Slingo Games Guide – How to Play Free and Real Money Slingo Online

Do you know what Slingo is? If the name doesn’t give it away, Slingo games are a combination of the most excellent bits of slots and bingo, all packed into just one. It’s fast and action-packed with a blend of both types, where you form winning lines, use your expertise to apply bonus symbols in the appropriate places, and collect points to exchange for cash rewards. Try playing Slingo slots to see whether the numbers on the reels match those on your bingo card.

Slingo Slots guide

This page will serve as your detailed Slingo guide, whether you want to learn how to play or learn more about these cross-functional online games. We’ve covered all you need to know about Slingo slots, from how to get started to Slingo bonuses and top releases.

What exactly is Slingo?

Slingo Originals developer

The original Slingo was created way back in the 90s as a social game by Sal Falciglia (a businessman from New Jersey). It became an unexpected hit when it came to the industry, and many players found this simple-to-play game extremely attractive.

Slingo games offer players an online environment that combines several components of the popular 75-ball bingo game with some standard slot machine features. The primary gaming setting consists of a 5×5 number grid with the game’s slot reels just below it. You mark off matching numbers on your interactive bingo card grid using a slot reel with a random number generator to play and win.

Slingo isn’t just a combination of bingo and slot machines; it’s much more. Slingo features wild card skill and decision-making aspects that add to the fun. These games also include exciting gameplay and the opportunity to buy extra spins to activate bonus games and collect real money cash rewards.

Due to its growing popularity, various innovative and thrilling gaming options are available across a wide range of popular themes. You can pick and play Slingo online, from classic Slingo to popular Slingo games like Slingo Reel King, Slingo Rainbow Riches, Monopoly Slingo, Slingo Bells, and Slingo Starburst.

Original Slingo Slots

How to Play Slingo Games

If you prefer to play Slingo online, you’ll discover that this new Bingo genre is entertaining and easy to grasp. The basic Slingo game consists of five reels and a three-row grid that displays randomly selected 25 numbers from a 75-ball bingo game. A single-line slot mechanic runs along the bottom of the grid and spins to reveal five numbers for each spin.

To begin, select a bet between $0.10 and $100, or possibly more, depending on the game version. Using the + and – buttons, set the stake that best fits your budget. Then spin the slot reels beneath your grid, and check your grid to see if any of the numbers you picked are currently appearing on the reels. When a number comes into view and matches one of the numbers on the grid, it is marked off like with Bingo games.

During any game, your reels may also display a variety of other symbols in addition to the Slingo numbers. It’s crucial to watch out for these Slingo symbols since they may award you instant prizes and game bonuses.

Slingo differs from online slots in that you start the game with a set number of spins, usually 10 or 11 spins. You can even buy additional spins, although they are only available as a “gamble option” at the end of the main game. The main gameplay remains the same in all versions, but some are based on popular UK TV series, such as Deal or No Deal Slingo, where you can compete against the banker.

Slingo gamble feature

How to Win at Slingo

The goal of most Slingo games (except for a few unique versions) is to spin the slot reels and see whether any of the numbers you acquire match those on your bingo card. A Slingo line is achieved by matching five in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. Each game allows you to make 12 Slingos, and you will progress up the prize ladder as you complete more lines.

The paytable, usually located on the left side of your bingo card, provides the payouts for each completed line. The Full House is the highest payout and won when all of the numbers on the grid are marked.

Apart from the classic version of Slingo, which is very similar to traditional bingo, many other Slingo titles are inspired by the world of online slot games. Slingo XXXtreme (a super-charged Slingo with massive cash payouts) is one of the most popular Slingo versions. You can also try out Slingo Centurion (which contains a Colossal Symbol, Wild Power Spins, Free Spins, and a Multiplier) and Slingo Rainbow Riches (a fantasy-themed game).

