Best Casinos to Play Online Craps in New Jersey

NJ Online Craps

The top NJ online casinos offer the classic casino game – craps; some even have multiple variants. The game has always been popular in land-based casinos in Atlantic City but is not becoming part of the online iGaming landscape.

Players have the opportunity to play craps online in NJ in a regulated environment from anywhere in the state. This means you have continuous access to the casino classic, plus a chance to use online casino bonuses.

In this online craps NJ guide, we’ll cover how to play online craps for real money, how online payouts work, and which sites offer real money craps in New Jersey.

Best NJ Online Casinos for Craps

Although you can find a craps game in most land-based casinos in Atlantic City, finding an NJ online casino with craps is more challenging. Our top 5 NJ casinos online that offer craps are:

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NJ Online Craps Variants

There are 4 different craps games available in New Jersey’s online gambling scene. Each of them is similar, with the main differences being the payouts and the quality of life features. One of the best online craps games can be found at the Virgin Casino. This version offers favorable rules to the player, including:

  • Triple payouts on Field bets when the shooter rolls 12
  • 16-to-1 payouts on 3’s and 11’s and 33-to-1 on 2’s and 12’s
  • 6x max odds on all Don’t Come bets

Additionally, different software providers are operating in the state. The Gamesys variant powers the Tropicana and Virgin casinos; NYX works with Pala and Scores, while Borgata, BetMGM, and Party Casino use WINstudios software for their crap games.

New Jersey Mobile Craps

Even though craps would theoretically work well on a mobile device, only a handful of online casinos have included the game in their mobile apps. For example, if you have signed up for the FanDuel Casino and prefer playing on the FanDuel Casino app, there won’t be any craps options there. DraftKings Casino app does, however, have craps available.

DraftKings Casino online craps NJ

Best NJ Casino App for Craps

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Best Online Craps NJ Games

NJ Craps SitesBest Crap GameSoftware ProviderMax RTPPass LineMin/Max Bets
DraftKings CasinoCrapsDraftKings99.73%6x$1 - $2,000
Virgin CasinoCrapsGamesys98.64%6x$1 - $50
BetMGM CasinoFirst Person CrapsEvolution Gaming99.17%N/A$0.5 - No Limit
Borgata CasinoFirst Person CrapsEvolution Gaming99.17%N/A$0.5 - No Limit
Party CasinoFirst Person CrapsEvolution Gaming99.17%N/A$0.5 - No Limit

How To Play Craps Online

Online craps NJ has 2 rounds. When playing online, all bets are placed on the pass line or don’t pass line. The shooter rolls what is termed the come-out roll. This is when you have to decide whether you will bet with or without the table. Any 7 or 11 that hit the pass line bets will be paid out.

Any 2, 3, or 12, and the shooter will crap out. This means all pass line bets lose, and don’t pass bets are paid. Any other number that is rolled is established as the point. The shooter continues to roll until they hit that point or crap out by rolling a seven.

Once a point has been established, players can make odds bets up to the game’s maximum allowed. The maximum odds depend on which version of online craps you are playing.

These wagers are considered to have the lowest house edge of any wager in the casino. Additionally, the maximum bet allowed has a big say on how good the game is for bettors. Before each roll, players can place bets on various propositions, numbers, and groups of numbers they see on the table. All of the payouts for each will be listed on the table as well.

Online Craps Basics: Betting Type Guide

The first thing to consider before playing online craps is that the player’s bet type determines the course of action during a roll. Let’s explain the bet types and the possible outcomes.

Pass Line Bets

The pass line bet is the most prominent in New Jersey online craps. This wager can be placed when the game is “off” before the come-out roll. If the come-out roll lands on a 7 or 11, the Pass Line pays even money. If craps is rolled (2, 3, or 12), the bet is a loser. If the dice comes upon any other number, it becomes the point, and the game is “on.”

From there, the bettor wins if the point comes up before a 7 and loses if a 7 lands before the point. If any other result appears, the game remains “on,” and another roll will commence until the game is settled.

Pass line in Craps

Come & Don’t Come Bets

The Come and Don’t Come bets are the same as the Pass Line/Don’t Pass bets. The significant difference is that these bets can be placed when the game is “on.”

Hard Ways

The hard ways are 4, 6, 8, and 10. Any wagers placed on them must be won (the hard way). If you bet on one of the hard ways, it will only pay out if the shooter rolls doubles that add up to your number.

