Funzpoints Hack – Is there a way to hack the casino?

Everyone wants to make money online quickly, and gambling sites are usually the first place people visit to win big. Despite the randomness and luck involved in online casino games, there are specific online casino hacks to increase your chances of bringing it home. Here, we will specifically discuss Funzpoints hacks as a way to help you turn standard and premium funzpoints into real cash prizes.

Funzpoints Casino is a sweepstakes casino that offers free online slots and casino games. Typically, US players can enjoy online gambling in selected states, but online casinos like Funzpoints escape the legislation limits by allowing players to enjoy casino-style games without putting real money to play.

If you are looking for ways to cheat the Funzpoints website using software and hardware hacks or expect us to provide a miracle solution to win real cash prizes without spending money, you are out of luck. Instead, we can guide you into legal ways to cheat Funzpoints Casino without risking anything. Strategies, tips, insights, and bonus codes are the only way to hack online casinos and maximize your winning chances nowadays, and we will tell you all about them.


How does Funzpoints Casino Work?

Funzpoints is a social casino, or sweepstakes online gambling site, run by Woopla INC, a renowned company for creating in-house casino games and online slots. Players can access all the games for free, about 50 in total, ranging from online slots to keno games. Unlike its sister sites, Chumba Casino and LuckyLand Slots, the Funzpoints online casino does not offer any roulette, blackjack, scratchies, poker, or such other games.

Anyone from the US can play Funzpoints, except those located in Idaho or Washington D.C. That’s contrary to real money play casinos, which operate solely in NJ, WV, CT, PA, and MI. Sweepstakes sites like Funzpoints Casino are not withheld by US gambling sites laws since they offer two game modes: the Standard Mode and the Premium Mode.

  • Anyone signing up at Funzpoints Casino through the standard mode receives free points, also known as sweeps coins, to play seven casino games for free. These credits are called standard funzpoints and do not require a real money first deposit to acquire. Players can earn more standard funzpoints by spinning the funzwheel or by collecting tickets through playing games.
  • Funzpoints casino premium mode instantly offers access to all the games since new players must deposit real money to start playing. Instead of using real cash to place stakes at online slots, Funzpoints works with premium points, also known as gold coins, which can be redeemed for real cash prizes or real money to your bank account.

This sweepstakes system sets Funzpoints Casino apart from real money online casinos, positioning it as one of the most accessible gambling sites in the US. The following hacks build upon this premise, which means you can use them as Chumba cheats or to make the most of any of the following social casinos:

5 FREE SC + 600 Diamonds + 250 Game Coins
Unlock 57,500 GC + 27.5 FREE SC
1,230,000 Gold Coins + 3,900 Fortune Coins
GET UP TO 367,000 GC + FREE 32.3 SC

Funzpoints casino slots hacks

Can you Hack Funzpoints Casino?

Now that it is clear how Funzpoints works, it is time to discuss the cheats and strategies you can use to ‘hack’ Funzoints online casino. To be clear, there is no computer system or cheap trick to make online slots payout redeemable premium funzpoints without winning legitimately.

Funzpoints Casino, as all legal and licensed online casinos, is protected by advanced software systems and safeguards, ensuring their games operate based on a random number generator (RNG) software system. As a result, all online slots and games’ outcomes are entirely random, or that’s what online casinos claim.

By understanding how Funzpoints Casino and online slots work, there is a great chance you can turn the free play into real cash prizes. Below, we will share hacks and tricks you can use when playing at Funzpoints or other online casinos.

Funzpoints Casino Bonus Codes & Promotions

All online casinos welcome new players with a deposit bonus, free spins no deposit, or other promotions through dedicated bonus codes.

The Funzpoints casino bonus code is no different, rewarding new players who deposit $5 a 500 premium funzpoints deposit bonus for free. If you deposit $10 or $20 at Funzpoints, you will receive an even larger number of premium funzpoints.

Without needing a specific bonus code, when you access Funzpoints Casino for the first time and register a new account, you will instantly receive 250 free gold coins (equal to $22.50). Players searching for a real Funzpoints hack should look no further than the free play bonus and the deposit match available for new players.

Pro Tip: Funzpoints Casino will not require you to enter any bonus code if you enter the site directly through the page links. Opening an account from here is the ultimate Funzpoints hack, unlocking $22.50 to play online slots for a chance to win real cash prizes completely free.

Besides the deposit bonuses and bonus cash for new players, Funzpoints is also an excellent site for returning customers. With daily mystery gift prizes, free spins on the funzwheel, free gold coins via the funzone and the booster games, and 500 free points by playing Paintball keno, there are several ways to hack Funzpoints Casino. Keep an eye out for additional mystery gift prizes sent through email and consistently participate in the daily sweepstakes awarding a $1,000 jackpot to lucky slots players.

