Winning Slots Strategy

A well-thought-out and executed slot strategy can be the difference between winning big and losing all your cash.

If you’ve been playing casino games online, you know that slots rule the landscape. They come in many shapes and sizes and more importantly, online slots offer fantastic payouts. You can hit incredible returns on the highest RTP slots, but only if you’re lucky and use a good slot strategy.

While they’re games of chance that don’t require any particular skills, it’s wise to read slot machine tricks that can optimize your payouts. To put it simply, you can’t win on slots online just like that. Pick a slot with higher RTP and volatility, and you might endure long dry spells with your bankroll destroyed. On the other hand, if you pick the best slot machines to play in online casinos and use a smart strategy, you can optimize your returns. You still won’t win all the time, but it’s better than nothing.

If you’re wondering how to beat online casino slot machines, we’re here to tell you that you can’t. The casino always wins in the end. However, in this slot strategy guide, we’re going to show you a few tips and tricks that will help you become a better slot player than just aimlessly clicking the Spin button at maximum bets.

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More importantly, our strategy for slot machines works in the long run and will help you find the slots that pay the most.

Is There Any Strategy to Slot Machines?

Yes, as a matter of fact, there are more than a few strategies that can help you win more often on online slots even with $20. Keep the phrase ‘more often’ in mind. We’re not talking about winning each spin. That’s impossible. Slots are a game of chance, and if anyone told you there’s a way to hack them, they’re lying.

Online slots are controlled by software called RNG. It stands short for Random Number Generator. As the name suggests, it randomizes the outcome of each spin, allowing for fair gameplay. No casino slot machine tips can help you beat it. Whether you’re playing classics or new casino slots games, the RNG always keeps things fair.

Slot strategy

On the other hand, there are several established slot strategies and tips that will minimize your losses. That depends on a variety of factors too, such as the RTP, volatility, and some other factors. Winning on slot machines is not impossible, but playing without a strategy sure makes it look like that. In this guide, we’ll show you a strategy for slot machines and a few tips n’ tricks that will make you a better slot player, not win all the time.

How to Win on Slot Machines

Slots rule the gambling landscape both offline and online. And it’s easy to see why. They pay a lot, come in many shapes and sizes, and most importantly, they’re easy to play. You won’t be pulling levels on the Internet. Some slots may have a virtual legacy lever, but they all use the Spin button to start the gameplay. And that’s it. You can adjust your bet or trigger sounds on or off, but when it comes to playing, you can only click on the Spin button or use the Autoplay feature.

To win on slots, you need a lot of luck and a good slot machine strategy. As mentioned earlier, slots are a game of chance. You need luck to win on them, not skills. With that being said, it’s impossible to win all your spins. However, learn a few key casino slot machine tips and you’ll be in a great position to win.

Again, we’re not promising wins all the time. However, it is possible to keep losses at bay and improve your winning score. You’ll need a good approach to it, and that’s exactly what this guide offers – how to beat online casino slot machines without throwing thousands.

Can Slot Machines be Hacked?

No, and we can’t think why anyone would try such a thing. Hacking slot machines online is a punishable offense. You’re looking to have some fun, not end up in jail. Slots have a set RTP and variance and maximum wins set in stone. Casual players can’t alter that, and no one should even try it.

Sure, you’ll find rumors at online forums that some slot machines pay more or that they can be hacked. That’s not true. How do you hack the RNG? It’s a third-party software program that randomizes each spin. Even if you manage to hack the casino, which you shouldn’t even try, the RGN is off limits.

Don’t believe everything you see or hear online. Slots can burn through your bankroll – that’s true. They can also deliver a life-changing jackpot on a single spin. When it comes to hacking them, you shouldn’t even think about it. On the other hand, you should consider using a strategy on the best slot machines to play online.

A slot machine strategy will optimize your wins while keeping your losses in check. That’s the only thing you can hope for when playing slots online.

Tips on Winning on Slots Online

Before playing online, use these tips with a well thought out slot strategy and you will have won half the battle already.

