When is the best time to play slots?

Is there really a best time to play slots at a casino? Can you win more playing slots online in the evening or morning? These are all questions keen slots players ask regularly and want to know the answers to.

There is a big difference between playing slots online and playing in a brick-and-mortar casino, and the choice of when you play really can affect how much you can win. Online slots are available 24/7 and it’s a lot more convenient to play online. Whilst most occasions are also available around the clock, some casinos do close and will have busier times throughout the day. But, is there really an optimum time to play slots to get the best return? That’s not what these Funzpoints Casino cheats and LuckyLand Slots hacks indicate.

In the world of gambling, both land-based and online, there have been several myths running wild. The biggest of them all say that online casino games are not fair, even though they’re controlled by RNGs. While it’s technically possible for casinos to remotely adjust how the slot pays out, no reputable gaming site will do that. Other myths on how to win on slot machines have also been debunked time and time again, yet many players still believe in them.

Among all the wildest rumors, the one we consider the harshest is that there’s a best time to gamble. More specifically, many players believe there’s a best time to play slot machines, and that it influences your winning chances. What most players ignore is the fact that slots run 24/7 and are controlled by Random Number Generators that don’t know if it’s day or night. The results of each spin is random, but still, some believe that MGM casino online slots or others pay more during the day or night.

So, do slot machines have a pattern that involves the time of the day? In this casino guide, we’ll talk more about it and see if there’s really a best time to play slots online.

What Is the Best Time to Play Slots at A Casino?

Is there a best time to play slots at a casino or online? Well, when talking about land-based venues, the best time would be to play in the morning when the casino’s not that full. All that chatter and loud noises can be distracting when you spin slots. While they don’t require any particular skill, you do have to be focused and keep an eye on your bets when you play.

Serious gamblers in the past stuck to their morning routines by playing slots early in the day. It didn’t have anything to do with the payouts – they were still the same. But, from any other perspective, playing slots in real casinos is better during the day than the night. Night time floods casinos with players, with many arriving after work hours to give their favorite slots and jackpots a spin. Many casinos have entertainment programs in the evening which creates an even bigger crowd.

Best time to play slots

Playing in the day is easier and allows players to stay focused on their goals. However, when it comes to playing slots online, it doesn’t matter if you play during the day or in the evening.

There’s always a crowd in online casinos, but you can’t see it with a naked eye. It’s all virtual and easier to access. The best slots to play at casino on the web can be played any time of the day. Don’t listen to all those crazy stories that online slots play more overnight. The RTP is constant and doesn’t change regardless of the time of day. The best time to gamble online is as you see fit. Some prefer to play during the day, others play when it goes dark.

Whatever you choose, you can always expect random results per spin and a fair outcome.

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Should I Play Slots During Day or Night?

You should play slots online whenever you feel like it. Players have a favorite time of the day or night to play their favorite games, but that’s because of their daily or nightly obligations, not because slots pay more. If you’ve been playing overnight just because you think online slots pay more, you shouldn’t bother with it anymore.

There are no tricks to winning on slot machines. You won’t trick it by playing during the day or night so it pays more. The payouts are set and the RTP constant, so it makes no sense to stay overnight and be sleepy during the day just because a slot may pay more during the night hours.

The whole theory behind this nonsensical claim is probably rooted in the Inverse Correlation Theory. This theory suggests that players have a higher chance of winning when there’s less frequency on slots and vice-versa. It may sound logical and goes against it at the same time.

What many forget is that online casinos are not like land-based venues and that the payouts are fixed and random. The best times to play online slots are related to your duties during the day or night – everything else including the technical stats stay the same.

Best time of day to play slots

Do Slots Pay More at Night?

What we said in the previous paragraph stays the same for playing slots at night. If you’ve been staying up late to play slots so you can get a few sure wins, we have bad news for you. The best times to play online slots are not overnight or during the day. No need to lose sleep just because a slot might pay more overnight. They don’t pay more in the late hours, so just go to bed and try when you have time – at least you’ll get some sleep.

