Can You Use a VPN to Play Online Casino Games in the US?

VPN Casino HeaderMore states across the US are moving towards legalized online and mobile casino gaming; however, many states remain where online gambling of any form is prohibited.

Advances in technology allow us to be in more places than ever before. We can make WhatsApp video calls, send emails, chat on FaceTime, discover new places using Google Earth, and use a VPN to change our internet location. When discussing a VPN specifically, one question is: Can you use a VPN to play at a licensed US online casino or make sports bets?

Casino gambling is historically a popular activity in the United States. A quick look at the number of visitors that flock to Las Vegas and Atlantic City shows how prominent gambling is. These destinations draw in millions of visitors annually, not just from patrons in the US but worldwide. People love the buzz, the atmosphere, the shows and music, the bright lights, and of course, the gambling.

But, as you are probably aware, sports betting is still not legal in all US states, and although many are legalizing the activity, many states remain behind. If you live in a state where online casinos are not permitted, you may feel frustrated that many fellow gamblers in other states can play online. But is there a method to get around this and use a VPN to play at online casinos? Will a VPN work at a legal online casino? What is the best VPN? Can you use an internet proxy service to spoof your location? Are you allowed to claim free casino bonuses still in other states? Gamblers commonly ask these questions.

Having private internet access or using a free VPN will in theory give you access to a betting site that isn’t legal in your state. This is done through the VPN service as a gambling site will use geolocation tech to pinpoint your location.

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First, we will point out that all of the operators we recommend on the Mobile US Casino site are fully licensed and legal to operate in the US. We do not have any partnerships or work with offshore gambling sites or list any on our real money casino apps. You can register and play at any of these licensed operators securely and legally in the US. With more states continuing to launch online casinos and sports betting sites you no longer have to play at dodgy offshore gaming sites!

Using a VPN to Play Casino Games in the US

VPN networkOnline casino gambling has been slower to launch across the United States but is gathering pace. Many states, including Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, jumped at the chance to legalize online casinos. A lot of bettors were already playing at offshore casino sites, and the states were losing a lot of tax revenue abroad to places like Curacao.

So, what is the situation if you aren’t in a legal state that allows online casino gambling and want to play? Can you use a VPN to spoof or fake your location and wager in one of the licensed casinos? The short answer is no. There are several VPNs available in the market, and they all do a very good job of placing you in another location. For example, you can be in New York and try to play roulette at the BetMGM casino, or play slots on FanDuel casino, which is available in a neighboring state, New Jersey. You can utilize a VPN to place you in NJ. Additionally, you could even be able to access the BetMGM casino site and sign up, but when you come to actually play on any of the games, it is blocked.

Activate VPNCasino operators use security and technology that can detect the use of a VPN or a proxy and will block you from playing casino games or playing poker. You may also discover there are some licensed operators that you can use a VPN with to play games, but if this does happen and you are caught, your account will be closed instantly. You might also lose your money if you win and try to withdraw your funds.

Using a VPN in itself is legal, and they are excellent as they also protect your data. A virtual private network (VPN) keeps your information protected by creating an encrypted tunnel for the data you send when gambling online. They are a fantastic way to protect your online identity, and they do this by hiding your IP address from potential hackers. However, they can’t be used at a licensed online casino for specific reasons.

Regulated online casinos in the US are bound by state laws to only accept players that are physically located in the state. As part of the terms, operators agree to; they do not allow players from out of state to play, even those that use a VPN to appear within state lines. If a licensed operator such as BetMGM Casino, Golden Nugget Online Casino, or Borgata Casino was ever found to be accepting players and bets using a VPN, their license would be revoked.

Sites like 888 Casino, DraftKings Casino, and SugarHouse Casino all use an advanced and complex system of triangulation to stop players from trying to use a VPN. They utilize a combination of geolocation and IP addresses along with other data to work out exactly where you are located. Although a VPN will try and get around this, the operator will know. This is done to stop anyone out of the state from trying to place a sports wager or from online gambling when they are not permitted to.

There have been lots of discussions on forums, Reddit gambling inquiries, and other such social sites with bettors looking for a way to use a VPN to play real money casino games on an out-of-state online casino, and they have all come to the same conclusion that it’s an impossible task. It is not worth licensed operators taking this risk, and that is why they have such robust, advanced technology in place to stop VPNs or a proxy from accessing the service.

Many of the licensed casinos use additional software such as Geocomply, which along with basic IP detection, considers over 350+ different factors to determine the validity and accuracy of the data being transferred, including checking for spoofing apps to the mobile devices and user integrity; this is why it’s so easy for them to detect players trying to use just a VPN.

So yes, it sucks. It seems a lot of states are now legalizing sports betting, but only a few are open to legalizing online casino gaming. It is super tempting to try and look for a way to get around this. If you are a fan of playing casino games for real money, you want to be able to play anywhere you want. Why should you drive for miles just to enter another state where you can play? So what can you do?