#1 Manage Your Bankroll

The first rule of online gambling is to always manage your bankroll. If you don’t, it would be simply too easy to lose it all in a single session. What does managing your bankroll mean? It means setting limits for yourself on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. As soon as you go over that amount, you should log out. Slots are especially damaging to your bankroll since they play fast and skills play no role in your winning chances.

It’s the only way to gamble responsibly as you should. That’s the way to avoid gambling problems that can go way beyond losing a lot of money. If you think you need help, you shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with the casino’s customer support team.

Cash bankroll

#2 Never Chase Your Losses

Think of this as the second rule of online gambling. Chasing your losses won’t get you anywhere. The slot doesn’t owe you a win because you’ve lost 10 spins in a row. That win you may be looking for may not come after 100 spins. You should be able to score something, but this is completely random.

Nothing influences the RTP in a slot game online. It guarantees the fairness of the game itself and randomizes all spin results. If you’re stuck in a losing rut on an extremely volatile slot, chasing your losses won’t likely help. It’ll just make things worse.

#3 Find the Highest RTP Slots

A good slot machine strategy is to always go for slots with a higher RTP. While it’s not the only factor that influences your returns, a higher RTP means higher prizes. For example, you might hit a prize worth thousands on such a slot after a dry spell that has burned through a hundred bucks. The volatility plays a role too, but, for example, you’ll have a much better chance to win big on the highest RTP slots in Michigan than those with an RTP below 96%.

That’s the set standard in today’s industry, meaning that a slot returns 96% of bets of around $100 on average. Of course, this is a figure in the long run – don’t expect to bet $100 and get a $96 bet on the first spin. Such slot machine tricks don’t exist – all spins are completely random. However, in the long run, slots with high RTPs pay more. You can check out these slots that have the best odds online.

#4 Choose Slots with Bonus Rounds

It goes without saying that the best slot machines to play in 2023 online are those with a bonus round. Good news – most video slots nowadays have them. If you spot one without it, it must have another gameplay mechanic that pays the higher sums of money.

Still, bonus rounds are lucrative on their own and plenty of fun. Online slots look more and more like video games these days, and bonus rounds play a big role in it. Simple slots are fun, but not as much as slots with bonuses. They might feature lucrative winning combinations that can bring the big bucks which is everything most players could hope for.

#5 Avoid Progressive Jackpots

Everyone’s looking to hit a life-changing score on slots, and only progressive jackpots offer that kind of money. While they’re certainly lucrative and can deliver such big wins on a single spin worth no more than a few cents, the chances of that happening are one in a million. Plus, where does all that money come from? From your bets, of course.

Chasing such high odds isn’t worth it. You’re better off with simple slots and a good strategy. If you’re on a tight budget, you should go for low-variance slots, not progressive jackpots. Sure, you can try them from time to time, but don’t waste your money on progressives all the time. You’re more likely to lose it all than to hit those sky-high wins.

#6 Use Casino Bonuses

Why play with money out of your pocket when you can get casino bonuses and play with extra funds? Free spins, deposits and no deposit bonuses, and loyalty rewards are perfect for slots. Almost all casino bonuses can be wagered in full on slot machines – other games contribute less to the wagering. That’s why you use them to your advantage, especially when it comes to free spins.

They’re easy to claim, often attached to welcome bonuses, and even easier to use. Just open up the specified slot and enjoy. Just keep in mind that you should read the terms and requirements first. Free spins have a short expiry date and will most likely need to be used in a day or two before they expire.

Of course, free spins are not a cheat for slot machines, but for what it’s worth, it’s better to play with extra funds than money straight from your pocket.

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Be Smart – Superstitions Don’t Exist Place in Online Gambling

We’ve heard it all – from superstitious claims to thinking that some slots pay more than others, there are plenty of false claims in the online slot community. If you want to win on slots, you should use a good slot machine strategy. Slots don’t pay more at night and there are no slot machine tricks that can deliver sure wins. It’s all random, and being superstitious means nothing when you spin slot games.