FunzPoints Daily Bonus

Funzpoints Slots RTP

Bonuses are a great way to trick a casino and acquire free cash without even playing casino-style games. However, gambling sites are not just about winning real cash prizes but also about having fun.

Funzpoints does not provide an equal gaming options range to real online casinos, but its online slots operate similarly. The return to player rate (RTP) is the value highlighting the long-term winning chances on a given title. It is determined by the software developer of online slots, Woopla in the case of Funzpoints Casino, after testing the games through millions or billions of spins.

For example, an online slot with 99% RTP will pay $990 if you gamble $1,000. This might not seem like a real hack, but it is. The higher the slots’ RTP, the more likely you will win. And do not get discouraged by the negative winning chances involved in online slots since they are only an indicator of the returns in the long run. In a single session at the Funzpoints website, the higher the RTP, the better your winning chances. To cheat Funzpoints, stick with the following high paying slots:

  • Maximo the Magnificent
  • Bonbon Bash
  • Enchantress Luna
  • Kongo’s Adventure
  • Java Cafe
  • Ocean King

Funzpoints slots hack

Funzpoints Casino RTP

The casino RTP is similar to the slots RTP, only this time it is calculated based on the subtracted returns of all games at Funzpoints. By adding together the return to player rate of all Funzpoints online slots and then subtracting this value with the total number of games, you can calculate the Funzpoints RTP.

Still, this value will be negative since online casinos are always destined to profit in the long run. Using the bonus codes to your advantage, you could turn the negative RTP into short-term winnings. After you cheat the Funzpoints site, you can then calculate the RTP of other casinos and try to do the same. A few of the best sweeps casinos, like Funzpoints, are Pulsz Casino App, Riversweeps, Hollywood Casino Play4FunBorgata Free Casino, Chumba Casino app, and

1,230,000 Gold Coins + 3,900 Fortune Coins
GET UP TO 367,000 GC + FREE 32.3 SC

Understanding the Casino House Edge

The casino house edge is the same as RTP, but it is used to describe the online casino’s edge in relation to casino games, such as blackjack, roulette, or keno games. At the moment, the Funzpoints site does not provide any other games than online slots, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

To apply the same winning strategy we highlighted for Funzpoints, you can also use the edge as a hack. As key takeaways, you should remember that blackjack has the lowest casino edge at 0.5%, with roulette ranging from 2.7% to 5.3%. Another excellent casino hack is card counting for table games or bluffing in poker games.

Getting Started with Funzpoints Online Casino

Now that you understand how Funzpoints Casino works and several hacks you can employ to turn the odds in your favor, it is time to get started. The following cover the main aspects concerning this sweepstakes casino, essential to claim the Funzpoints deposit bonus and cash-out money to your bank accounts.

Funzpoints Casino Account Verify

Funzpoints Account Activation

Except for Washington and Idaho, anyone residing in the US can sign up for a new account at Funzpoints. The only requirement is to be 18 years old or over and click on our links to visit the site. Then, you must tap the register button to provide your full name, address, and personal details to create your new account. The process is identical through the desktop site and mobile devices, so you can play Funzpoints any way you prefer.

Funzpoints Deposit Bonuses

As long as you enter Funzpoints through this page, you will not be asked to enter a bonus code to claim any of the offers.

  • You will instantly receive $22.50 for free play in the form of free coins.
  • If you conduct the first deposit through a $5 or higher purchase amount, you will win big: 500 free premium points for $4.99, 1500 free premium points for $9.99, and 2000 extra premium points for $19.99.

The above deposit bonuses do not require a promo code, making the process seamless. A range of other offers is also redeemable by existing players without a promo code, which you could see as Funzpoints hacks to turn the online slots RTP to your favor.

Sweeps and Gold Coins Purchases & Withdrawals

You can play games at Funzpoints utterly free through the standard mode. Sweeps coins provide access to several online slots, and bonuses help your account refuel without spending money.

Players looking to access all games at Funzpoints, though, will need to purchase coins. Standard point bundles start at $4.99 to $99.99 for 20,000 standard funzpoints and 10,000 premium funzpoints. You can use several methods to add real money to the site, such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Zippy Cash is the site’s payment processor regulated and protected from hackers.

After funding your account, you can play 50 online slots and two keno games at Funzpoints, filled with bonus rounds and unique features. Our hacks can help you win, and you can then redeem coins from Funzpoints to your bank. Here, 100 premium funzpoints amount to $1, and you can use the purchase methods to transfer real money to your banking account. A maximum of five business days is the standard for one redemption, with a maximum of $2,000 per Funzpoints withdrawal.

Customer Support

Players rarely need help at this site since Funzpoints works perfectly across any mobile device. Nevertheless, a game might crash at times, your funzpoints display name might not be accepted, or you might want to proceed with account deactivation. In such instances, the online casino service team could come in handy:

The above is how to address your problem to Funzpoints online casino, which usually takes an hour up to two days to respond.