Well, one option is to use a sweepstakes casino. These are very similar to online casinos, but instead of depositing cash outright, you can buy tokens and use them in online casinos to play and redeem real cash rewards. They are a great alternative to real money casinos. High5 Casino and Pulsz Casino are excellent sweeps cash casinos that let you get all the thrills of a casino in any US state. Seriously do not underestimate just how good sweeps casinos are, if you have overlooked them previously, the range of online slots on Pulsz for example, is actually better than a lot of the real money casinos!

VPN and Online Casino/Sportsbook Problems

If you have a proxy or Virtual Private Network (VPN) running on your desktop computer or mobile device, you will not be able to play games for real money. You must shut the programs down and make sure they are no longer running on your device. There is no way to disguise the server location correctly.

Players who are frantically searching for a VPN for New Jersey will be able to find multiple providers who can offer an NJ VPN and even an NJ IP address but come to play on the slots, and it won’t happen. If you are wondering how you can get around something like FanDuel’s location checker, you won’t find any suitable fixes. There isn’t a way to ‘unblock a casino’ using a proxy, tor, or a VPN.

It doesn’t matter what VPN provider, VPN software, VPN server, or gambling VPN you are using, a gambling website will detect this through various forms of technology. VPN usage has certainly increased in recent years, and consequently, whether you are using an online sports betting website or an online casino, you will be blocked. Gambling operators are wise to this and won’t allow you to place bets on a New York sports betting site if you are in Florida.

It isn’t just the fact that you might be able to find some method to play; you could risk losing winnings if you get identified as using a VPN to play. It is simply worth the hassle and numerous financial risks to attempt to use a VPN in licensed casinos.

Mobile VPN apps & services

When you are participating in mobile casino games, operators use geolocation technology such as Geocomply to confirm your location. Using a VPN on your smartphone to change your location won’t work when it comes to geolocation, either. Operators can still tell and block access to the site or app. Casino geolocation is very accurate. If you are not in a legal casino state, using a VPN to try and make you appear in a legal state just won’t work.

Mobile casino VPNIs using a VPN illegal?

VPNs and using a VPN are entirely legal. The more pertinent question is, can you use a VPN to gamble online in the US? There hasn’t been much publicized on the legality of using a VPN and trying to play at an online casino. What we can say is that it is not allowed for a player to try and trick their location when using a legal online casino in the US. The only way you get to bet legally is by physically being in a state where casino gaming is allowed.

Is There a VPN Alternative?

If you are thinking about using an alternative to a VPN, the only real solution you have is to visit a state with a legal online gambling industry. Bettors in New York can hop over the border to New Jersey and play their favorite online casino games. You can also play on any of the social casino games like Chumba Casino, available online and through the Chumba Casino app. as well as sites like Pulsz Casino and Fortune Coins.

Apart from that, there is no other viable solution. Other than physically being present in the state, there is no other way you can play at a licensed, regulated casino operator.

Problems Accessing a Casino in a Licensed State

You could be located in a state where online casino gaming is legal and trying to bet online but is being blocked. This could be because you are using a VPN and have forgotten to deactivate it. You could be in a place very close to the state border, and as such, your IP is listed in a neighboring state. In that scenario, you need to contact your internet service provider so they can look at the details and set your IP correctly. Make sure your location on your cell is accurate. Try and use Google Maps to make sure your location is set right. and check that you don’t have any other software installed that could be caused issues with the geolocation software, such as programs like Zoom and Go2Meeting.

How does a VPN work?

VPN connection

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a smart piece of technology. They work by routing your device’s internet connection via your chosen VPN’s private server rather than directly through your internet service provider (ISP). Consequently, when your data is then transmitted to the internet, it comes straight from the VPN rather than your computer.

The VPN acts as an intermediary as you connect to the web, thereby hiding your personal IP address. The address is the string of numbers your ISP assigns your device and thus, protects your identity. Additionally, if your data is somehow intercepted, it will be unreadable until it reaches its final destination. In a way, the VPN creates a private tunnel from your device to the internet and hides your crucial data through something that is known as encryption. Encryption is used to keep the information concealed by altering it so that it appears to be random data.

VPN use has increased but to access a gambling site and play an online casino game you must ensure it is deactivated. You will not be able to place a sports bet or play a casino game if your gambling VPN is on. Online gambling sites have security features in place to detect any VPN usage. Don’t think you will be able to trick any online betting sites as you can’t.


  • Can I use a VPN to play online poker in the US?
    No, you cannot use a VPN to play poker at a licensed US poker site. You must be in NJ, NV, MI, PA, and DE.
  • What casinos allow VPN in the US?

    There are no licensed casinos in the US that allow the use of a VPN. This is because the casinos must prove that you are within state lines before they can permit you to play.

    This is done through using plugins such as Geocomply, which can easily detect if a VPN is being used.

  • Do I risk my account and winnings if i use a VPN?

    Yes, certainly, at licensed US casinos, it is strictly forbidden to attempt to bypass location checks. This is why it is simply not worth the risk, even if you do manage to create an account, log in and deposit successfully.

    You could quite possibly have any winnings and the account disabled for breaking these terms and conditions.

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