Slingo Games Bonus Features

Slingo special symbols

Slingo contains several unique symbols that can land on the reels to score additional points or unlock special bonuses. While each version of Slingo is slightly different, the following symbols are likely to appear:

  • Jokers: These act as wild symbols in the same way they do in online slots, and you may use them to mark any number in the column above.
  • Super Jokers: They act similarly to the joker, but you are not limited to ticking off a number in the same column; you may use them anywhere on the grid.
  • Coins: Coins are exceptional because they provide instant rewards in these instant win games. In most cases, a multiplier of your current bet level.
  • Free Spins: You may also encounter a Free Spin symbol, which will provide you with an additional spin of the slot reel.
  • Devils: These aren’t good because he acts as a “blocker,” stopping you from completing any numbers in that grid column during that spin.

Some Slingo games also include Scatter symbols, which, as in classic slots, can activate bonus games or greater multipliers.

What Are the Best Slingo Game Strategies?

Slingo slots have expanded into a whole casino games genre with unique twists and features. When a wild symbol appears on the reels in Slingo games, you can use skill and a slots strategy. When deciding which number to mark off, look for one that will allow you to finish as many Slingos as possible.

Slingo’s main strategies revolve around the Joker and Super Joker symbols, focusing on the larger picture rather than merely completing a single win line. When these symbols appear, using the appropriate Slingo strategy can significantly increase the amount of completed Slingos.

The center position is the finest spot to place a Joker or Super Joker since it helps to complete one horizontal, one vertical, and two diagonal lines. Also, only consider an extra buying spin if you’re closer to completing the appropriate amount of Slingos to receive a significant payoff. Keep in mind that each additional spin costs more than the last one.

Top 5 Slingo Games to Play Online

Because of the popularity of Slingo, some variations have stayed in players’ minds more than others. To get your Slingo adventure off to a good start, we’ve selected these popular titles that you can play for real money at our recommended online casinos.

Our Slingo Bingo games are simple and enjoyable to play, with various bonus round features, including free spins, multipliers, and picking rounds.

  1. Slingo Fluffy Favourites
  2. Slingo Extreme
  3. Slingo Centurion
  4. Slingo Fire & Ice
  5. Slingo Reel King

#1 Slingo Fluffy Favourites

Slingo Fluffy Favorites

The most popular Slingo game created by Slingo Originals is Slingo Fluffy Favourites. They’ve teamed up with Eyecon, the creators of the Fluffy Favourites slot, for a one-of-a-kind game that blends the best of both worlds.

With an average RTP of 95.3% and a medium to high volatility, this game offers players the possibility to win big. The free spins bonus round, Coin Pusher, Toybox Pick bonus game, and Hook-a-Fluffy bonus games are all fun to play in this game.

It is the Slingo game to play if you want to be surrounded by vibrant colors and sweetness, like Sweet Bonanza Slingo.

#2 Slingo Extreme

Slingo Extreeme

Slingo Extreme by Gaming Realms is a fantastic blend of slot fun and traditional bingo excitement. The game has a simple appearance but is jam-packed with exciting bonus symbols that award free spins, instant cash, and wild replacements. The game has a burning fire feature, which causes the reels to catch fire as you progress around the grid.

The RTP is a decent 95%, and you may bet anywhere from $0.50 and $100. When you mark all of the bingo card spots for a Full House, you win 500x your stake.

#3 Slingo Centurion

Slingo Centurion

Slingo Centurion is a fantastic Slingo Originals game in which you join the famed Roman army in the hunt for riches. It turned out to be an exciting, fast-paced, bonus-filled version of the classic game that will immediately hook you.

Slingo Centurion has a 5×5 Bingo-like basic game and seven bonus games with a 5×3 reel layout, a Pick-Me style game, a board game, Wilds, Free Spins Multipliers, and much more.

It has a 95.2% RTP and high volatility, and it’s still aesthetically appealing because of the theme of famous ancient civilizations. Complete 12 slingos, advance through 7 bonus rounds, and win a full house to collect 500x your bet.