Place Bets

When choosing a place bet, you are wagering that your selected number will be rolled before a 7; nothing more to it. Because 7 is the most commonly rolled number, the odds you get will reflect the number you pick. Generally, most wagers have a reasonably high house edge, although if you are going to choose one, stick to 6 or 8.

Buy Bets

Buy bets and place bets are similar. They operate on the same principle; the player is picking a number to come up before a 7; however, the payouts are not the same. Buy bets offer true odds. Consequently, a 2:1 will payout at 2:1, not considering the vig/rake. Most of the time, your buy bets will cost you around 5% with the added operator commission.

Lay Bets

These are essentially the inverse of a buy bet. A buy bet means you are swapping places with the house, so you become the one laying the odds. The payouts will be adjusted accordingly, and it is still important to consider the vig. For instance, 4 and 10 have a payout of 5:11, while 6 and 8 have a payout of 7:5.

Ace Deuce/Yo Eleven Bets

Rolling a 1 and a 2 means you hit the ole’ Ace-Deuce. Roll a 6 and a 5, and you’ve got 11. Both wagers payout either 15 or 16-1.

Snake Eyes & Boxcars

Players can bet on both snake eyes (two 1s) or boxcars (two sixes). Pay tables differ within the state, but they’ll usually fall somewhere between 30 and 33-1 for a win. The actual odds are 36-1, so this isn’t the most profitable bet.

Strategy For Winning Online Craps

It would be wise for players to follow these straightforward tips for winning and enjoying playing at the New Jersey craps tables.

Do Some Research

The most important thing to do before you start playing is to do some research and learn the rules. Understanding the ins and outs of the game will ultimately help you to generate some profits. Watch some videos, read about the game, and play. Online casinos offer a free demo mode so you can practice without the pressure of real money on the line. In demo mode, you can load the game, try out different types of wagers, and experience what it is like to play craps.

Avoid Bets With a High House Edge

Players can give themselves a chance to win by sticking to bets with the smallest house edge. The Don’t Pass Line and Pass Line are the bets with the highest return to the player and some of the most generous bets you will see overall in the casino.
Additionally, you should try to avoid props. They will offer impressive payouts in excess of 30-1, but they are not sustainable in the long term. A good way to think of them is like betting on a single number on the roulette wheel. You may strike luck occasionally, but most of the time, you will be disappointed.

Use Casino Bonuses

Not all New Jersey casino craps sites offer bonuses that you can use on craps. In fact, in most casinos, online poker games, craps, and other table games are excluded from bonus eligibility. However, there are a few online casino NJ brands that allow you to use the bonus funds to play this dice game. Keep in mind that NJ craps sites may not set the wagering contribution of craps to 100%, which makes clearing the WR tricker, but not impossible.

Online Casino Craps vs. Landbased Craps Game

Playing real-life craps and playing the same game online is almost the same. You roll 2 dice on a virtual table with the same configuration as in New Jersey’s land-based casinos. You have the option of betting on yourself or on the house.

The odds for online craps are the same as for land-based craps, and the gameplay changes only in that the dice are rolled by a computer rather than a human shooter if you play the RNG-powered version of online craps.

On the other hand, a live craps table is different. Instead of 1, 2 professional dealers lead the game. One is usually the presenter, while the other is the shooter. The action is videotaped in studios and transmitted in real-time to your computer or phone, allowing you to wager on the real-time events.

Because of the more flexible betting limits, some bettors prefer playing NJ craps online. As most retail casinos in New Jersey offer craps table minimums of roughly $10, there are NJ online casino sites that allow you to play craps with a deposit as low as $1.

Online Craps NJ Options: Good or Bad?

As only a handful of online casinos offer craps in NJ, searching for a top-quality platform that offers New Jersey online craps is straightforward. You can pick one of our recommendations or choose another regulated site to start playing craps in NJ.
We recommend you pick a game with a high RTP, meaning a lower house edge, and join an online casino site that offers a welcome bonus for New Jersey players.


  • How do craps payouts work?

    Looking at a craps table, the payout odds when you hit a 4 are 9:5. For every $5 bet you win, the dealer will pay you $9.

  • Can you play craps online in NJ for real money?

    Yes, we have listed the best online craps in New Jersey above on this page. Each casino offers free online craps so you can practice without risks.

  • Can you play online craps NJ games with bonuses?

    Yes, you can play online craps with bonus deals unless the bonus T&C state otherwise. 

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