Slots don’t have a pattern that makes them pay more when it goes dark. It’s a slot myth that’s been debunked several times, no matter what other players tell you. Just spin slots whenever you feel like it. Don’t lose sleep just so you can play overnight. It’ll do much worse things for your health than losing a few spins or your bankroll in full.

Do Online Slots Pay More in the Morning?

If you’re playing slots in Las Vegas, then the morning would be a great choice. Not because slots pay more in the morning, but because the floors are not riddled with players. Playing at a time when casinos are not as frequented as in the evening will provide some peace of mind when spinning slots.

You will certainly make better decisions that way and you’ll have more time to work out a plan. Nothing can guarantee wins on each spin, but you should be able to play with a cool head and keep your bankroll in check.

So if you ask us, the best time to go to the casino to win would be the morning unless you love a good crowd.

When it comes to online casinos, morning, day, or night makes no difference. You still get to play slot games controlled by an RNG, so the time won’t have an impact over the payouts or gameplay. Anyone who says otherwise is simply lying or doesn’t want to believe in the truth. Have you ever heard about gambler’s fallacy?

Las Vegas sunrise

Gambler’s fallacy is an umbrella term for all those gambling beliefs that have no scientific basis. The best time of the day to play online slots is one of them. It’s very common among slot fans who most likely also believe that casinos cheat to rob you off your money. The only person robbing you of money is yourself, especially if you play slots online at times that don’t suit your life and work schedules.

What’s the Best Time of the Month to Spin Slots Online?

As mentioned earlier, the best time to play slot machines in online casinos is when you feel most confident. There’s no such thing as best time of the month to spin slots, although when it comes to progressive jackpots, it would be after the jackpot’s been won.

Progressive jackpots depend on all the bets placed on them, so you would like them to accumulate a bit before you try going for it. The jackpots are still won randomly, but it would be a mistake to go for a progressive jackpot right after it has been won. Let the amount grow a bit larger and don’t settle for the starting price.

If you’re looking at regular online slots, you can play them every day of the month and it won’t make a difference. We’d say that the best time of the month to play slots is when you have the money and time to do so. Of course, always make sure to play responsibly, and get help from a casino’s customer support if the habit overwhelms you.

Gambling recklessly and not keeping your bankroll in check can lead to depleted funds and many other problems. Slots and roulette are the worst games for your bankroll. If you’re not careful, slots can burn through your bankroll as fast as fire burns through paper. Don’t manage your bankroll and set limits for yourself, and you’ll be in trouble regardless if you’re spinning slots in the day or night.


Does the time of the day influence how much a slot pays?

No, it doesn’t, and there’s no evidence that it ever did. If someone has won nice sums of cash on slots overnight, that’s pure coincidence. The time of the day or night doesn’t affect a slot’s payout rate or the maximum winning potential. Whether you play slots online during the day or night, everything is the same.

What’s the best day of the week to play slots?

The best day of the week to play slots is whatever day you find free time. You can’t seriously believe that online slots pay more on Wednesday. Just play whenever you feel like it without thinking twice if the slot will pay more on a Thursday.

Do slots pay out in cycles?

No, they don’t. All slots online are controlled by a Random Number Generator that generates random and fair results per spin. There’s no day-night or any other cycle – they pay the same regardless of the day, month, or year.

Can an online slot pay more at night?

No, it can’t. Slots pay the same during the day and the night, so don’t go sleepless just to spin slots when it’s pitch dark.

Are online slots rigged?

No, absolutely not. Reputable casinos would never allow rigged games in their lobbies. That’s why Random Number Generators exist. Plus, reputable casino sites have their games tested by leading labs which guarantee the fairness of the slots.

Is there really a best time to play slots at a casino or online?

No, there’s no such thing as a best time to play slots in online casinos. Just play the highest RTP slot games whenever you feel like it and enjoy.

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