#4 Slingo Fire & Ice

Slingo Fire and Ice

Slingo Originals has also included a new fancy-looking slot titled Slingo Fire & Ice in their collection. It is a cross between bingo and dual grid slots (5×5 grids), with Slingo on the Fire and Ice Grid increasing the cash payouts.

Double horizontal slingos across both grids reward a jackpot position on the vertical 1×5 slot in the center, and you can hit up to 5 Ice or Fire Jackpots per round. When paired with a Full House, you have a whopping 6,000x potential.

Slingo Fire & Ice features an above-average RTP of 96.4% and is a highly volatile game with a chance to win the massive top prize. The game needs patience, but it adds a unique twist to the traditional Slingo experience.

#5 Slingo Reel King

Slingo Reel King

Inspired Gaming’s popular Reel King slot game got a Slingo makeover, resulting in Slingo Reel King. Slingo Originals couldn’t pass up the chance to blend the classic game’s design and feel with the Slingo gameplay.

The RTP of this Slingo slot is 95%, and the action takes place on a 5×5 grid. You’ll have 11 spins to play and match the static bingo numbers on the reels with the dynamic bingo numbers in the white row below.

You’ll also benefit from several typical features seen in most slot games, like wilds, free spins, and a bonus game. The bonus game (Reel King bonus) is activated when you highlight or fire five or more segments on the bonus bar above the grid.

If all of the numbers on the reels match, you’ll win the full house, which pays you 500x your stake.

Other Slingo Games Inspired from Popular Culture

Slingo Rainbow Riches bonus

There are also Slingo games themed on your favorite TV shows, like Slingo Britain’s Got Talent and Deal or No Deal Slingo, in which you try to negotiate a deal with the banker for large cash prizes.

Slingo Berserk by Slingo Originals is another title with a stormy sea behind the playing board. You may win a top reward of 500x your bet here and a Mega Jackpot of 1,000x your bet.

Our list would be incomplete without Slingo Rainbow Riches, which has a popular Slingo mechanic based on the largest brand in slots that might lead you to riches and a massive jackpot win.

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Slingo Slots initially gained traction in 2020, after Gaming Realms brought the products to several US casino apps and sites. Players were hesitant to try them at first, but they are a big hit today. If you join a top mobile casino, there is no chance you won’t find the above games and more. Welcome offers applying to slots can also be used to play Slingo, making this gaming category one of the best to try out.

Slingo Games FAQ

What exactly is Slingo Classic?

There is little wonder about what Slingo Classic is, as the title pretty much says everything. It is the most basic and straightforward game in the Originals series, with well-crafted retro graphics. The goal is always to climb the prize ladder by crossing as many lines as possible, but there are no extra features as it’s a pure Slingo bingo slot.

What types of Slingo games are available?

Slingo games are presently available in several variations, and all games are played in a similar manner but with minor changes. These might include the minimum lines for a payout or additional unique symbols. Each game features somewhat different payouts, and some of them even incorporate exciting bonus rounds from your favorite slot games.

Which Slingo has the best RTP?

Slingo Starburst has one of the highest RTPs of 96.50%, but it also has a low volatility rating of 2/5, which offers small wins. You may also play Red Hot Slingo, a fun combination of Slingo and classic fruit machine slots with an RTP of 96.33%.

Which Slingo version is the most popular?

Slingo Rainbow Riches is the most popular game, and both regulars and newcomers enjoy it. It provides an excellent balance of engaging gameplay, immersive enjoyment, and larger prizes. Rainbow Riches has a classic Irish theme and features the Wishing Well Bonus, Magic Toadstool Bonus, Cash Crop Bonus, Pots of Gold Bonus, and Road to Riches Bonus.

Why is Slingo so popular?

Slingo games are popular because they combine 75-ball bingo mechanics and rewards with the speed and bonuses that only slots can offer. In addition to being simple and enjoyable to play, these games endure longer than traditional video slots while maintaining a similar payout ratio to the highest RTP slots. Furthermore, these games include an element of player skill involved in luck-based gameplay by using special wilds and unique bonus symbols.

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