

The Progressive Jackpot slots are not known for being the loosest Vegas slots, down to the fact that the RTP contribution towards these jackpots can be quite a sum of your money. Still, they offer pretty nice returns if you’re the lucky jackpot winner!


  • What casino has best slot payouts in Vegas?

    Circus Circus casino has a range of slots called Magnificent 7’s, which are classic slots that have a very impressive Return To Player (RTP) of 97.4%. Such high payout rates will be hard to beat anywhere else on the Vegas Strip.

  • How can you tell if a slot machine is loose or tight?

    Visually you can't tell; however, if you can find out the RTP value, which is widely accessible for online slots and can be found with further research for land-based slots, you can see how much of a house edge each slot has.

    Knowing this value gives you a great insight into how loose or tight a particular slot is over long term play.

  • Can you tell when a slot machine is going to hit?

    The simple answer is No; there are no tricks, no special tips we can offer, and the results are always random and not dependent on previous spins; you can't tell when your luck is about to change when playing slot machines.

    Calling a machine hot or cold may be based on your previous spins, but that has no basis for any future outcomes!

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