There’s no pattern, lucky number, or anything else that will help you win on slots. Reading slot machine tips and picking the right games might, though. If you do want to play online, then check out our guides to these top slots from BetMGM Casino Slots and DraftKings Casino slots.

Understanding Volatility and RTP

Before you learn how to use a proper strategy for slot machines, you have to know what you’re getting into. When playing slots, you’ve surely come across terms such as RTP and volatility or variance.


Let’s start with variance first. The term variance or volatility refers to the frequency of paying winnings. For example, a low variance slot pays less frequently than a highly volatile game, and a medium volatility slot sits in between the two. Don’t confuse this for sure payouts, but by knowing the volatility, you can approach a slot game with a different strategy and hopefully win more often.


RTP stands short for Return to Player and is presented in a decimal format. For example, you might see a slot with an RTP of 96%, which is the standard for highly volatile slot games. The higher the number, the lower the volatility should be. In general, those slots might pay more frequently, although there’s no guarantee.

This percentage number describes the percentage of money returned to players over time. Those with a higher RTP pay more, meaning that you should aim for them.

Understanding Paylines

The number of paylines in an online slot is one of the most important factors. A payline is a term that describes a line on which symbols land that trigger a payout. Simple slots keep the number of betways down to 1 or 3 or even 5. Modern slot machines have 10+ paylines, with the best slot machines to play relying on ways to win rather than paylines.

Megaways slots, for example, can have hundreds of thousands of ways to win. Instead of wins being formed left to right, they may be formed in any direction in these slots. It’s the same with other innovative gameplay grids such as Cluster Pays. In these slots, symbols pay in clusters rather than the traditional 3-matching-symbols technique.

Understanding Random Number Generators (RNG)

Why can no one learn how to beat online casino slot machines? Because of the random number generator. This is a device (microcomputer) inside each slot that generates random number sequences all the time. As the term explains, the numbers used are all random. These sequences can’t be predicted or guessed, and the software can’t be influenced. It ensures that all the slots you spin deliver random and fair results as they should.

Slots Random Number Generators

To prevent the algorithm from being rigged, RNG’s are tested by third-party companies. Every random number assigned to a slot on the web has a very specific value. As you spin the slot, the RNG generates random combinations, some of which are winning ones. Thanks to the RNG, each player has an equal shot at winning the top prize or jackpot. When that happens, however, is a big mystery.

Slots Strategies Depending on the Type

As we’ve mentioned before, every slot has a different level of volatility and RTP. If you’re playing a highly volatile game, you should go with higher bets. While that doesn’t sound like a smart slot machine strategy, it can pay off in a big way if you have the money to spend. These are the slot machines with the best odds of winning, and by maxing out your bet, you should be able to hit the biggest return after some spins. Going with low bets won’t get you anywhere, as highly volatile slots are designed to pay big.

Low and medium variance slots, on the other hand, should be played with relatively smaller bets. These slots pay more often, so the best strategy on how to win at the casino when spinning them is to keep your bets small. If you max them out, you won’t get significant returns like what the highest RTP slots may offer.

Small bets on low variance slots will deliver returns on most of your spins. Sure, they will be smaller, but you’d still win and stay afloat. On medium variance slots, it would be smart to randomize your bets from time to time, as these slots can pay a variety of prizes.

Slot Strategy FAQ

Can you hack a slot machine?

No, and you should never try it. Beating slots, especially those online, is not possible by hacking or cheating your way around them.

Are online slots fair?

Absolutely. All online slots are controlled by a Random Number Generator which is essentially a piece of software that randomizes the result of each spin.

Do slot strategies work?

Yes, they do, although you shouldn’t expect wins on all spins. With a good slot machine strategy, you will squeeze better wins out.

What’s the best strategy for slot machines?

It depends on the RTP and volatility. If you’re playing low or medium variance slots, go with smaller bets. On the contrary, it’s best to play highly volatile slots with higher bets.

Are there any casino slot machine tips to help me win more?

Besides using a strategy for online slots, make sure to pick the ones with the highest RTP. Avoid progressive jackpots too, and don’t listen to what other players are saying. Slots don’t pay more overnight and they can’t be hacked.

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