FunzPoints Slots

5 Best Tips to Win at Funzpoints Casino

We have covered all areas concerning Funzpoints, from funding your account, using the promo code, redeeming money, and playing online slots for free or real cash prizes. We outlined a few hacks and tricks that could also massively boost your chances of winning real money at Funzpoints. The following are a quick recap with a few extra tips to hack Funzpoints:

  • Bankroll Management: Although you don’t need to make a real money deposit at this sweepstake online casino, it is essential to consider your available balance before placing stakes. It is wise to bet 1 – 3% of your total gold coins and free coins per spin with online slots. Hopefully, with about 100 spins to play, you will unlock one of the bonus rounds or jackpots to land a big win.
  • Practice Online Slots: Despite the simple format and style of slot machines, you should always practice before spending money to play. The free demo mode is a great way to play free online slots and test our strategies and how each game performs without any risk. Similarly, your free standard funzpoints are also a smart way to try the online slots at Funzpoints before using premium points to play.
  • Always Claim Deposit Bonuses: Online casino sites often release promo codes and bonus codes to motivate players to play their games. Funzpoints is no different, with the promo code unlocking $22.50 free play money. You could treat these as free spins at the available games.
  • Research the RTP: Besides using the Funzpoints promo code or demo mode to test the online slots RTP, you could also directly research the games available at the site before playing. You can either click the ‘i’ button and read the game payouts, volatility, and RTP or directly visit the Woopla Inc site that develops the Funzpoints games.
  • Understand Casino Edge and Volatility: This guide has elaborated on the essential aspects linked to probabilities and odds, offering insights into how to win at Funzpoints. You can treat these as hacks to make money at the online casino.
  • Plan for future slot releases: It is clear that slot casino style games are the most prominent in the online gaming world. With that said, one Funzpoints casino hack we think you should definitely utilize is to plan for future slot releases. Lots of bettors will naturally just stick to what they know and feel comfortable with, and that is understandable. However, if you scroll beyond the slots you usually play, you can view which new slots are coming soon. This is an way you can keep an eye out for slots that you have enjoyed playing in the past so you can make a plan for when they are released. For example, let’s say you have unlocked numerous slots, but Voyage of the Vikings is your favorite online slot. When you go to the slot games section and scroll to the end of the list, you discover Voyage of the Vikings is under the coming soon heading. This means you can save those 250 premium Funzpoints to coincide with the release.
  • Beware of scams: There will be offshore sites and platforms claiming they can give you ‘guaranteed wins’ or instant access to the welcome bonus. Always be careful that you are not giving away any personal information without checking the reputation and status of those sites. As we have mentioned, there is no such thing as actual hacks or cheat codes for a social casino site. You can get free promo codes for Funzpoints or try and win a Funzpoints mystery gift by signing up and playing in the traditional way.

Is Funzpoints Legal?

As Funzpoints operates under sweepstake and US lottery laws, it is available in every state. That is something not many gambling operators can say. Real money online casinos like Caesars casino and BetMGM casino an only operate in states with official licensing and gaming regulations.

Funzpoints works under the sweeps model so conducts it’s business in a different way to these casinos, meaning it is more widely available across the US. Anybody who is aged at least 18 can play Funzpoints games.

Funzpoints Hacks FAQs

Can you win at Funzpoints every time?

There is no guarantee or strategy to ensure winning at Funzpoints Casino every time. Taking into account the online slots RTP, volatility, and using the available promo codes is the best way to increase your odds of winning at the online casino. Anyone suggesting to have a 100% winning strategy for gambling sites is simply lying to you.

Which online casino is the easiest to win?

You can use the online casino RTP as a standard to judge how easy it is to win. The higher the RTP of a gambling site, the more likely you will make a profit in the long run. Online casinos offering very generous deposit bonuses, no deposit offers, 120 free spins, and frequent promotions also make it easier for players to win real cash.

Can you hack an online casino?

All regulated and licensed gambling sites, like Funzpoints, provide access to online slots and games operating with a random number generator. This value randomizes all outcomes, making it impossible to hack online casinos. Instead, you can consider the official games’ RTP and use promo codes to your advantage, like these LuckyLand Slots hacks indicate.

How long does it take to get your money from Funzpoints?

Funzpoints Casino processes all cash outs within 2 to 5 business days. Players can redeem a minimum of 1,000 premium points equal to $10. Credit and Debit cards are the ways to redeem funzpoints to your bank. If your redemption is not processed within this time, you should contact the online casino support team.

How do you get free money on Funzpoints?

Players entering Funzpoints Casino through this page will receive 250 free premium points equal to $22.50. This is one of the best free play offers across all social and sweepstakes sites – or, as we like to say, a Funzpoints hack.

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